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EP Read Along Week 20 - Chapters 57-59


We are back for our little EP haitus.
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Chapter 57 - EPOV

Chapter 57 is from Edward's point of view and starts off after the visit from Aro for Edward's birthday.  Bella is completely overwhelmed with the idea that Alec would vouch for her and that he could die for her mistakes.  Bella has always lived with the fear of dying herself for other's mistakes, so this concept is unfathomable.  What do you think Alec's motivation is for vouching for Isabella?  Are his reasons personal or professional?

The next morning, Edward finds Isabella in the library.  Bella tells him that she wants to learn.  That's when the idea occurs to Edward that although Isabella could never go to a traditional high school, she certainly could get her GED.  He talks with his father and Alec about it and Carlisle says it's Bella's decision whether or not she wants to get educated.  Bella is so overcome with emotion over Edward wanting her to be able to get an education that she breaks down and sobs into his neck.  Her life just continues to take her places that she never dreamed of.

Edward tries teaching Bella to play Twinkle Twinkle on the piano and he tries to keep his cool, which he does.  Alec sneaks up on them and basically tells Edward in Italian that Isabella reminds him so much of Elizabeth and his father thinks so too.  What do you think about that?  Does it help to understand some of Carlisle's actions and attitudes.

Edward had a conversation with Aro before he left that he is keeping from Bella.  It is obvious that Aro is trying to use Isabella from every angle to get Edward to join.  He tells Edward that his joining is the only way to protect Bella.

The chapter ends with Edward hoping that what he and Isabella had "would be strong enough to come through the storm that was looming on the horizon".   So Edward has a feeling some bad shit is going to go down....are his instincts correct?  What do you think?

Best LOL moments of this chapter - 
mmmmmm......what do you think of Edward's braggiole?
- "She does have Italian in her, Jazz.  She sleeps beside our little bro every night.  You know damn well she has that braggiole in her all the time" - Emmett

- The sexual innuendos with "Trouble" by Emmett and Jasper.  Gotta love Jasper telling Bella to do it harder and Emmett saying "How the fuck are you going to teach her this shit if can't even get in the right hole?"

This fic might be angsty, but it definitely has many awesome LMAO moments!!! Just sayin.....

Chapter 58 - BPOV

Edward is pouting about having to go to football camp and Emmett is totally giving him shit about it.  In the weeks leading up to his departure, he had tried to put on a happy face for Bella, until the day he actually had to leave.  It really shows how strong Bella has become when she is able to have the confidence to tell him he has to go - even though it is killing her inside.  So he finally goes, after saying "I'm not fucking going" a million times and Bella is apart from Edward for the first time since they began their relationship.

Emmett and Jasper keep Bella quite busy during the course of the week.  Breakfast at the diner every morning with Emmett bright and early, the beach twice, game days, movies days and studying for her GED.  Edward and Bella have a restless week without each other and to make matter's worse - they start the week out by playing phone tag for a day or two.  They finally get into a pattern and are at least able talk on the phone once a day.
First Beach

My favorite Emmett and Bella bonding moment is at breakfast the first day, at the diner.  Emmett calls her little sis and that warms Bella's heart.  Emmett says "Yeah, little sis.  It's what you are.  Someday you'll probably marry  my shithead little brother and make it official".  Awwwww!  So sweet Emmett! and such a way with words! LOL

I love when Bella puts on the modest bathing suit that Rosalie picked up for her and is admiring her healthier, curvier body.  She has come so far and grown so much!  She says she wasn't sure if her being curvier was considered a good thing but it didn't matter because Edward seemed to like it.

The beach is where Bella runs into Jacob and finds out that Edward is forbidden from going there.  She's not sure if Edward would want her to go there and is not sure if she should tell him she went.  Our girls keeps getting fiestier and tells Jacob off for speaking badly about Edward.

Last, but not least, we get to the reason that Chapter 58 is one of my favorite EP chapters - 
Edward and Bella's first phone sex! LOL  

The conversation starts out completely innocently.  Edward says, "Hey tesoro. Whatcha doing?"  Just making small talk, you know.  Then he kicks it up a notch by asking..."What are you wearing?"  HELLO! annnnnd it just escalates from there.  When Edward asked Bella to touch herself, I don't think he really thought she would do it.  But, Bella is always amazing Edward, and much to his surprise, she plays along and they both get release they desperately needed.

The chapter ends with Edward returning from football camp.  When he gets out of his car in the driveway, Bella being adorable, flies off the front porch and launches herself at him.  Sweet reunion! Of course Edward being Edward says, "Well fuck. If I'm going to be getting greeted like that, maybe I need to go away more often"

Chapter 59 - EPOV
Definitely the spot to break out the football manip - for you Fran!!!

Chapter 59 is football camp from Edward's point of view.  Of course he is rooming with Mike Newton.  Wouldn't you know it?  Edward is trying to keep his cool with all the guys, who just keep giving him shit.  They know he has a short fuse and they keep trying to push his buttons.  Of course he gets into a few scuffles throughout the week.  The highlight of Edward's week was on the last day of practice Coach Clapp compliments his playing and tells him that some UW coaches have been expressing some interest in him.  For once someone is telling Edward that he has potential in an area that doesn't involve a life of crime.  So he's feeling good.

After Bella attacks him in the driveway upon his return, they go to bed as they are both exhausted.  They talk about what Bella did all week and Edward gets pissed at Emmett for taking her to First Beach.  When he confronts Emmett about it and throws the whole James incident in his face, Emmett basically puts Edward in his place.  The next morning Edward thanks Emmett for taking care of Bella.

Bella shares some of the sketches she had made while Edward was gone.  One of the meadow in particular catches his attention because Bella has only been to the meadow one time, yet she drew it in such amazing detail.  Edward puts it together that Bella must have a photographic memory to remember such details from seeing it once, and for remembering all the facts she saw on Jeopardy.

Edward and Bella finally have a chance to reconnect in the bedroom and Edward is enjoying Bella's "newfound kinkiness".  The chapter ends with Edward and Bella discussing their future and possible colleges.  Edward tells Bella that they will go wherever she wants to go.


Okay my wonderful Mafiaward h00rs......for next week we will be discussing
Chapters 60-62

See ya in the comments!!!!!


  1. Because I'm feeling a little angst myself over the news that Khar's blogspot will be shut down as of July 31st. I can't get myself to quick read these chapters.
    It's been one year exactly since I started reading this EP. Her blogspot holds a special place for me. I've visited often to read, I've listened to that playlist that is perfect for the mood and tone of this story, and I've sent so many people there who have then shared with me there love for EP, like we're doing right here, right now.
    So, I'm reading these chapters still on her blogspot and I find myself lingering there. I'm such a sap.
    Ok, I did finish Chap. 57. and Marie's right it's freaking funny as she mentioned. There is another food related funny, yet sad which is the Italian Cream Cake. Which by the way, it must be repeated, UAB Marie made that cake in honor of, (and I'm believing it was all for me even though it was for everyone) when we met at HB Marie's house. All I can say is that the way Emmett and Edward ate that cake, in pure bliss, is exactly the way I ate it. It was the best Italian Cream Cake ever. This from me, who comes from a real first generation Italian family, I've eaten said cake many times. As Emmett described, it the same with Marie's cake, it melted in your mouth.
    Anyway, Carlisle's reaction to it wasn't as pleasing. He wouldn't go near it because, well it was just another hurtful memory which you'll read about later, I think. Edward and Emmet say, after the graduation and his birthday, that the last 9 months has felt like giving birth to Bella. She's like a new person and they themselves, have changed and grown, like birth to a new life. All of them starting something new, and it's true.
    The Aro parts were all about foreshadowing. Manipulating Edward into signing on and Alec coming to the rescue.
    I thing Alec's motivations here and always are, doing what is best for the family, both his and the mob. He knows so much, and of everyone, he's the clearest thinker, thankfully. Nuff said.
    I'll be back later to talk about the other chapters.
    Sure wish I had some of Marie's Italian Cream Cake. I think I need to bake one, but first, I'll take a bite out of some long, hot, greasy bragglole! Yum.

  2. Chapter 58 is like you said, Edward all pouty, putting on a hissy fit because he doesn't want to leave Bella. He's so cute and the chapter is full of life and mostly fun. And of course I agree the phone sex shows Edward at his shameless best and Bella as she's "come" a long way from innocent girl. It's obvious these two would do anything for each other and they do.
    In Chapter 59, thank for bringing out one of my favorite EP manips for me, Football and other balls peeking through, nice.
    On a serious note, when the coach tells Edward how well he played and that scouts are after him for his quarterback skills, he felt so proud that he was valued for more than his mob connections. It gave me hope that Edward was going to go on and lead a normal life, free to go where he and Bella wanted. I wanted this for him, college, football, education, normal...He, they deserved this freedom.
    Emmett and Edward's relationship is the most interesting. Emmett calls "the little shit" on every time he over reacts. When Edward expresses his anger over him not wanting Bella near Jacob, Emmett reminds him that she doesn't need him to control her, she'd been controlled all her life. He's right, but Edward just can't help himself. It's the one area that gets him in trouble every time.
    Lastly, as you mentioned, Edward notices Bella has a photographic memory. He asks her if she remembers what Albert Schweitzer says is the tragedy of life? Which by the way, is my favorite quote, it's meaning is so true. And Bella can rattle it off "The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives."
    This is true of Carlisle, he's metaphorically dead, and sadly, he's not the only one that will go through this...

  3. Oh these chapters...I love them! I really enjoyed watching the 2 of them try to deal with Edward going off to camp. It's definitely indicative of many of the Edward/Bella relationships where they strive to not be apart, but I think so much of it comes from the way that they're living as well. It's not often you straight off the bat live with your first real relationship. It's nothing Edward has ever experienced partially because of still being in high school and partially because of his lack of real relationships before Bella - and it's obviously not something Bella has ever dealt with. It's so much different when you're used to having that person around literally all the time.

    I loved the Jasper and Emmett time that Bella has too - I've mentioned it on here before but I love their relationships with her as her somewhat protective older brothers. Emmett definitely shows this when he starts calling her little sis but they definitely have the older brother watching out for younger sister mentality. So adorable - and trying to keep Bella's mind off of things by keeping her busy is cute too - they really all get to spend some quality time together.

    Carlisle's reaction to the cake made me so sad for him. Although I don't think he full out mentions to Bella why he's so put off by the cake, I felt like it was fairly obvious when reading why that was.

    I have to say that I really, really, really like Alec's character in this's very complex and I find him fascinating. Having said that I was totally intrigued to find out about his vouching for Bella. He generally seems unaffected by emotions, but this seems slightly more personal for him? I'm not sure if anyone else picked up on that feeling - although he tries to play it off a little bit. I definitely felt more of the personal pull with this one - which is fairly uncharacteristic for Alec.

    Bella's excitement over getting an education is another thing that made me smile. Of course (and I know there are a few of us...) being a teacher, seeing anyone excited over learning makes me happy. Gotta love it - especially when I constantly deal with kids who hate school, but have no idea what it would be like to have that opportunity taken away from them and told that they couldn't learn.

  4. Hi Ladies!!! I'm caught up and actually ahead of myself! So proud!

    I agree with both BellaT and pattonlm (Hey Girls!). Bella could have just said to Edward, "I don't want you to go" and he would have stayed. She was nervous but insisted he go to camp. I think that was a big step for her. She's not comfortable without him. Bella put that aside and was the emotionally mature one between the two. To me, Edward came off as a bit whiney. Emmett promised he'd take care of her and he did! Breakfast every morning so she wouldn't have to cook, which I think was a way of avoiding the table being missing one person. I loved that the two couples did 'normal' teenage stuff with her! The beach was my fav. I loved how Bella stood up for Edward to Jacob. Em played the bodyguard but I think he would have only intervened if need be. He knows Bella can handle Jacob. I love that about him. He doesn't look at her like she's incapable of anything. I'm not entirely sure about him entering his # in her cell, but we'll have to see what happens with that.

    "Trouble" spells Emmett! That scene made me crack up. You know Edward's freaking out in that hallway and I can see Dimples McGee just grinning, fully knowing what he was putting his brother through!, I already have my post done from next week so I have a litle more info on why he's doing what he's doing. Shutting my mouth there. I was surprised that he vouched for Bella, but totally expected Aro's reaction. I think he knew right then and there that Edward was not following in his GodFather and Father's foot steps. Edward wants to vouch for her, buuutttt, in order to do that he has to be in the borgata. Way to manipulate. Aro the A-hole. What I want to know is what's up with the biotch wife? Seriously? I hope she gets a come uppance and she was just in this chapter a little. Alec is smooth, scarey and smart as a whip. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark, no maybe I would! Pattonlm, I think, is right on the money with Alec. I can't wait for 63-65!!!

    Bella and the f'n awesome. This girl is getting a "life" finally. She's growing and socializing and becoming the 16/17 year old she should have always been. I love that it was Edward (who everyone thinks is oblivious)that brings it up. Doc didn't even think of that. I thought he thinks of everything. Doc C could have said no way. It shows he IS serious about her being free one day. I hope when all is said and done that Bella can see these men (Doc & Alec) for who they really are and grows to understand and care for them.


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