Monday, July 4, 2011

25 Things About MKC

I really love to share things about myself. I don't care who you are I will tell you a ton of random stuff about myself, because I can. SnarkierThanYou did a post over at Twitarded where she told us 25 things about herself and encouraged people to do the same. And well since I take every opportunity to talk about myself, here goes...

1) I don't drink tap water. It smells like metal yuck!

2) I'm a very finicky eater, you'd think I would be much skinnier with the list of foods I won't eat.

3) The very first concert I ever went to was Hanson in 1998. I have the ticket stub and t-shirt to prove it :)
I'm too lazy to go put the shirt on and take a pic so you'll have to settle for this

4) I love rap music and even though the above admission might make you think differently I prefer rap over any other music.

5) My car was my grandpa's before he gave it to me, it's pink (okay so the title says sunrise red but it's sooo pink), I miss my grandpa :(
Me snuggling with my grandpa awww
6)  I love to sing, but I'm not very good.

7) I played the clarinet for five years but quit before high school because I didn't want to be labeled a 'band geek'.

8) I have really poor eyesight, like really freaking bad and I refuse to wear glasses. I'll only wear contacts.

9) I watch more TV than is normal for one person but it's rapidly declining with the more FF I read.

10) I'm really handy when it comes to putting things together and I flove getting electronics hooked up.

11) I have really sensitive hearing and sense of smell, I chalk it up to my poor eyesight heightening the others.

12) I know lots of useless information but have a bad memory when it comes to learning.

13) Thirteen is my favorite number and no not because of Rob's b-day :)

14) I have a fear of bugs. It's so bad I get all shakey/panicky when they are near me.

15) Barq's Root Beer is like my own version of crack.

16) I don't like scary movies bc I have very vivid dreams and dream of what I see. That's why I like to read FF before bed, my imagination carries over ;)

17)  I hate being out in nature. I'm a bit of a germaphobe and a bit OCD.

18) I'm really into sports. I love my Chicago teams. You won't catch me cheering for a team if they don't have the name Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago White Sox and yes I even cheer on the Chicago Cubs (the things I'll do for my nephew *shakes head*)

19) I love wrestling; high school, college, professional... I love it all! I was also the book keeper for my high school's wrestling team, Go Mustangs! I did baseball and football too. I love my sports!
I took this pic of my fav wrestler CM Punk at my first show.
We had spectacular seats, 7th row!

20) I love to talk a lot and I'm kinda loud about it, well after we've been around each other for a bit, I'm usually really nervous meeting new people.

21) I love to dance but have never been clubbing, not my scene.

22) I'm a middle child, I have an older sister and younger brother and we all surprisingly like each other.
Shhh don't tell them I put this up here okay. They'd kill me :)
PS: Is that a Heineken I spy??

23) I'm am the godmother to two adorable children, Ryan and Annabella. Ryan just called me "My Kassie" the other day when talking to his Papa, I cried a bit :)
Me, Ryan and Anna

24) My favorite TV show is Burn Notice, it has been since the day it started and will be until long after the series is over. It's the only show I can watch the reruns a billion times and not get bored.

25) I love to bake; cookies, cake, muffins etc and make breakfast foods; pancakes, french toast, omelets but I'll only eat the baked goods.

Now if you feel like you've learned more than 25 things about me you'd probably be right I get a bit wordy when talking about myself. What are you waiting for? Tell me 25 things about yourself or 2 or 5 or 13 either in the comments or on your own blog. Everyone else is doing it TwiKiwi50ChloeCougardangrdafne and LwE did it. Succumb to peer pressure!


  1. Loved learning about you!!! I too like to talk about myself. On myspace, I did all of those surveys way too much. ;)

    "I don't like scary movies bc I have very vivid dreams and dream of what I see. That's why I like to read FF before bed, my imagination carries over ;)" <----SO me!!! I thought I was the only one. Had a nice Jackson dream last night ;)

  2. So rap, not tap!
    So many things I never would have suspected about you--the rap and the sports and the not clubbing.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, to the pic of you with your grandpa.

  3. @Jaymes- I did those myspace surveys all the time! I've had my fair share of Jackson dreams, he's usually a cowboy lol

    @TT- Yep that's me... my world revolves around a few simple things; my family, friends, sports, rap music, TV, and Twilight :)

  4. Geez - remind me not to drink the water in Berwyn!!! LOL Gross! I love my Lake Michigan H20!

    If you asked me right now what color your car is - I would have said red. Now I'm really going to have to pay attention when I see you Thursday!

    I loved reading your 25 things about yourself. I learned a few things I didn't know. :) Okay, so I guess it's my turn to step up, huh? Maybe I'll post my 25 next week. :)


  5. Kassie, loved this! Since I've succumbed to peer pressure with you ladies before I'll give you a few:

    1) I took the Wilton Cake classes and have been making custom cakes for 8 years now.

    2) At 17, I traveled with 20 other kids and chaperones to W. Germany, E. Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It was exactly 23 yrs ago this week.

    3)I have 2 fanfiction stories started but am terrified to put them out there.

    Am I really going to be riding in a pink car on Thursday? Should I dig out the "Pink Ladies" jacket? I can be Jan..."Brusha Brusha Brusha get the new Ipana..." LOL

  6. You already know that #19 - college wrestling fan is my favorite thing about you :)!!

    I loved learning all the other tidbits too.

  7. Kassie having slept with you I can safely say I know you intimately, and am not surprised by anything you said here. And I love you even though you like rap.
    I loved seeing the pics of your family, especially your grandpa and your god children.
    Now I'm expecting some of your baked goods while I'm visiting this week, so start baking, muffins or cookies are good.
    Burn Notice? How come I don't know this show? You will have to tell me all about it this coming week.
    @HB, two stories started, really? Get to finishing them girl, we need some new stash for our addiction.

  8. Sweet! Love the pics of you and your grandfather.

    And you're good at electronics, eh? I may need to call you up the next time I try to turn on the TV because I swear ML is messing with me and I can never turn it on. Wow, that actually sounded REALLY sad now that I wrote it out.

    I hear ya on the finicky eating. ;)

    @HB - Maybe you could send them around to a couple of friends for some feedback? It's scary putting your fics out there but I'll bet they're pretty damn good.

  9. Welcome to the club!

    I love getting to know more about people. I too played the clarinet, and the saxophone, but gave up when I was 15 because it was SO not cool.

  10. Jenny Jerkface: Maybe I will send a chappie or two out and see what happens. Thanks for the encouragement!

    BellaT: That's just it...I'm afraid they will be 'trash'.

  11. Kassie, i heart you. love the pic of you and your bro and sis.
    I'm really going to miss you girls this weekend. Have a heini for moi.

    @HB - I try to make cakes and hope to take a Wilton class soon. pointers are welcome. ;)
    Are you writing a fic?


  12. @UAB- ALL tap water smells like metal to me. I can even smell the sediments in the water... I'm weird lol. You should do a 25 things post :)

    @hb- Thanks for sharing.. now you know we're going to enlist you for Twilight themed cakes from now on lol. Oh and if your Jan tomorrow I want to be Rizzo she's the coolest of them all! Post your stories anonymously you get feedback without your friends thinking you suck. I did it with a pervy Bella Carlisle story. People love it *shrug* but I won't tell you which one it is :P

    @dangrdafne- I thought of you when I was writing that comment my fellow wrestling fan ;)

    @Tesoro- I'm glad you don't hold my rap obsession against me. Are you sure you want me talking about Burn Notice.. I'm very passionate about it; like you are with EP

    @JennyJerkface- If you ever need help with electronics I'm your girl... I even helped a friend 'borrow' cable with a splitter lol. I usually don't find too many other finicky eaters, we should start a club!

    @TwiKiwi50- I'm glad I wasn't the only one to quit an instrument because of losing cool points. We are one musical bunch.. if we only stuck with it

    @Robzie- You know we are all going to miss you so much this weekend! I will def have a heini in your honor :)

  13. Oh, Robzy! we're totally going to miss you too! It's going to be weird doing this and not see your smiling face!!! Yeah, I have 2 fics. Not posted.


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