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EP Read Along Week 21 - Chapter 60-62

Chapters 60-62

Hello Ladies!  Hisbella here!  I’ll be your guide through chapters 60-62.  Exciting times ahead!  There’s a lot going on so, let’s get one with the show.

Chapter 60:

Edward and Bella get to spend some quality time together, building Sandcastles, playing catch with the football.  Edward even tried teaching Bella how to swim.  Didn’t go so well!  Bella is concerned about Doc C and the boys.  She did put two + two together about the disappearance of the other Doctor.  She doesn’t want anything to happen to them, they are her family.  Emmett and Jasper are heading out for school.  Jasper to Seattle, Rose & Emmett are driving cross country.  These are big changes for her and she doesn’t particularly like it.  She gets to share a sweet moment with Jasper.  He tells her he is proud of her and can’t wait to see what she’ll accomplish.  He thanks her for ‘coming along’ and she’s the one thing he’s always wanted: a sister.  Can we all give a collective “AWWWWWW”.  Very nice, Ladies.  Very nice!  Rose tells Bella to keep her chin up and don’t let anyone intimidate her.  She’s better than those “Forks whores”.  We learn that Bella has a “Photographic Memory”, something that only 2% of the population can boast.  Doc C says it’s extraordinary how she learns so quickly, especially with her past.  She heads to Port Angeles to take the GED test.  She sails through the first part but ends up frustrated while pondering her ‘essay’ topic: Characteristics of a Good Parent.  Charles didn’t even acknowledge her existence, was abusive and malicious.  If Carlisle hadn’t bought her she probably would have been a sex slave.  She decides to write her essay on Renee.  Her Mother did her best to protect, support and teach her as much as she could.  She taught Bella how to have hope.  If it weren’t for Renee, she wouldn’t be sitting there taking the test and moving on to an actual life and freedom.  After Edward brings her home, they talk about their Mother’s.  Edward tells her “My Mother is dead but she lived.  Followed through on decisions she made which got her killed.  Your Mom is alive but hasn’t even lived”.  Better to have a short life, than to have no life at all.  Do you think he’s right?    What did you think of the tender moments with Jasper and Rose??

Chapter 61:

Our happy couple is enjoying each other, making out.  Nothing in the world can hurt them.  Then…Carlisle bursts through the door.  He’s panicked, frazzles and angry.  His tone and demeanor setting Mafiaward on alert.  Edward sends Bella up to their room while he meets his father in his office.  We learn the “Family” is unexpectedly coming to the house. Edward has had a bad feeling all week, he was right. Doc C doesn’t know who they are coming for; Bella or Doc C.  He orders Edward to take Bella and run!  He tells Edward if it was himself, Aro would have called a sit down.  Alec doesn’t know what is happening but orders them to meet him in Phoenix.  Yeah. Phoenix!  They drive for two days only stopping for short amounts of sleep and food.  When they are driving through California, Bella tells Edward she likes it there because of the palm trees.  She asked if they have good schools and maybe she could go to one for art.  Bella tells him she thinks he would make a good lawyer and could help the Borgata.  They arrive at the hotel and Edward calls Alec.  He rips a page out of the bible to write the address down to meet Alec at.  Bella gives him shit about it.  She tells him Carlisle would be disappointed in him for doing that.  He blows it off.  Do you think Doc C is alright?  What do you think is happening???

Alec instructs them to meet him at the Swan’s.  Bella can see her Mother.  She starts to panic as she gets closer to the property.  Once they park, Edward tells her that she is better than her Father and strong.  They can kiss her ass!  They get out and Edward immediately complains about the heat, telling her “It’s hot as Hell.”  She responds by telling him, “It is Hell.”  As they embrace, someone exits the main house and he knows exactly who it is.  He asks her, “If this is hell, does that mean he’s the Devil?”  Who do you think it is? 

Chapter 62:

Faced with the man who made her life Hell, Bella is scared and unsure.  Edward wants to rip the man limb from limb.  Charles can’t seem to believe his eyes.  Bella doesn’t lower her eyes and act submissive to her former master/sperm donor.  She’s surprised he isn’t acting quite himself but realizes it’s because neither is she.  She knows he holds no power over her anymore.  Alec comes out and basically disses the House of Swan by mentioning how you can get used to the heat when you’re raised in those conditions.  (Basically saying Charles let his own daughter and the others swelter with out a care in the world for their lives.)  Jane the Nut Job emerges from the house acting like the bitch she is and then she sees a “Ghost.”  She knows who Edward is and can see that he looks exactly like Elizabeth.  She flips out and runs inside.  Bella doesn’t want to enter the house after Alec informs Charles he’s being rude to the kids by not inviting them in.  While talking about Charles’ reactions to Alec and Carlisle, Edward lets it slip that his father off’d (clipped) Charles’ father.  Bella catches it, but Edward tells her it’s a long story and to not worry about it.  Do you think she’ll ask him later?  Will he tell her the truth about his mother’s murder?

A loud noise startles Bella, which turns out to be Renee, who thinks she’s seeing an apparition.  Bella is taken back by her Mother’s haggard appearance.  They enjoy a hug and tears of joy.  Renee tells her daughter she needs to leave that it’s not safe here for her. Once Bella tells her that Alec and Edward brought her there to see her, Renee cannot believe what she is hearing.  She then notices the love bite on Bella and freaks out more, thinking she’s been sold for sex.  Bella explains that she and Edward are in love, the family knows and she is ok.  Alec shows his influence and makes Charles allow Renee to spend time with Bella.  Bella explains her life of relative freedom and her time spent with Alec and Esme, the future she and Edward are planning.  Edward emerges from the air conditioning griping about Charles and that he thought Alec was going to kick his ass for his behavior.  After his introduction to Renee, she realizes he is Elizabeth’s son.  They discuss his Mother watching Bella once to keep her out of Renee’s way so she could work.  Alec announces lunch, which leads Renee telling Edward that she is not allowed to eat, only at night.  This causes Edward to get mad and go in and HE makes lunch for Bella and her Mother.  Bella informs her mother of Elizabeth’s murder.  Bella goes to sit down on the ground to eat.  Edward asks, “You can’t sit somewhere less dirty?”  This makes Renee laugh and she tells them when they met as children, Edward said the same thing to her.  Bella answers the exact same way, “I’m already dirty.”  Renee implores Bella to leave and be with Edward where she belongs.  They check into another motel, where Edward explains that they are going tomorrow to a lawyer to make her an actual US Citizen.  Charles is going to admit his paternity. They are going to say Bella was an orphan in Italy that Charles knocked up a woman there.  They will not be naming Renee.  Esme is going to meet them back at the hotel and the men are going to go back and get Renee.  Alec & Esme are going to take her home with them so she can have a life.  He tells her at some point, they can move to be closer and Bella can see her Mother all the time.  After signing the papers at the lawyer’s office, Charles makes a comment about Cullen/Swan offspring and Bella goes ballistic.  She tells him he will never be her Father and that he is a rapist.  He will never be apart of her life.  I think he only agreed to everything because he is looking to further himself in the ‘family’.   Edward has also explained to Bella that the Justice Department is on to Carlisle and they are cleaning everything out of the house; guns, drugs, etc.  This is also one of the reasons for Bella’s citizenship.    

Esme is more than happy to spend the afternoon with Bella watching chick flicks and ordering room service.  As the day wears on, and there is no sign of Edward or Alec, Bella begins to worry.  Edward returns to her with news…What do you think is going on in Forks with Carlisle?  What do you think of Bella being given her citizenship?

In case you have not heard, Kharizzmatik is taking the Emancipation Proclamation blog down on July 31, 2011.  If you are reading it from the blog, please make sure to finish it before Sunday.  If you are not able to, please contact one of the ladies of TJA.  The Author  has an awesome opportunity coming up and we wish Kharizzmatik the Best of Luck with it. 

I want to say thanks to the Ladies of Twilight Junkies Anonymous for letting me do another post!  This is always fun!  Happy Reading everyone!  I will see you back here next week for chapters 63-65.    

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Happy Birthday 17foreverlisa: Welcome to Second Base

Welcome to Second Base or as you might refer to it... The position Schumaker plays ;)
Depending on the game there may or may not be a lot of action on this particular base, well today Schumaker would be pretty darn busy at second.

We all have a little something to say about some of the wonderful times we have spent with you, in New York, at the 100 Monkeys show and during many many other shenanigans!

Lisa, you were one of my very first bloggy friends and that is probably going to be a trending topic on this day. Meeting new people is something I have struggled with in the past, but meeting you was just amazing. If it weren't for you, MamaCougar and BellaTesoro I never would have plucked up the courage to actually consider flying half way across the country just to follow Rob. 
17foreverlisa, MrsKassieCullen and MamaCougar on our flight to find Rob in the Big Apple
This picture

and this video would have never happened if it weren't for you!

We not only got to spend time together in New York meeting up with bloggy friends 
BellaTesoro, Robzsinger, 17foreverlisa, MrsKassieCullen, DangrDafne
MamaCougar, tatoomickey, MrsKassieCullen, redcarpetninja, 17foreverlisa
and making new friends
17foreverlisa, jorgie20, robzsinger, MrsKassieCullen, BellaTesoro, laureate04
we also got to get up close and personal with not only this gorgeous man...
Pic courtesy of BellaTesoro
But we tracked down this fine piece of cowboy on the New York streets too!
Leg hitch, baby!

You and I also got to experience Eclipse in IMAX, 100 Monkeys, a toy party, and your very first Chicago White Sox game together.
Who are these two with all the luck getting FREE fifth row tickets on the first baseline to a game the day of... not even 20 minutes before first pitch?
It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Carlos Quentin!
Happy birthday Lisa. I'm really happy we got to do so many of these wonderful things together.
I love ya!


Dear Lisa,
I know you are going to hear this many times today, but you were one of my first bloggy buddies too!  Do you know why?  Because you are a kind, warm, and outgoing person.  You make people feel comfortable in this fandom, and that is what you have done for me!  Your blog was one of the first blogs I followed and you are definitely one of my inspirations for starting Twilight Junkies Anonymous!

When I found out that we lived in the same state, I thought that maybe there was a chance that we might be able to meet up someday.  So when you and Mama Cougar agreed to make the 3 hour drive up here to see Eclipse in IMAX with us, I was beyond thrilled!  Not only did you make the trek up here, but came bearing gifts and presented me with my very own FSE!  I can't tell you how much that gift meant to me.  Seriously!  I could have never went out and bought that and brought it into this house without a huge fight.  Now when my husband sees it and rolls his eyes - I get to say "LISA GOT IT FOR ME!" (heeheehee!)  at which time he usually responds with a sarcastic "I'll have to thank Lisa for that" LMAO!  
Mama Cougar, MrsKassieCullen, FSE, UtterlyAbsurd Bella and 17ForeverLisa

Kassie and Lisa paying homage to our dear Fifty Shades!

Group shot before departing for the movie

Of course experiencing Edward on a 52 feet by 98 feet size screen (I looked it up!) with you was EPIC.  However, I would say the best part of the day was meeting you, having lunch together and bonding with you and MC over potato salad and leg hitches!!!!
Here's a little scrapbook page to commemorate our day!


Have a wonderful birthday Lisa! 
Love you!!!!
UAB Marie


When I first entered this on line world, I didn't just jump in. It's not my nature to dive in head first into anything. I lurked, I peeked in, I tested the water one toe at a time. UAB, was my first blog buddy, and she gave me a friendly gentle push in, she was my Angela. Entering into this new world, I felt like Bella did as she enrolled mid year into Fork's High School. I silently visited sites enjoying everyone's different flavors, never seeking to be noticed but wanting to know more about the mysterious “Cullen-like” creative women who were already here. In typical Bella fashion, I stumbled onto “17 forever... Growing up is overrated” and took in it's playful essence, I felt like I'd come home. I could relate because when I look into a real life mirror, like Bella did in New Moon, I see the me the world sees. Yet, inside, the true me is a spirited girl that still wants to come out and play, be naughty, talk about hawt boys, support other girlfriends, and just have fun. Lisa's site made that image of me reflect itself, with giggles, and all manner of playful banter. 

Her posts told me she loved her family first and foremost and I could relate to that. She loved Rob, and the fan girl in me got to swoon over him in a place where it was understood why I would want to. She was not cold and vampire hard though. But she's got that Cullen something about her that “lures you in.” I know her now to be Alice like in charm, bad ass protective like Rosalie, Edward like in her passion, Emmett in teddy bear cuddly (I know this now first hand, so soft and warm) and non judgmental and supportive as Carlisle and Esme. Lastly, she's Jasper down home easy. When you're in her presence you just feel safe and calm. Like Bella, and as she turned to see the Cullen's enter the cafeteria, I viewed these sites in a similar way. I wondered who these awesome popular kids were. At first I felt like you were out of my league until I met kiTT. In Rosalie like fashion, she told me to put on my big girl panties, pushed me into the water and said, just swim already. She pointed me in the direction of Lisa, and dam if she wasn't right, knowing we'd have the perfect connection.

Lisa grabbed hold of my hand and made me look down into the deep ocean, feeling safe. I trusted her enough and together we jumped off (thanks conversed/Kate for these 17 Men analogies.) And look at where we landed: New York, Chicago, front and center of Rob's world, and smack in the arms and music of Jackson and his 100 Monkeys: 

New York the Big Apple, love at first bite. 

Yup, growing up is overrated, we got our wristbands to see Rob!!!

Chicago is our kind of place: Me, Naughty HBMarie,
pretty in pink 
Kassie, the birthday girl 17Forever and my cherry popper UAB Marie.

This is the view you get for buying 100Monkeys VIP tickets. 
Yeah, let's stay 17 forever, the view is sweet! 

Of ALL the people Lisa could have picked to share her meet/greet with, she picked ME!
Thought I died and went to Jasper/Jackson heaven. 
Look at Lisa preparing to meet her Idol, yeah being a teen is fun.

A shout out to kiTT from her Mohawtie.

That's right Lisa, hold on tight and enjoy your Jackson moments... 
I did. Being the 17 year old hoor that I now feel safe to be, I even asked and got myself a Jackson hug.
He squeezed me with Jasper like strength. Can you tell my girlie parts liked it?! 

A stroll through Navy Pier. Can you tell how happy it makes me spending time with Lisa?!

Last but not least, Lisa indulged me in my EP Mob obsession. Here we are, DoubleDippin, Me, Lisa, and thanks to Kassie, visiting Mt. Carmel cemetery and Al Capone's grave.
Yeah, Lisa is my Jasper's shoulder, the soft place I lean into... 

Thank you for being the star that I wished on, thank you for the hand to hold, and mostly thank you for jumping along side of me. I will be 17 Forever with you, never growing old... 

I hope Lisa, you will enjoy these birthday gifts, the ones you helped me create. I hold each and every memory, not hiding them behind any framed pictures but rather out in the open where everyone can see and enjoy them.
Love you hard for making me see and be seen. 

Happy 17th Birthday, with many more sweet ones yet to be...


Happy Birthday Lisa!!!!
I first talked Lisa when I won the chance to do the first “Twi-People” cover on TongueTwied.  Lisa and kiTT were wonderful with me and encouraged me to get ‘out there’.  Now, I’ve done a few posts  for TT and this here little ole blog.  If you've never had the chance to meet or even talk to Lisa, you really 
She funny, smart and fabulous. 

While Lisa and the gals were in for the 100 Monkeys Concert, I planned a ‘toy’ party.
Long story short…It’s All Emancipation Proclamations fault!

I received a tweet from her the night of the party:
“Heading out for a night of debauchery with HisbellaMarie”
We had 2 Free Standing Edward’s and both joined in on the fun!

Lisa was the best and kept refilling my wine glass, but unfortunately now, there is little I
remember from the party.

We tested out lubes, lotions and dusts.  Played with some toys and some even had their pictures taken with Edward.

There aren’t any photos with the ‘toys’.  What you do with the toys at the toy party, stays at the toy party!
I am so happy I got to spend that time with Lisa and the girls! 
I hope there’s more ‘debauchery’ to come!
utterlyabsurdbella, doubledippin, mrskassiecullen, FSE, Barb, Lisa, hisbella, bellatesoro

Lisa, I wish you a very Happy Birthday and many, many more!
You are wonderful and I am so glad I took that opportunity with the Twi-Cover. 
I love you, Woman!
Love, Hisbella


Hope you have a wonderfully happy birthday!  We would like to say thanks for all the fun times in New York City at the Water for Elephants premier.  I'm so glad that we met you and everyone else in line at 5am (no, Fran, it was like 4am!! ;-)).  All the waiting was well worth it and meeting new friends just made it that much better.  Personally, I'll never forget when you added me to your Twitter and gave me a high five for following the President, and then took it back for following the much fun out there on the street in those crazy early morning hours!  Always remember, just keep breathing!!  Happy Birthday - hopefully we'll see you again soon!

~Laureate04 (Lauren) & Jorgie20 (Jen)

The NYC WFE premier was important to me for so many reasons, getting to see Rob in person is something I will never EVER forget, but there was more to it than that.
I finally got to meet some of the most amazing woman I’ve ever known, and that is the true gift Rob and this fandom have given me, the gift of friendship and I am forever grateful for that!!

stephanieS74, Robzsinger1, 17foreverlisa & DebbieCDC
                 (Stephanie, Megan, Lisa and Debbie)
Lisa, you are such a beautiful person inside and out and I thank Rob everyday for bringing us together and for having the honor of calling you my friend!! 
I hope your birthday is as special as you are!
Love you bunches,


Lisa, had so much fun at the toy party, and getting to know some other twi- h00rs..I enjoyed spending time with you and Fran and the what I am going to refer to as the Toy't wait to join you on another adventure. I need to hang with you, you are so oooze you..Happy Birthday..Jude


Lisa, I'll never forget who was standing next to me when I saw this vision come down the line.
Happy Birthday! xo Robzsinger


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I'm Resurrecting the Diet Blog

Hi girls!
I've decided to bring the Diet Blog back to life and hope you join us, follow us, comment....whatever you feel like.  It's all about moral support with a little Twilighty twist!

click here:

I would love to see you there and pass it on to your Twi-friends!


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EP Read Along Week 20 - Chapters 57-59


We are back for our little EP haitus.
Do you feel rested and refreshed?
Did you get caught up in your EP reading?
Well, ready or we go!

Chapter 57 - EPOV

Chapter 57 is from Edward's point of view and starts off after the visit from Aro for Edward's birthday.  Bella is completely overwhelmed with the idea that Alec would vouch for her and that he could die for her mistakes.  Bella has always lived with the fear of dying herself for other's mistakes, so this concept is unfathomable.  What do you think Alec's motivation is for vouching for Isabella?  Are his reasons personal or professional?

The next morning, Edward finds Isabella in the library.  Bella tells him that she wants to learn.  That's when the idea occurs to Edward that although Isabella could never go to a traditional high school, she certainly could get her GED.  He talks with his father and Alec about it and Carlisle says it's Bella's decision whether or not she wants to get educated.  Bella is so overcome with emotion over Edward wanting her to be able to get an education that she breaks down and sobs into his neck.  Her life just continues to take her places that she never dreamed of.

Edward tries teaching Bella to play Twinkle Twinkle on the piano and he tries to keep his cool, which he does.  Alec sneaks up on them and basically tells Edward in Italian that Isabella reminds him so much of Elizabeth and his father thinks so too.  What do you think about that?  Does it help to understand some of Carlisle's actions and attitudes.

Edward had a conversation with Aro before he left that he is keeping from Bella.  It is obvious that Aro is trying to use Isabella from every angle to get Edward to join.  He tells Edward that his joining is the only way to protect Bella.

The chapter ends with Edward hoping that what he and Isabella had "would be strong enough to come through the storm that was looming on the horizon".   So Edward has a feeling some bad shit is going to go down....are his instincts correct?  What do you think?

Best LOL moments of this chapter - 
mmmmmm......what do you think of Edward's braggiole?
- "She does have Italian in her, Jazz.  She sleeps beside our little bro every night.  You know damn well she has that braggiole in her all the time" - Emmett

- The sexual innuendos with "Trouble" by Emmett and Jasper.  Gotta love Jasper telling Bella to do it harder and Emmett saying "How the fuck are you going to teach her this shit if can't even get in the right hole?"

This fic might be angsty, but it definitely has many awesome LMAO moments!!! Just sayin.....

Chapter 58 - BPOV

Edward is pouting about having to go to football camp and Emmett is totally giving him shit about it.  In the weeks leading up to his departure, he had tried to put on a happy face for Bella, until the day he actually had to leave.  It really shows how strong Bella has become when she is able to have the confidence to tell him he has to go - even though it is killing her inside.  So he finally goes, after saying "I'm not fucking going" a million times and Bella is apart from Edward for the first time since they began their relationship.

Emmett and Jasper keep Bella quite busy during the course of the week.  Breakfast at the diner every morning with Emmett bright and early, the beach twice, game days, movies days and studying for her GED.  Edward and Bella have a restless week without each other and to make matter's worse - they start the week out by playing phone tag for a day or two.  They finally get into a pattern and are at least able talk on the phone once a day.
First Beach

My favorite Emmett and Bella bonding moment is at breakfast the first day, at the diner.  Emmett calls her little sis and that warms Bella's heart.  Emmett says "Yeah, little sis.  It's what you are.  Someday you'll probably marry  my shithead little brother and make it official".  Awwwww!  So sweet Emmett! and such a way with words! LOL

I love when Bella puts on the modest bathing suit that Rosalie picked up for her and is admiring her healthier, curvier body.  She has come so far and grown so much!  She says she wasn't sure if her being curvier was considered a good thing but it didn't matter because Edward seemed to like it.

The beach is where Bella runs into Jacob and finds out that Edward is forbidden from going there.  She's not sure if Edward would want her to go there and is not sure if she should tell him she went.  Our girls keeps getting fiestier and tells Jacob off for speaking badly about Edward.

Last, but not least, we get to the reason that Chapter 58 is one of my favorite EP chapters - 
Edward and Bella's first phone sex! LOL  

The conversation starts out completely innocently.  Edward says, "Hey tesoro. Whatcha doing?"  Just making small talk, you know.  Then he kicks it up a notch by asking..."What are you wearing?"  HELLO! annnnnd it just escalates from there.  When Edward asked Bella to touch herself, I don't think he really thought she would do it.  But, Bella is always amazing Edward, and much to his surprise, she plays along and they both get release they desperately needed.

The chapter ends with Edward returning from football camp.  When he gets out of his car in the driveway, Bella being adorable, flies off the front porch and launches herself at him.  Sweet reunion! Of course Edward being Edward says, "Well fuck. If I'm going to be getting greeted like that, maybe I need to go away more often"

Chapter 59 - EPOV
Definitely the spot to break out the football manip - for you Fran!!!

Chapter 59 is football camp from Edward's point of view.  Of course he is rooming with Mike Newton.  Wouldn't you know it?  Edward is trying to keep his cool with all the guys, who just keep giving him shit.  They know he has a short fuse and they keep trying to push his buttons.  Of course he gets into a few scuffles throughout the week.  The highlight of Edward's week was on the last day of practice Coach Clapp compliments his playing and tells him that some UW coaches have been expressing some interest in him.  For once someone is telling Edward that he has potential in an area that doesn't involve a life of crime.  So he's feeling good.

After Bella attacks him in the driveway upon his return, they go to bed as they are both exhausted.  They talk about what Bella did all week and Edward gets pissed at Emmett for taking her to First Beach.  When he confronts Emmett about it and throws the whole James incident in his face, Emmett basically puts Edward in his place.  The next morning Edward thanks Emmett for taking care of Bella.

Bella shares some of the sketches she had made while Edward was gone.  One of the meadow in particular catches his attention because Bella has only been to the meadow one time, yet she drew it in such amazing detail.  Edward puts it together that Bella must have a photographic memory to remember such details from seeing it once, and for remembering all the facts she saw on Jeopardy.

Edward and Bella finally have a chance to reconnect in the bedroom and Edward is enjoying Bella's "newfound kinkiness".  The chapter ends with Edward and Bella discussing their future and possible colleges.  Edward tells Bella that they will go wherever she wants to go.


Okay my wonderful Mafiaward h00rs......for next week we will be discussing
Chapters 60-62

See ya in the comments!!!!!

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