Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year and LeRob Picspam

I spend a ridiculous amount of time some days just trolling Google images for pics of Rob.
It starts out with a
 "Rob with 2 Hot Girls in Santa Hats".
LOL do you think I looked for pictures for our pervy Fantasy Christmas post?  
(Which you should really check out HERE if you haven't) starts out as a purposeful mission, 
but turns into 
*sigh*, click and save.....*sigh*, click and save.  
Then, oh, wait.....what the hell was I looking for?  
Hmmmm, I forgot.  Oh well, keep looking at Robp0rn!

Well believe it or not, I actually do come across pics I've never seen before.  How?  I do not know.
Here are some pics that I (maybe you have) had never seen before.  And if you have seen them before, I'm sure you h00rs can find a way to enjoy them once again! 

hmmmm.....jawporn at its finest

Why so stressed Rob? What can I do to help alleviate some of that stress?  mwahahaha

Lick??? Yes please!

I just want to run my hands through that hair!

One word to describe this picture.....GIDDY!

le Sigh - sexpenders!!!!!

Okay, so happy new year and all that!
Don't do anything I wouldn't do!
Love you girls with all my heart!

I promise I'll be back in the next few days with the obligatory New Year's Resolution post!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trixie and Tess Giveaway!

Trixie and Tess are amazing!
Not only are they helping to motivate us 
into getting our bod's Rob-ready,
they are having another wicked cool giveaway!
Head on over to there 
and show them some love in the comments!

And thanks to Kelly and Trixie and Tess for is going on my iPhone as we speak!

Hawt Rob and His Lady Rosie!

In general, I don't usually run and post every pic or vid I see as soon as it comes out.  Just not my M.O. 
However, when I came across this pic of Rob this morning.......I died.
Then I had to post.
I think this is from Robsessed :)

Only you Rob, could look this 
freakin' sexy next to an elephant!!!!!

I am SERIOUSLY more excited about Water For Elephants than I am for Breaking Dawn.

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Eclipse Commentary

I hope everyone had a very wonderful Christmas and that Santa brought you everything you asked for.

Edward was not under my tree so I'm guessing he was with one of you.

So after my family Christmas festivities last night I came home and decided (while a bit drunk off whiskey balls, like the cookie rum balls but made with top shelf whiskey because of a lack of rum, gotta love my uncle) that I would watch Eclipse and do my own commentary. Last night I thought my commentary could rival Rob and Kristen's but in the light of day I realized it's funny and worthy of posting but not on the same level as Rob and Kristen.

So here it goes....

Kassie's Eclipse Commentary

Scummit you brought me Twilight and Remember me. Twilight mostly the way I'd like it, but other than that I hate you!

Why is Victoria so rough with Riley. Bite him be done with it. Guess she's still got a little too much James in her.

Bella an English final really!?! You're not going to college what do you give a shit about studying for? Make out with Edward damn it!

Mmmmm sparkly Edward

Run to Vegas..... screw a 4pm curfew

Bella should have made it a point to start walking to the Rez. Edward had no right to disable her truck! I would have stomped down the street.

Why is Jasper still in high school? Aren't he and Rosalie 'twins' she graduated already. Did he get held back? lol

I love when Charlie says "Wait there's two tickets, super, that makes me real happy." bwahahahaha

Renee's speech about he moves you move he'd take a bullet for you reminds me of the Bruno Mars song grenade

Congraduation! Epic writing fail MR!!!

One of the patches on Bella's quilt looks a bit like the Cullen crest

Run Lola Run... oops I mean Victoria

Emmett noooooo! Wet Kellan oooooo yeah! Stupid Paul!

Edward should be like "Hey Bella you leave with Jake now... don't bother coming back I won't be waiting for you." He's just too understanding

I love the wolf pack picking on Jake

Do you want to know what imprinting is Bella? I don't think you do especially once you have your baby.

Bella has never once to me knowledge worn a red plaid shirt. Why didn't they use the purple one from the meadow scene?

Why do the Cullen's discount all the theories on the intruder, who else could it be if not Victoria or the Volturi

Yeah Edward you mark your territory with that kiss

Third wife scene=boooooooring

Why is Kristen's face so impassive ALL THE TIME? It's like furrow your brows or something seriously. 

The Cullens a too calm all the time. They whisper a lot too. So annoying. Get mad there is an army out to get you for god's sake!

Wow Edward insensitive much! "Everyone you know will be dead." What's with everyone and the guilt trips on Bella. From Edward to Jake to Charlie it's like never ending whether it's intentional or not.

If Jake knows he will imprint (and it hasn't happened with Bella) why does he try so hard to win her from Edward. It's instantaneous so it should have happened the first time they saw each other after their 'movie date'

Why does Charlie hate Edward so much is it bc of the shitty first date, the fateful trip to Phoenix, Edward leaving her behind, the impromptu trip to Italy... or is it really because he wants her with Jake and is using those excuses to hold a grudge... It's probably his failed relationship with Renee.

Charlie is fuckhawt, owns handcuffs, owns guns and rocks the stash. How is it possible he's still single?

If Bella never get's pregnant in BD how long would Edward have put off Bella's change?

Back to the Cullens why oh why are they so fucking depressed after NM? I mean EVERYONE except the high school humans (not Bella) and the wolf pack (not Jake) are all whispers and have tiny tiny smiles and facial expressions. WTF people get laid or something.

Is Edward a priest or minister? No one really gives that big a shit about souls. Go with the flow man. Embrace the dao.

Why couldn't they do a kiss flash forward? They could have made Bella and Jake 20/30 somethings with kids. They didn't have to be tales from the crypt guy old. Come ON! I feel gypped.

Why are Royce's 'friends' all so freaking OLD in the movie? (Side Note: Rosalie kicks ass and I would have done the same thing she did for revenge but maybe been more gruesome like what Edward does to Mike in the fic Wicked Angel read it, it's awesomely disturbing)

Kristen's commentary about Nikki crying. Vampires don't cry per se but their venom can pool creating the illusion of crying, right Steph?

Xavier is fuckhawt, that is all

I love the way Jane dresses. I want her Forks/Seattle hooded outfit

What. The. Fuck. is Bella wearing at the graduation party? Long sleeved blue button down, I guess Alice didn't get a say. Although her party outfit isnt much better

Rose and Emmett always have the best wardrobe period

Can you have sex with an accent bc I'd soooo do Jasper's lol

Is it wrongthe vampire practice fighting is sexy to me. I don't know how Bella stopped from humping Edward in the middle of the field

One way a human army can defeat a vampire army two words... Flame Thrower

The Jasper flashbacks make my inner history nerd hot! In a slutty way ;)

How often do vampires bathe? 

When dream Jasper attacks Bella he reminds me of the Dark Knight Joker

The argument about Edward and Bella staying out of the fight is one of the best acted with the proper emotional features and speech between Rob and Kristen (she always acts best when Rob isn't in the scene in my opinion)

When Taylor says 'pack' you can clearly hear his Midwestern accent. Woot woot! Go Midwest

The "I'm a virgin' scene is the funniest most awkward scene ever. "Oh Edward do it to me old school." LMFAO

Seems to me the only reason someone said yes to a proposal was to get her freak on. Seriously its like "no.. no.. no.. oh you'll have sex with me once we're married, hell yes!"

Why can Victoria and Riley have sex out of wedlock?

Doesn't Bella have a thing against blood? In NM and Eclipse she's like meh whateves

Why wouldn't Victoria look for Edwards scent to track him... stupid vampires not figuring that one out and giving Edward a wolf escort to the campsite

I don't really like the tent scene anymore. It's kinda boring and too much Jake time for me

Bella it's cold first thing after in the morning after a snowstorm, where is your jacket young lady?

Jake and Bella kiss part II is proof why guys and girls can't be best friends. He's always a horny dog that wants to get in her pants. (Side Note: You're engaged you hussy!)

Fight scene is a smidge too fast. Should have been in slow mo more often. Its worse in IMAX, too big a screen to see teh wole thing even from the back row

I love Riley's line "You're dead." it's delivered perfectly

Is it just me or is Victoria's death a bit anticlimactic.


Carlisle never looks more unkempt than after the fight and Edward looks a bit too clean even though he was rolling around on the ground with Victoria

Even after reading Bree Tanner I don't really feel bad when she dies

I'm sensing some Paul/Leah sexual tension grrrrr

Enough with the guilt Jake. She chose, it's not you. Build a bridge and get the fuck over it

Why doesn't Bella want to go to college at all?

She has felt death, loss, and pain in Edward world? What??? Who died that she cared about, sure she lost Edward but she got him back-enough bitching, pain okay so maybe being bitten by James hurt a little

"It's a good thing you're bullet proof.""I'm gonna need that ring." good lines!

Glad DS didn't do the wedding!!!

The End

Thanks for reading my commentary. If you've seen the movie enough, which I think you have, my blathering should make sense :)

Is there anything you noticed in the movie that really gets to you that you think should be mentioned? Let me know in the comments.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Fantasy Christmas

Welcome to Marie and Kassie's fantasy Christmas.
Please check your reality at the door.....
it will do you no good here.
What would the perfect fantasy Christmas involve?
Well, it would include Rob, of course.

And not just any old Rob either......
half-nekkid, "C'mon over and lick my candy cane" Rob

Kassie and I are at our optimum voluptuousness
because honey, Rob WILL see us nekkid!!!!
And just to clarify, Kassie and I love each other and all, 
but we're not into the whole threesome thing.
Rob has agreed to service us separately!
(and hey, this is our KStew Skinny we is)

There will be gifts for us from Rob
under the Robmas tree!
Rob orders the entire Victoria's Secret line to go with our Hot Bods!
Kassie take the even pages and I'll take the odd pages! LOL

Alrighty then..... let's get started!

Put that Kama Sutra to good use baby!

We get to take turns wearing the Stoli shirt.
And guess what???? It smells like Rob.....*sigh*
(Sorry if our boobs stretch it out baby.)

Of course, Rob gives us the Ultimate  Sparkly peen!
We each get this ugly ass Mrs. Pattinson shirt!

Which we will happily wear 
because it was made with love in every stitch
(by Rob's mum).

As a memento of this amazing Christmas
we take this fuckhawt picture.
 We let KStew join us in the pic,
but you can see who's asses Rob's hands are on. Ha!

I am clearly reading too much fanfiction......

My Sister's Tree is on the Twilight Examiner!!!!!

Here's a link to the article and 
Barb's tree is right on the front page!!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited! 
Check it out here:

New Look

A new look.....AGAIN?????
Yeah, that's the way I roll.
I may have said this last time, 
but I'm the person who would rearrange the furniture
every few weeks if my family would tolerate it!  LOL

So the blog has become the object of my compulsive behavior.

I have a Christmas post coming up a little later today, so stay tuned!

credit to whoever made this - it's awesome!

I couldn't just post without a little Robp0rn, could I?????
Laters, baby

Amanda Bell has my sister Barb's Twilight tree pictured in you post about Twilight themed Christmas Decorations!!!!!!!!!
Check it out here.......

Monday, December 20, 2010

Shout Outs

So is the week before Christmas kicking your ass yet?
Pffffft!  This week is nothing.
My class has been kicking my ass on a daily basis.  
This week is a cakewalk for me! LOL
So you may actually see me here blogging. 
Maybe even tweeting! 
 (Okay,  maybe I'm getting a little too ambitious)

Anyway, I  had to take a moment to do a few LONG overdue shout outs!

First, to my cousin and her uber cool husband for letting us have our Epic Eclipse party at their house.

Thank you Leen!  Thank you Joel!
I don't think I mentioned in the party post, but Joel did the White Castle run during the party as well as the Mickey D's run in the morning for breakfast burritos and McGriddles.  You guys are awesome!

But that's not all!
Leen also gave me this adorable Eclipse shirt!

I also want to give a shout out to Fran!
If you haven't met Fran, you should check out the guest post she wrote about her favorite FF
Emancipation Proclamation!
Anyway, Fran is always surprising Kassie and I with Twilighty goodies!
About a week before the party I got a surprise package from her containing all kinds of goodies!

Then a day or two later, surprise number two arrived!
She sent one for me and one for Kassie!
Here is my stocking being put to good use. :)

Thank you Fran!  MWAH!!!!!
You are too good to us and we love ya!


Every year, the teachers at my school do a Secret Pixie.  You give 3 small gifts on the first 3 days and then a larger gift on the last day of the exchange.  I got the Twilight 3 Game Collection for my final gift!
Can't wait to play it!  Thanks to Chastity at my school for this amazing gift!  I love it!


Lastly, I want to give a shout out to three of my students who made my Christmas this year a Twilighty one!  I know they won't read this blog (I hope they don't!) but I had to include them in this post.

From A.W.

From M.M.

From A.R.

Have you gotten any Twilighty gifts this holiday season yet???? Let us know in the comments.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How Fanfic Helped Me Get My Sh!t in Gear!

Hello ladies,

Long time no bloggy- really it's only been a week but you missed us didn't you, didn't you, huh huh HUH??? We are all busy busy busy with the holidays; getting shopping done, cleaning the house for unwelcome guests, getting everything ready for lord baby Jesus' big birthday celebration. Ya know the usual.

Anywho... I have been spending entirely too much time reading fanfiction and too little time on doing things I should really be doing. Like; finding a job, doing laundry, watching the kids i'm being paid to pay attention to, working out.

I'm not really big into working out, I was going to give it a shot for the IRWTSMN diet plan but it got scrapped because i'm a lazy slob fanfiction has been keeping me otherwise entertained. But then something terrible happened, disaster struck, it was a calamity!!! Horrible I tell ya just horrible!

I threw my back out! *collective shocked gasps* I know right!?!

I was on the verge of set stalking Matt Damon when I awoke in the morning and couldn't get out of bed. When I finally made it out of bed I could hardly walk.. 
Sadly this pic was not taken my moi!
But WTH he was in my freakin neighborhood so that's good enough... For Now! 
Now this is not the first time this happened and it was not even the first time it happened before a major event. 2009 field trip to Statesville correctional center (otherwise known as a prison *rolls eyes*) thwarted!! And I was really stoked about it too. (Don't worry I got to visit a women's prison in Dwight, Illinois. It was really a learning experience. They train dogs for the blind there... but that's neither here nor there in my story.)

Soooo i'm better now. I have a wonderful chiropractor that does amazing things for my compressed discs and tight muscles. She recommended I start doing yoga but then I realize yoga will severely cut into my ff reading time. So I made a deal with myself. For every 20 minutes of yoga, I can read 1 ff chapter. That has been keeping me on an hour a day schedule so far.

This has also helped in my job search too. For every application I fill out I get another ff chapter. So I am really hoping by the end of this I am limber enough to screw Rob seven ways to Sunday, fit, and have a really awesome or just kinda cool job.

Off to do 20 more minutes of yoga... I really want to read Dead Confederates! It's already 28 chapters so that's a LOT of yoga or a LOT of applications.

So tell me, do you make deals with yourself so you can get quality ff time without neglecting everything around you?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Epic Eclipse DVD Party-Pictures and Deets!!!!!

All those months of waiting.....and it's all over!
I have thrown parties for both Twilight and New Moon, 
but this  Eclipse party was da' BOMB!!!!!!
Not only did I get we get a chance to hang with each other and just pant over Edward, 
but we got a chance to meet some Twilight Junkies in person that we had not met before other than on FB and bloggy land!

I don't know what else to was the best!
But I think the pictures - with Kassie's hilarious captions - says it all.
I present to you.......
Twilight Junkies Anonymous's Epic Eclipse DVD Release Party!!!!!!!

Don't we all look adorably comfy in our pajamas?

Marie and I with our Vampire wine and Edward.

The Decorations

Edward had to be at the party in person. When he heard there would be drunk Twilight Junkies he was worried for our safety and came to protect us but ended up getting more than he bargained for.

Marie and I got these wonderful Edward stockings from Fran. Just in time for St. Nick to fill them up.

Edward and 'his friends that shall remain nameless' were a prominent display for the party. Doesn't the Edward blankie look so comfortable? What you don't see is Barb's Edward douvet cover.
I'm totally jealous... maybe I should ask Santa for an Edward blankie.

All of our yummy candy.
PS: The Twizzlers made great straws for the margaritas!

The Swag
Marie and Barb made these wonderful jewelry boxes and snow globes as prizes for the games.

We each went home with a beautiful home made Eclipse necklace
made by Marie.
Everyone also went home with a Forks H.S. ID
made on the spot by Kristen, Marissa and Kassie!!!!

The Peeps






Venus (Marie's amazing boss!!!)


Lety from Letylandia blog

The wonderful chick who let us throw this shindig at her house
and also happens to be my cousin!


The Games

Told you Edward got more than he bargained for.
This was pin the sparkle peen on Edward and just as much fun as it sounds.

Oh no! Who would do such a thing? LOL
Don't worry Edward was a good sport and didn't complain too much, mostly because he didn't want to open his mouth with a sparkle peen that close.

Me and Layla showing off our sparkle peen's... this might have been after 3 jell-o shots.
Did I mention they were made with southern comfort instead of standard vodka, because that's how we roll.

More sparkle peen's and some vampire teeth.

What!?! Hey I need to get in on that fun.

And so I did. Don't judge those margaritas and jell-o shots were powerful motivators.

Had to do a close up.....they really do sparkle!
And the winner is!

We played Hot Edward. No one has ever wanted to get rid of Edward so bad before, 
which is something we heard all about from Mini E.

The Movies
We watched all three movies that day and played a little drinking game.  It started off as taking a drink/shot when Bella was twitchy, Edward was angsty or Jacob was shirtless but it turned it making up reasons to drink along the way.  Like "Drink to Charlie's moustache!!!!" and shit like that. To be honest we were having so much fun
hanging out and commenting on them (and drinking) I don't remember much of any of the movies that night!!!!!

Don't we all look so comfy watching Twilight?
The Live Stream

If you did not get a chance to see our live stream of the party, head over here:

We had some visitors from time to time - Thanks to 17Forever Lisa, Mama Cougar, Cat, Robzsinger and Fran for stopping by.   Sorry if you stopped by and were off the air, but we didn't think anyone would want to watch us just sitting there staring at the TV when we were to drunk to even make comments anymore!  LOL

Here's a pic that Cat from The Daily Twimes posted of hereself listening in on the party - due to technical difficulties, she had no pic part of the time.  But she hung in there!
Love ya Cat!!!!!!!  

Here is a little video I'm adding to the post. Don't get too excited it's not from the party but if you haven't see the stream yet you can still go back and check out all the craziness through the link above.

Well, I don't know about all of you, but we cannot wait until Breaking Dawn to have another awesome party like that!!!!  We have to find another excuse to party!

Anyone up for a "Water For Elephants" party???????

Posted by Marie and Kassie

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