Friday, July 8, 2011

My Night with 100 Monkeys at House of Blues

When I first heard about 100 Monkeys coming to play at House of Blues Chicago I had to tell my bloggy bestie right away and get her to go with me. We originally purchased balcony seats so we could sit through the show, but I had a gut feeling and I just wanted to try and get closer. So as the concert was approaching I found a VIP ticket for half price, I went for it. Why pass up the opportunity to see the sound check and get a cool gift! Little did I know they were going to let every person with a VIP ticket get their pic taken with the band and get a t-shirt and autographed pic of the band! So UtterlyAbsurdBella, hisbella, BellaTesoro, 17foreverlisa, MamaCougar, LilCougar and I all went to the show. We also met up with Lety!
LilCougar was taking the pic for us
Let's get to the good stuff!! I'm in line waiting to get my picture taken with the band, I'm trying really hard not to freak out! Lil Cougar was in line with me, after she got hers I walked up to them and I can't believe I said this.. "Hi boys!" God I'm a dork lol. So anywho after that small embarrassment I get all handsy with the band, okay really not but I did get to touch Jackson and Ben G... I also made sure to reach and touch Jerad aka Mohawtie and Ben J.

So while I'm standing there in the like 40 seconds it's gonna take to get my picture taken Ben G says to me "Want to trade shirts?" After the pic I look from his face to his shirt back to his face and say "Sure!" He laughed so I said "No really, I'll trade you right now." He says to me "No, my bark is worse than my bite." GAH!!! What is that supposed to mean??? I'd rather take the bite anyway ;)

Then as I'm walking away I tell them that if Uncle Larry can't make it because he's sick to tell him that we missed him at the show. Jackson says "Of course." Yep so I talked to him too. At least I kept my head and didn't say anything really stupid. Well Uncle Larry came through and played with the band even though he was sick! It just wouldn't have been the same without him, so I'm glad he was feeling well enough to preform.

Before the pictures Jackson, Jerad, Ben G and Ben J all sang .38 Special (my favorite!) after the pics there were three opening acts.

New Hallow

Tin Tin Can

Kissing Club

Then 100 Monkeys finally took the stage and they rocked the place!! Now I will let you bask in some of the pictures I took...
Singing .38 Special

Here are the "after the opening act" pics!

I think this was the best pic I took all night!

You can find the rest of my pics at my FB
and Photobucket the password for the album is Chicago

During the Thank You song, Jackson gets down and starts shaking hands/high fiving(real word?) the people in the front row... I. Was. One. Of. Them. He also leaned off the edge of the stage and grabbed my hand earlier in the night.. okay okay so I was the grabby one jeeze give a girl a break ;)

After the concert was over UtterlyAbsurdBella, hisbella, and I were in the lobby of HoB where Ben J was talking with some people and hugged a lady (seemed like she could have been family or something IDK) I calmly (sorta) walk up to him and ask for a pic. And that is how I ended my night!

PS: Don't forget to beg 17foreverlisa to tell her story! BellaTesoro too!!!

UPDATE: My videos are now up on youtube!


  1. Sooo jealous. Glad you had such a great time. Thanks for sharing your story so quick too. Great pics!! Hugs!!!

  2. OMG K!!!! I haven't even uploaded my pics onto the computer!!!! LOL You have some mad blogging skillz! Love ya girl! That was an amazing time!!! See you girls later today!

  3. Rathgasm alert! Awesome time, can't wait till I see them xx

  4. Amazing time with amazing people! Thanks for letting me tag along! Rathbone? Soooooo much better in person! NOM NOM NOM!!!

  5. I'm STUNNED you have this post up already!

    I think Ben likes hot pink-he's worn it before I'm sure! Sounds like an awesome time!

  6. I don't blame him. I love ur shirt!

    Glad u had fun. Can't wait to hear all the stories and see all the pics.

    Did Tesoro get any treasures this time? ;)

  7. You so should have traded shirts with your new boyfriend. Because then you would have had Ben's freaking shirt! How many girls can say that?!?! I think you should send me your shirt and I'll give it to Ben when I see them in August. Deal? Deal.

    Still squeeing for you all... sounds like SUCH a fun night! All of your tweets made me so happy! And a little jealous. :)

  8. @DD- I had a blast and had to get my story out quickly before I forgot all the little details lol *hugs*

    @UAB- Get to it... I need to see more of your pics. Love you see ya later today :)

    @TK50- Rathgasm overload!!! You are going to have such a great time seeing them. I can't wait to hear about it!

    @hb- great night with great friends and some new ones too NOM NOM NOM... glad we didn't have to cut a bitch ;)

    @TT- Ben's shoes were pink last night... black and pink (tiger?) striped high tops.. HOT! I love me some Mohawtie too ;) Still swooning over that pic??

    @Robzie- We definitely wished you were there last night! Tesoro has mucho treasures to share!

    @J- I really tried... I even told Ben J when we were taking that last pic that I would give it to him. Seriously I tried!! I SHOULD send you my shirt... I just don't want to be a creepy stalker. Really don't need to scare the new bf off so fast lol. It was so hard to tweet while holding my margarita but I did it :)

  9. AWESOME! So loved that you had a great time and good for you for gettin getting pic with Ben J, I think he often feels left out. He's very sweet.


    Thanks for sharing!

    xo J

  10. I don't think your new boyfriend would think you're a creepy stalker. He knows you'd never do that to him. Seriously, I'm going to buy a pink sparkly tank top for him if you don't send it and tell him "my friend told me that you wanted her shirt. So I bought you your own. BTW how is your relationship with her going?" or something along those lines.

  11. @TwiredJen- he was so nice about taking the pic.. I wonder if that's the reason he was comfortable just hanging out in the lobby... I'm fairly certain the people he was talking to were his family so I didn't want to impose but he couldn't have been nicer about taking the pic

    @Jamie- Your offer is really tempting.... I'm seriously considering it. When you talk to Ben let him know I'm upset he doesn't visit often enough ;)

  12. Seriously consider it!! You have a little over a month to decide. :) I would totally do it, no joke.

    I will tell him to come visit. I know he's busy on tour but that's no excuse :)

  13. I'm so happy you had a good time! I love those Monkey men and they have put on an amazing show each time. So, it looks like @Jaymes805 and I will be wearing the same thing (although I'm sure she will be more smokin' hot than I'll be), lol!

  14. Seriously? I didn't already comment on this post?

    Well, it was great reliving it all just now while reading it, Kassie. What a night. I seriously have been listening to 100 Monkeys in my car 24/7. I can't stop thinking about them. Wish California wasn't so far away. Those girls have all the luck getting to see them multiple times.

    You know I love your "best pic of the night." Jackson is too sexy for his own good.


    PS: Your boyfriend is cute, too ;)


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