Thursday, October 25, 2012

How Long Has it Been

A little over two years ago, UAB and I, along with some of our friends had a little party or sorts. There was joking and laughing, dancing and drinking... all in a little town called Faux Forks. I know we're late in celebrating this anniversary but we're bad at relationships. We hate to admit it, but even we forget every now and again. Something as special as an anniversary with Edward, though he may be a simple man made of cardboard, he is a man none the less and deserves to be celebrated. He took us on a magical tour, which included a flying trip through the forest.

Where we arrived at our meadow destination, where he knows how to show a girl a good time!

After spending time getting hot and heavy amongst the flowers, we jumped in the car...

and headed to prom.

Edward was sweet enough to pose for pictures and dance with his favorite girls. There was another spacious meadow that Edward just HAD to show us. He was very tricky and kept us guessing at every turn.

He wanted to show us something very important, that the sun does in fact shine out of his ass ;)

Edward smelled other vampires in the air, and we followed their scent to the boat house, where beloved Faux Forks resident butt-crack Santa sadly lost his life to the non-veggie vamps. Damn those Black Eyed Peas!

All in all we had a fun time spending the day with Edward.

He took us to a magical place where we got to live vicariously through our good friend that have been lucky enough to make the pilgrimage to the real Forks Washington, where they got to spend their days hiking through the Hoh rainforest, checking out the treaty line and visiting Dr. Cullen and Chief Swan. In honor of the girls that have made the trip not once, or twice but three times! We wanted to say, without your inspiration we never would have made our own little trip.

Has this post been long enough yet? I don't think so...

We simply cannot pretend that this post wasn't sitting in the draft box for a week or so now.... and so as not to be an epic fail.... Today is TJA's THIRD anniversary! Three years ago UAB started this blog as an outlet for her Twisession, you can go back and relive the first official post HERE. I was lucky enough to join her on this journey that brought our obsession with Rob to the nth degree. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful community of women to share this journey. Without blogging, none of us would be here. Thank you all for being there, through the ups and downs. Through the times of lengthy absences, the good and the bad.

Here is to another three years. Even though in three years time, the final installment of Twilight will have come and gone from theaters, you will never leave. Right!?! You won't leave us?

Maybe we won't blog so much, maybe we won't talk about Twilight so much *yeah... right LOL*, we can still talk about the good old days. The days when you HAD to check every blog, every second of every day to keep up on all things Twilight.

You, our friends, are the greatest thing to come from this whole crazy world. And Rob, can't forget Rob.

We love you all. Thanks for sticking with us!

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