Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You Know You're A Cougar When......

You know you're a cougar when.......

You love Rob Pattinson
AND your mom made you dress like this......
This is not me.....just an amazing facsimile

You know you're a COUGAR when..... 
you're OBSESSED with RPattz
and you have owned some or all of the following magazines.

You know you're a COUGAR when......
just thinking of the Precious makes you weak in the knees

 and you remember watching "The Banana Splits"

You know you're a COUGAR when......
your fantasies include Rob
 AND you remember when Toys R Us was called Bargain Town!

You know you're a COUGAR when......
you spend every waking moment thinking about The Pretay
AND you remember watching the Brady Bunch.....IN PRIME TIME!

You know you're a COUGAR when....
you use IRWTSMN as a diet plan

AND you played "Charlie's Angels" out on the playground at recess. 

You know you're a COUGAR when........
your computer is loaded with a secret stash of Rob pics

 AND you once owned purple socks!

You know you're a COUGAR when......
you think Robsten is the perfect couple
AND you thought Kermit and Miss Piggy were the perfect couple,
AND you had a subscription to Dynamite magazine!!!!

You know you're a COUGAR when.....
you sign your name "Mrs. Robert Pattinson"
AND you spent many Saturday nights at the Roller Disco.

 You know you're a COUGAR when.....
you have Rob as your wallpaper on your phone and every computer you use
AND Grease was your favorite movie and you had the entire collection
of collectible Grease cards.

You know you're a COUGAR when......
you can bring ANY conversation back to Rob in 3 seconds flat

AND you remember watching School House Rock on Saturday mornings.
And finally, you know you're a COUGAR when.....
you are unconditionally, and irrevocably in love with Rob
AND you have an extensive collection of Face In Hole pics of you and Rob
using you Glamor Shots Pictures taken in *ahem* 1995
(Is Glamor Shots even around anymore????)

I know there are a ladies out there who can relate!
Enjoy the trip down memory lane - and the Robp0rn!!!!


  1. OMG! So perfect! Hahahaha!

  2. Oh Good GAWD Marie - the fucking BANANA SPLITS?!?!

    Well, if I was unsure of my Cougar status before this post, you just iced it for me.


  3. MC - I can still sing the damn Banana Splits song!!! LMAO!!!

  4. I may not be a full fledged cougar yet... but I have played Charlie's Angels, watched the Brady Bunch (I love Nick at Nite), can sing Donny and Marie songs, have seen school house rock and can quote Grease word for word. I'm also old enough to remember the store Venture :)

    Slowly on my way to cougar town (not the tv show) but I will NOT rob the cradle for the likes of the Bieb *shudder*

  5. Hm, I guess I'm not a cougar, as most of these things are totally way before my time, and some I never even heard of, and I think it has very little to do with the fact that I grew up in Serbia.
    After all, I once exchanged body fluids with a guy who is only a year older than Rob. :D

  6. Let me take a look through my trading card collection..Annie, Garbage Pail Kids, BH,90210, nope no Grease ones! DAMN can't believe I missed out on those!

    Yeah I'm not full fledged. Sure I may have thought I would grow up to be a detective with Shaun Cassidy someday. Sure I thought "Mickey" and "Gloria" were the ultimate rollerskating songs. Sure I liked to ask the question, "Conjunction, junction, what's your function?" Sure I can tell you that Donny and Marie used to be on Friday nights the same time as Wonder Woman causing major upset in our 1 tv household.

    But a cougar, I ain't yet! This post had me laughing all the way through.

  7. @Kassie - I think you're a cougar in spirit!

    @Jelly Baby - most of that stuff I liked is so lame! LOL You didn't miss anything! :)

    @TT - I also had the COMPLETE set of Star Wars trading cards - which I bet would be worth something now, but I tossed them like in H.S.
    And I totally forgot to mention the one thing that inspired this whole post - My LOVE for Shaun Cassidy - who I was listening to on my MP3 player in the car on the way to work yesterday.

  8. Oh my gawd, I can relate to 99.9999999% of this. I haven't done the face in hole.
    Hi my name is Rottymama,and I am a COUGAR! LOL

  9. OH, this makes me laugh!! Ok, yes on the Tiger Beat magazines, but a lot of that other stuff was before my time. Trixie and I have come to the conclusion that we are pumas! Oh, but of course we've done the face in hole pics! Hasn't everybody?!


  10. the magazine one.. 16, tiger beat ex-cetera.. I am NOT a cougar. I am only a year older then him!! And those magazines are still in publication!

  11. LOL Katie - it wasn't the magazines I was going for as much as who was on the covers.....all of me and Barb's dream boys from back in the day ....Shaun Cassidy, Scott Baio, Leif Garrett, Rex Smith - circa 1978. You are definitely not a cougar! LOL

  12. I am for sure a cougar and then some! If I wasn't laughing so hard I might feel sorry for myself as I know ALL of them. FYI, I was always Kate in the Charlie's Angels.
    Kassie, I knew you were an "old soul" just like our Rob, you may not have the years, but you are one of us!
    Marie,love the Face in the Hole pics, so perfectly cougar of you!

  13. @IMC, I remember seeing Shaun singing on the Hardy Boys. None of his songs come to mind though.

  14. TT - I did a post a few months back about all the obsessions my sis and I have shared over the years - one of them being Shaun Cassidy. Anyway there is a vid on there of him singing Hey Deanie, which was a song he sang on Hardy Boys....check it out....maybe you will remember it. :)


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