Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Funnies

I found a bunch of these while trolling Google Images a week or two ago!
Credit to whoever made them!
Happy Halloween!!!!
there are no words for this abomination!!!!!


Jacob?  Is that you???

I had to include this because I think that Robward looks like
Count Chocula in the part of Twilight where he says
"It's like a human living on tofu...."
Go back and watch it.....see if you don't agree with me! LMAO!

I think Rob and Nikki forgot their trick or treat bags!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

We Have A Winner!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who commented on Monday's post!
We really appreciate your heartfelt blogiversary wishes!!!!
You girls are awesome!

Okay, Okay!!!!  I know you want to know the winner
of the New Moon Trinket Box!

The winner is........
drumroll please................

My Photo
I put all the names on index cards in a bag and then had my 6 year old pick the winner! :)
Congratulations Cat!
Email me your address so I can get that out to you!

Don't can still get in on the Edward and Bella Wall Scroll Giveaway!

All you need to do in comment on Thursday's post.
We'll announce the winner on Monday!

And finally, to wrap up this fun-filled Blogiversary Week,
I made this video highlighting some of the best friend
moments in the last year!  
I think the song could not be more appropriate!

Thanks again to everyone who helped us celebrate this week with you wonderful comments and good wishes!  Here's to another bloggy year!!!!! Cheers!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Par-tay Time and Giveaway #2!!!!!!

So what are your plans for the DVD release of 
Eclipse on December 4th?
Do you  have a big party planned or just hanging at home with a bottle of wine and  little Robward?
Tell us in the comments what your plans are 
and you could win........

This Edward and Bella wall scroll!!!!
All you have to do is leave a comment in this post for a chance to win!
(we'll pick a winner Monday)
Plus, Kassie and I just might crash your party!!!!
Just kidding! LOL

But seriously, 

That is one of the things I love about being a Twilight Junkie......the parties!
I love to plan 'em,  I love to throw 'em!
Here are a couple of blast posts from our past
 Twilight Parties......

Of course the planning for the Eclipse party is well under way.
We've had to have a change of location as the hubward is being less than cooperative.
Grrrrr.......I'm sure many of you can relate to my dilemma.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time to Relive the Awesomeness that is Oprah!!!

Hey ladies.... to celebrate Twilight Junkies Anonymous one year anniversary let's take a look at our posts that relive the epic awesomeness that were our Oprah adventures.

I have actually been been blessed by Oprah twice this year.  Back in November I was lucky enough to get the call from the Oprah show to attend the Stephenie Meyer interview show.

Stephenie Meyer Oprah Show Posts......

Kristen Caught Me On Screen!

Oprah Eclipse Show Posts......

Marie asked me to blog with her on a permanent basis after we had been to Oprah and I wrote a letter to Rob that she so wonderfully posted for me, so check it out, it could be considered technically my first official post. Thank you Marie for asking me to blog with you here, it has been a wonderful 6ish months seems like a blissful lifetime.

Don't forget to check out our  1st Blogiversary Post !

  You can win a 

New Moon Trinket Box

by leaving a comment on Monday's post!

Good Luck!

Giveaway #2 will be in our Thursday post!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tribute to Our Friends

It's Day 2 of our week long celebration of 
Twilight Junkies Anonymous's 
One Year Blogiversary
and today we our honoring 
all of the amazing friends we've made
online and in RL over this past year!

I have to start with the ladies that inspired us and many others to start their own blogs

JJ and STY at Twitarded
I know JJ and STY hear that a lot, but it's totally true!  
It was after I started following Twitarded that I thought 
I would like to give this blogging thing a try!
Thanks ladies!!!!!

Additional Shouts outs.......

17 Forever Lisa                Twired Jen                  Musing Bella                       StarlitViolets

Living With Edward          Lindz and CaroSlickLips              Robzsinger         Mama Cougar

Cat         Tigerlily              TongueTwied              Trixie and Tess           Twi-sted Edbrella

Ashley           Cassie V.             Robicorn              Kyla                Bella D. (Fran)

Thanks to all of you and your blogs for making us laugh, inspiring us, 
and stopping by to comment here at Twilight Junkies Anonymous! 
I know we're forgetting somebody....please don't be offended if we did. 
 It wasn't on purpose! I swear!  I'm so nervous I will.
Just drop us an email and say WTF!!! LOL

We have 84 wonderful followers to thank!
Thanks for joining us in this craziness!  
For supporting us and showing us the love in the comments!


I've also made some friends in RL because of Twilight!
Enter Kassie!
Kassie and I met when our mutual friend Kristen (see below)
introduced us at my New Moon party in March.
We hit it off totally, and realized that we were on the same page in every way!
She writes hilarious freakin' posts, she's supportive......she's my bloggy other half! LOL


I actually have known Kristen a bit longer than I've had this blog, but I had to give her a shout out because she is the one who got the call from Oprah's show
and asked Kassie and I to go see the Precious with her.
She's always game for any type of Twilight-related fuckery and is a damn good friend!!!
She has totally made this year special for us!!!!!  Mwah!


Kassie and I were lucky enough to meet some of our bloggy buddies in person this year too!
17 Forever Lisa and Mama Cougar made the trek on up here to Chicago
to go see Eclipse with us in IMAX!!!!!
We definitely need to get together with these amazing chicks again,
this time with adult beverages, minus kids! LOL


We've gotten know so many wonderful Twilight Junkies over the past year through our posts on Twilight Junkie Tuesday!  
Thanks to all of you who have participated and shared your obsession with us.  


I just wanted to acknowledge what I think we all know.  That Twilight is bringing amazing women together to bond over something that we all love and can relate to on some level.
Thanks for being such good friends!!!!!

If you missed yesterday's 1st Blogiversary Post then make sure you get over there!  You can win
New Moon Trinket Box
by leaving a comment on Monday's post!
Good Luck!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our One Year Blogiversary and Giveaway #1

It's Our One Year Blogiversary!!!!
I cannot believe that it has been a whole year 
since I started this blog!
My first official post was on 
October 25, 2009.
(which also happens to be my older son's birthday - Happy 14th Birthday Jake)
My first real post wasn't anything phenomenal......
maybe a bit funny!
It was something about a picture of Rob where he appears to be grabbing his crotch....IDK! LOL

Feel free to check it out here :
First Real Post

So since that first post wasn't really anything to celebrate, I thought I would take a page out of Trixie and Tess's book.  A few weeks back Trixie and Tess did a post where they took a look at their top 5 most viewed posts.
You can check out their post here.
  So with their blessing, I thought that it would be a great way to celebrate our blogiversary.

Here is a top 5 countdown of our most viewed posts.

Posted September 8, 2010
139 Page Views
This was one of the many times Rob has taken my breath away over this past year!

Posted August 3, 2010
214 Page Views
17 Forever
Ms. MC comes with her own Fan Club! LOL

Posted June 9, 2010
225 Page Views

Posted October 6, 2010
327 Page Views

And the #1 Most Viewed Post this past year is......
drumroll please.......
Posted May 5, 2010
815 Page Views 
(and still counting!)
Seeing Eclipse the night before the Oprah taping!
Our only camera time on the Oprah Eclipse Show! LOL
Even now, when I check our weekly stats, 
the Oprah post is our #1 post.

In celebration of our One Year Blogiversary,
we are having a little giveway!
How would you like to win this????

Here's what you have to do.
1) Become a follower here on our blog (if you aren't already).
2) Comment on today's post and tell us which one of our top 5 posts from this past year was your favorite.
3) The winner will be chosen at random from the followers that comment on TODAY'S post.

The Winner of the New Moon trinket box will be announced Friday!!!!!
Good Luck!

Stay tuned.....we will be having a 2nd giveaway later in the week!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Tesoro

The best part of Blogging is the friends we meet through our common interest... Twilight.

Fran is one of those awesome friends we have met though blogging. We are sending a huge Thank You and many big hugs to our friend Fran. Let's list some of the reasons we love you Fran ;)

-You always leave great comments on our posts.
-You send us email's of Twilight things just in case we have missed them, which in all honesty happens a LOT.
-You have a wonderful love affair with EP Edward and are always willing to talk to me about why we love him so much.
-You went out of your way to send us some of the best Twilight gifts EVAH!!!!
Kassie's Goodies From Fran!
Marie's Goodies from Fran!

Marie is really excited that she got far enough in EP finally to get the Toblerone reference! LOL
-You bought things for our Eclipse DVD release party even though you can't actually be there. However you will definitely be in our minds when we are celebrating the release of Eclipse. 
[Note from maybe???]
Yay!  Fran sent us party supplies for the Epic Eclipse DVD Release Party!!!!!!
Fran, from Marie, Kassie and Twilight Junkies Anonymous we are sending you many thanks and virtual hugs. You are a amico meraviglioso*, our tesoro and if we could we would send you EP Edward to tell you in person.

*That was translated by Google translate so I hope it was translated correctly, it's supposed to say wonderful friend

[Note from Marie: Sorry this took me so long to post today....I was totally wrapped up in EP!!!!!  I know you guys are proud of me! LOL]

Ask Edward

Twilight Playlist

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EP Read-Along with TJA

Mafiaward's h00rs......

TheOnlyMrs(Kassie) Cullen
UtterlyAbsurd Bella
17Forever Lisa
Z Any Mouse
Jen (PE's Ho)
Sara D.