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Twilight Junkie Tuesday Featuring.....Cassie V.

I'm really digging everyone's responses!  This week we are getting to know Cassie V. a little bit better. Make sure you give her a shout out in the comments!

Q. What got you into Twilight?
A. I was in tenth grade Biology when I looked to my right and I saw my friend, Angel, reading a large book. She seemed intent on finishing it and the title caught my attention. I had heard of Twilight before, but I was never set on reading it. Angel put down the masterpiece and looked at me. She had just finished reading it right there in class. She then said to me, "Cassie, you have to read this book. It is SOOO good. And by SOOO good, I mean, like, amazing." So, she kindly let me borrow it. I went home and read for hours. I nearly devoured the whole thing in one sitting, but sadly I had homework. Luckily, I got sick the next day. That meant I could stay home and read! My eyes burned due to the fact I hadn't blinked since page 200. Eyes wide, heart racing, I shut the book. An obsession was born.

Q. Do your family and friends know how deep your twi-obsession goes (be specific about what your obsession is, how do you hide it, or how do you advertise it)
A. My mom shares the same obsession. She's Team Edward and I'm Team Jacob! My best friend is a Fanpire, as well. I'm surrounded by Twilight Junkies and I would never hide that I'm a GIANT fan. I'm proud to be a part of this world. My room is filled with posters, I go on a lot just so I can fulfill some fantasies of meeting the beautiful people that brought my favorite characters to life. I go to every convention I can and I'm not afraid to
admit it! =]

Q. Are you team edward, team jacob, team (fill in the blank)? Why, is it because of the character or the person that plays them in the movie?
A. While I read Twilight, I had no choice other than to be Team Edward. Jacob was barely in it, so I fell in love with the sparkly vampire. As I continued the Saga, though, I was drawn more and more to Jacob. I just felt that Jacob's love was more realistic. I heard once that love is friendship set on fire, so I thought Jake was better for Bella. They connected first through friendship and I thought that was really cool. I can relate to that.
Q. Which Twilight book is your favorite and why?
A. My favorite book in the series would probably be New Moon. Yep. It's definitely New Moon. It had more of Jacob's character development and I saw an incredible chemistry between him and Bella. It brought Bella and Jake closer together. Also,the book showed how intense Bella's love is for Edward. She would do anything just to be with him. Or near him. And I find that kind of inspiring.

Q. If you read fanfic and your willing to admit it which is your favorite story?
A. I don't actually go and read fanfiction. I bet it's amazing, though. It's a way for fans to incorporate themselves into the stories. That's neat. =]

Q. If you ever met your favorite Twilight star how would you react? What would you do or say.
 The day I met Taylor, Edi and Rachelle (11/14/08) | That's the card that I used to get into the signing! 389 BABY! | Classy Cassie
A. I have met quite a few of the actor's involved in the Twilight Saga. On November 14, 2008,(Mall of America, MN) I met Edi Gathegi (1st time out of 3), Rachelle Lefevre, and....TAYLOR LAUTNER! Hot dang. =]] I've been in love with Taylor since I was about 13 years old. The stars were so nice. It's hard to be nervous around them. I remember Edi always cracking jokes and Rachelle gave out so many compliments. Taylor was shaking everybody's hand even though the people managing the event said that nobody could touch the celebrities. The day I met Taylor, Edi and Rachelle (11/14/08) | MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PICTURE!!! | Classy Cassie I
It was probably the best day of my life. My mom took me and my friends out of school just so we could wait in a 2 hour long line. It was freezing and it was early in the morning, but it was SOO worth it because Taylor touched my right hand! (If you would like to watch the LOUD video from that day, go to my YouTube channel -- topazeyes22

)The day I met Taylor, Edi and Rachelle (11/14/08) | Twilight poster..signed by: Rachelle Lefevre, Taylor Lautner and Edi Gathegi ;) | Classy Cassie

My signed poster. It's backwards...haha. I don't know why, but the top right is Edi's signature. Top left is Rachelle's. Botton right is Taylor's. Edi personalized it when he put my name on it. None of my friends got their posters personalized, so I felt pretty special. That's not my only encounter with the stars, though. I went to Twitour '09 where I met Edi for a 2nd time, Bronson Pelletier, Chaske Spencer, Gil Birmingham, and Christian Serratos.

That's Bronson and myself. It looks terrible because I took a picture of the actual picture on my cell phone. And here are some more photos from that day
Also, on November 11, 2009, I went to the Mall of America again to meet Edi for a 3rd time and Jamie Campbell Bower. I got a VIP package, so I got a picture with both guys. I think Edi and I should stop meeting like this! Haha. I would post a picture of me and the guys, but it didn't upload correctly like my friend Ellie's did, so I'll post hers. (Blurry =[)

Edi has always been awesome, but this was my first time meeting Jamie. I remember walking into the curtained area, reaady for my photo op and the woman took my purse to hold so I didn't have it in the picture...I said, "Cool beans! That's convenient." Then I walked towards the two attractive men and they greeted me with handshakes. We took a few pictures and then I asked them for hugs. Jamie said and I quote "Of course, love" in his sexy British accent. Edi didn't need to say anything because he just pulled me in for a tight hug. They were so sweet. So, as I was saying my goodbyes to them, I grabbed my purse and Jamie yelled after me "Cool beans!". It was cute. I smiled. Haha. xD Those have been my encounters so far, but in September, I'm going to Twitour 2010 and Kellan Lutz should be there along with Bronson and Kiowa.

Q. If you were to replace any person in Twilight who would you replace them with and why.
A. I woudn't replace anybody. I think they're all brilliant and they need to stick it out through the rest of filming. I was sad Rachelle got replaced and I'd like for that to not happen again.

Q.How many times have you read the Twilight Saga? If you've read it multiple times, what makes you keep rereading? If you've only read it once, why haven't you reread it?????
A. I read Twilight 5 times, New Moon has been read about 4 times, Eclipse was read twice and Breaking Dawn was read 2 times. I like reliving the stories. I picture myself as Bella when I read and it's a lot of fun to imagine.

Q. What is your most precious item in your Twilight collection and why? (share pics if possible)
A. My most precious Twilight item is my signed poster. It's framed and hanging above my bed (picture above).

Q. What is the craziest Twilight related think you've done? (include pics if possible)
A. I haven't done extremely crazy things, but I have waited in several lines, spent a lot of money and I've gotten about 5 different boys to read the saga. Haha. ^_^

Q. What is your favorite song from the Twilight Saga and why?
A. I like Let Me Sign. Rob's voice is so sultry. And the part in which it was playing was perfect, it brought tears to my eyes. I don't know if it's just me, but it is pretty powerful.
Q. Tell us your favorite quote from each book?
A. My friend, Syd, and I make shirts before every midnight premiere and we have our favorite quotes on the back. We didn't have one for Twilight, but I think my favorite quote would be "I didn’t want to get into the safety hazards that dancing presented, so I quickly made new plans." Bella Swan. 
My favorite New Moon Quote is "I'll always be your friend. No matter what you love." Jacob Black.
Favorite Eclipse Quote is "The clouds I can handle, but I can't fight with an eclipse." Jacob Black.
The Breaking Dawn quote is "I’m just here to be your friend. Your best friend, one last time." Jacob Black.
Q.Has Twilight taken over your life? Explain.
A. It has taken over a big part of my life. It brought me closer with my friends and family. I have something in common with a lot of people and it feels good to be a part of such a fandom. <3
Thank you for interviewing me!!! =]]]


  1. I am find that this is a good blog.The article is also very good.

  2. OMG I cant believe you were brought into Twilight through Biology like Edward and Bella. I saw a girl reading it in Psychology it just doesnt sound the same lol

    It must have been so cool to meet so many of the cast members, you saying "cool beans" and getting the reaction you did has inspired me to think of creative things to say if/when I meet a cast member in person.

    Yay Cassie I'm so glad you shared your story with us. So from one Kassie to another Cassie (which is totally different right?? lol) thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks everyone for letting me share! :)) these questions are great!
    (I can't figure out how to post a comment from my account) haha

  4. Thanks for sharing all your encounters, lucky you with a signed poster! My husband is a biology teacher and he got a kick out of Bella/Edward's meeting and now your twi connection with Bio too. He does some cool power points and includes the bio scene and many others to get his students motivate, it works too. Hey, you should showcase your teeshirts, would love to see them.

  5. That's so cool! My Bio teacher was never cool enough to do that. Lol!
    I will definitely gather my two shirts and take pictures of them. New Moon isn't as awesome as the Eclipse shirt, though. Oh my. The Eclipse shirt was very difficult to make. Haha xD


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