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Fran (Bella) Duluk Pimps Out Her Fave FF - Emancipation Proclamation!

Emancipation Proclamation is “Tesoro” a treasure!

Reading is my passion and I donʼt have the patience for poorly written material, it insults the teacher in me. Having said that, I also appreciate lemony smut when I read it. EP is too good a story to even use smut to describe it, so if that is the ONLY thing you want to read stop here.
I was lucky enough to read EP during summer vacation, a time for me to unwind from RL and set a slow pace for myself. Iʼd heard about “mob-Edward” and didnʼt think I could picture the Cullens as Mafia characters, much as I didnʼt think Iʼd like reading about vampires and we all know how that turned out! FF stories with teen characters usually donʼt interest me either. Iʼm a snob sometimes, what can I say? Iʼve had literature courses, have read all the classics, all the best sellers and of course whatʼs ruined me for life was reading Twilight saga. Who knew Iʼd ever become intertwined in the lives of vampires but I know well written stories when I read them because I start caring about them like theyʼre real people. 

Like all of you, Twilightʼs somehow taken over my life and much to my horror has ruined my reading habits. I just canʼt seem to get into anything not related to twilight, dam that put such a kink in my passion until I “bumped” into Marie and Kassieʼs blog. They turned me, this twi-world virgin into a fickle whore! Yup, thatʼs me, the reading snob turned whore, reading any bit of smutty, lemony swill I put my hands on, visiting blogs, finding OMG Robporn, did I mention I am now a Twi whore...? But while I was enjoying myself in every way, the reading snob in me was totally unsatisfied, until EP cast itʼs spell on me...
       Really, Iʼm so addicted, and still in an EP coma and since misery loves company, I have this need to get others on board. Sound familiar i.e. Twilight...? Ok, so hereʼs my humble attempt to lure you all in. I will try not to include spoilers, but frankly if I do, itʼs ok because there is nothing I say that can really spoil this story, itʼs too epic, intense, complicated, delicious, moving, sad, funny, inspiring, wishful, gloomy, romantic, dramatic, and it will just take your breathe away, really. It will give you whip lash, like riding the scariest roller coaster you can find. The ups are high and the lows will have you weeping as if it were happening to you. Remember that feeling you got when you read about Bellaʼs loss after Edward leaves in NM? Well, that gut wrenching, stick a knife in your heart, is what Iʼm still feeling about EP even now.
     Not to worry though, because the flip side is the pee your pants humor- happiness that makes you feel all butterfly giddy! EP Edward is bad ass, edgy, intelligent, smutty, foul mouth, seemingly a prick, but soft hearted, vulnerable protective, possessive and OMG romantic (wait for chapter 47 the best love scene ever!) Heʼs drop dead gorgeous, think Remember Me Tyler. As dirty mouth as he is, he also whispers sexy Italian phrases and you will swoon as you read them... Iʼd be reading well into the hot humid summer night, when everyone but me was sound asleep, theyʼd be rudely awaken by my out loud laughing or moans of ecstasy. Rosalie and Emmett add spice and humor as well, so freakin funny... Jasper 

and Alice are all sweet, charming, nurturing, and everyoneʼs ideal brother, sister, girlfriend! And then thereʼs Carlisle, hummm, ok, heʼs still got SOME of twilight-Carlisle in him that you love and then brace yourself, cause heʼs an asshole-hard ass that will make you hate him...canʼt say more, wish I could though.... Bella is so sweet and innocent and broken and wounded and lovely... yet strong and smart and oh you will just want to take her home and take care of her...nuff said on that or I will start crying... 

     The theme as you know is rather adult and intense. Human trafficking is central to the plot. The plot takes twists and turns and youʼll never see the next turn coming until the writer steers you there, really. And sometimes youʼll hate where sheʼs driven you and youʼll want to scream “No,    please turn around and go back...!” But thereʼs no turning back, so if youʼre not prepared for the long haul ride, donʼt even begin the journey. Yeah, parts really suck, but thatʼs what good story telling does to you and thatʼs how I know this writer is good, you get a front seat as she drives you into her world and you feel so invested in the characters and their lives. You get into everyoneʼs heads because each personʼs voice is written naturally, crisply, consistently and although some of the “Twilight-ness” shows through, this story can stand alone if you change the names, Iʼm hoping she does this and gets this published on itʼs own merit. 
     Ah, I could go on forever, as you can tell, Iʼve been spell bound in this beautifully written tale. Iʼm still lost with these guys, somewhere between Chicago and Forks, maybe even California, at least I hope thatʼs where it ends for EP Bella/Edward, but even I canʼt say how this will end. There are at least two more chapters to be written and Iʼm hoping for the best and holding on for another dip on the roller coaster. Please come on board, and I promise to hold your hand all through your ride, you will need me, for sure. Summer has ended, fall and winter are close behind and if youʼre smart youʼll start reading EP, as this story will be the soft, warm place you can wrap yourself around to keep the chill off of you as Real Life takes itʼs winter toll. I promise you, youʼll have somewhere warm and delicious to go to after a

long hard day, youʼll sit back nice and cozy, read for a while (a LONG read..) as you step into an alternate world to escape and visit with characters so well developed that they will feel like a well loved family. Can you miss something that only exists on paper? I do, can you tell? Thanks to Marie and Kassie for listening to me when I needed someone to hold onto in the mist of my EP highs and lows, when I needed to rant and be heard. I feel honored for being able to share my newest passion with you all. Please let me know your thoughts as you read EP and know I am here for you, I look forward to holding your hand as you read EP and travel the road with you, help steer you on the bumpy journey into the land of EP heaven..
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  1. I keep making a date with EP to catch up on this story and I keep standing myself up!
    I feel like I've been reading it forever but I left off right after B/E return home from AZ. I really do like it. I love the dance E and B do before they finally admit feelings for each other. It really is a great alternate world/escape. Love all the characters in them and how well they are developed, too!!!

  2. @TongueTwied, do yourself a favor, keep that date with yourself, it will be worth it in the LONG run. E and B "dance' for awhile longer and then, RL drama hits them hard. It's amazing to watch/read Edward's growth as a character and how much every one of these characters have to endure, and then of course there's the sweetest romance mingled in with fun stuff. Hope you manage to catch up!

  3. @Fran - I keep saying I'm going to read it, and I promise I will. Your wonderful review has me even more intrigued and can't wait to get started - enough to even abandon the FF I'm reading right now so I can started. My question to you is - should I be reading this on a school night? LOL Will it make stay up until the wee hours and then go to school and be a grouchy teacher? Just wondering.

  4. I'm a newbie in the realm of FF. I just started reading Family Business. I'll have to add this one to my list!


  5. Fran- I don't need to tell you how much I love EP as you already know :) I'm always trying to pimp this fic and you did a wonderful job pimping it :)

  6. @Tess.....oh, you will be addicted now!!!! LOL Just like when I read Twilight the first time....this FF keeps me up nights!

  7. @Marie, you should read on a school night or any night, just as long as you read it. It will make you a better teacher, more patient with those kids with issues. Pace yourself and don't expect to finish it any time soon. As I said, it will be your soft place to land after a long day. Can't wait till you take the plunge!

  8. @Tess, I'm a newbie too. Until just recently the only obsession I had was Twilight. FF is the best, it's always at your finger tips waiting for you to select and get lost...How's "Family Business"? Should I put it on my list to read,(after I re-read EP!) You won't go wrong reading EP. Let me know what you think.

  9. @Kassie, I can't thank you enough for posting your ff list and giving the EP title I'd been searching for. You've been a great shoulder to lean on and share my EP adventure with. Keep pimping and I'll be your partner in crime.

  10. are hysterical!!! Now I know what you have been up to all summer!! Lol. OK, you have me hooked. Just need to finish up Breaking Dawn, then I'm in!!

  11. Hooked,
    Yup, that's what I was up to ALL summer and I haven't come up for air yet, thank you very much! Get to BD now...

  12. EP got too heavy for me after the chapter where Bella was taken. I had to put it on hold. So now I'm just waiting for it to be finished, and hope that there is a silver lining to all the shit that went down.

    Aside from that, it was quite a welcomed surprise to see RMP pictures up there in your post! Thanks for that. Lindz and I love it when people are reminded of fics because of the pictures. :)

    P.S. We grabbed your button and added it to the blog. Feel free to do a little grabby grabby yourself ;-)


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