Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How Was Your Eclipse Night?

Kassie and I did the Trilogy last night and it was EPIC!!!! I have a wee bit of a Twilight hangover today.  
Just kinda laying around, listening to the Eclipse soundtrack (from a different perspective now that I've seen the movie WITH the music), catching up on all the Eclipse stuff that I have on the DVR and reading Breaking Dawn.  I am one of those people that gets up early no matter what time they go to bed. You would think getting home at 3 a.m. would have earned me the privilege of sleeping in, but my brain has other ideas.  My brain woke me up at 8, and my body groaned, but the brain always wins and I got up.  Probably because my brain wanted to get online and see what everyone else thought of Eclipse.

The big question I've been asked by several people is what differences I noticed in the final cut of Eclipse from the cut we saw for the Oprah show in May.  

Here are the 2 biggest things I noticed.  

The first is obviously the music.  When we saw the movie in May, the final soundtrack had not been added.  During the "leg hitch" scene, there was some really cheezy music playing.  I'm really glad they went with "My Love" by Sia for that scene.  It worked very well. 

The second difference was during the tent scene.  David Slade has recently said in an interview that they did reshoot the tent scene and that the final cut in a combination of the original and second shoot mixed in together.  I did notice in the final cut that right after Jacob gets into the sleeping bag with Bella, he pulls her to his bare chest and kind of cradles her.  They even show a close up of Bella's face in Jacob's chest.  In the cut we saw in May, that was not in there.  It was basically Bella laying there facing away from Jacob the whole time.  

Everything else was the same as far as I can tell.  (note to Kassie - jump in if you remember any other differences)

Here are some pics from last night's Eclipse Trilogy festivities.

Getting ready to go - 
SuperSize Purse  √
Map to theater  √
Twizzlers √
Hershey's w/Almonds √
Pocket Edward √
The other 5 chicks that were brave enough to endure the sore tailbones and buttcheeks, to watch all three movies with me!

Jessica (cousin) Eileen (cousin) Kassie, Kelly (Kassie's sis) Becky (sister-in-law)
 In order to get me into the picture, I set the camera up on my back wiper.  Meh - just looks like we were drunk when we took it! LOL


Jessica (who is very shy)
The next few pics were taken during the total of maybe 5 minutes that we had to stand in line.  The theater was really cool and let us get our seats nice and early, so we could get comfy for our Edward love fest.
Me and Kassie

Kassie and Kelly

Me and Kassie
We spent the rest of the time waiting in our seats fooling around with Mini-E
Kelly and Kassie
 The seat saving was cutthroat!  It was like the episode of Seinfeld where Elaine is trying to save all the seats in the theater!
Edward saving my seat.

Eileen and Me

Eileen's'll have to ask her

Thirsty Edward

Hungry Edward


Leen and Edward
Some nice chicks behind us took a group shot for us.
Becky, Me, Eileen, Kassie, Jessica, Kelly

I thought our theater was very well behaved and the majority mature women - not too many teens for the trilogy.  A few dudes - one a@#hole.  The people from the theater had some Eclipse shirts to giveaway before Twilight started, but they really did not seem to have a plan for how to give them away.  So it got a little chaotic for a bit there.  Otherwise, it was great. The teens were actually the ones that were waiting in lines outside our theater waiting for the Midnight showing of Eclipse.  Is it mean that I wanted to stick my tongue out at them on my way to the bathroom and say "HaHa - I'm watching New Moon right now"  Very mature, right? LOL

If you did the trilogy,would you do it again?  We talked about this on the ride home, and we would totally do it again for Breaking Dawn - and that is adding another 2 hour movie!  BUT, here is our list of things to remember for next time.

1) Wear p.j.'s - or at least pj bottoms with a Twilight shirt
2) Bring a cozy Edward throw blanket to snuggle with
3) Bring a pillow, or other soft item to sit on....your butt does start to hurt after a while! LOL
4) Drink water instead of pop. I started getting a little jittery when Eclipse started because I was so tired and had too much caffeine.

So, whadja think??? Did you see it yet??? Did you do the Trilogy?  Or did you opt to just hit the Eclipse showing at midnight?  Let's hear from you in the comments! :)


  1. OMG I had soooo much fun. I was a little surprised that the movie was almost exactly like the rough cut we saw. The only thing I noticed that was different about the movie or specifically the tent scene was the way it was cut together. When we saw it the first time Bella was facing Edward without Jakes arms around her.. but now Jake has his arms around her and she is facing him, but then she is facing Edward.. it was like she was flip flopping around, a continuity error is my guess and I'm fairly certain I'm right. I am very picky with the little things, just a bit OCD. But, I wont hold that against them lol! I also dont like the fight scene, I mean I love the idea and I love that its intense and all.. but you can't see a damn thing because it is a jumbled mess. *Sigh* ok I'm done tearing it apart.. for now.

    I love the sound track but I could do a movie with our without the background music but they've gotta make there money some how.

    I loved spending Eclipse with Pocket Edward in my lap.. although he kept getting frisky but I didnt mind.

    How many days till Breaking Dawn???

  2. Sounds like you all had fun. Did you enjoy Eclipse as much or better the second time around? It seems as if watching the trilogy caused a little discomfort for the main attraction. I'm still waiting to see it for the first time but wonder since I know so much about it if I'll be let down, na, doubt that will happen.
    Loved mini-E pics having him with you was a good idea.

  3. great fun!!! thanks for sharing!

    ummm, Weenieward? LMAO!!!

    I had my blankie. I'm so used to watching Twilight all cozy and snuggled up (unless I'm ironing) that I wanted to bring that part with me! Plus I knew that theater would be cold and it SOOOOO was!

    I would love to see Twilight big screen again so if that means starting out in the theater at 4 pm and going to the end of BD I guess I'm there. But who knows if they will do that. Even if they don't I bet they will resume for BD II and show both of those. I'm so glad we have 2 more to look forward to rather than just one. I'm not ready for it to end.

    I saw the Stephenie interview about changing jacob and bella in the sleeping bag. She said it needed to be that way. I dunno I was trying to catch my breath from Rob during those parts. He looked adorable in the tent.

    No wonder Bella was cold. That was NOT a winter coat she was wearing. I wear a heavier coat than she had in 60 degree weather!

  4. Weenieward! I love it!!!!!

    Our theater was soooo not cold....I think they were trying to sweat us out of there! LOL

    Getting ready to go see Eclipse in IMAX tomorrow with Kassie, 17Forever Lisa, Mama Cougar, my sis, 2 of my kids and a few other peeps. Should be a blast! We will definitely post pics!

  5. I posted pictures of my girls at our Eclpise night. We are already planning our DVD party. My mother has an awesome beautiful back yard. We are going to watch the movie projected outside on her wall. Won't it be fun to watch it outside? We are going to decorate it with our Christmas trees and put up a small tent as decoration. haha.

  6. I had never seen the first 2 movies on a big screen (obviously I am new to the whole Twilight thing), so I bought tickets for the trilogy. I got to the theater an hour early and discovered I was the ONLY one who had tickets to see Twilight & New Moon. 200 folks had tickets to Eclipse. It was odd, but rather nice to see the films by myself. The theater staff were really nice -- I'm middle aged and they could have sniggered behind my back, but I don't think they did.

    I loved seeing Twilight & NM. What I noticed that is different from the DVD's is the sound. I thought it would be the visual, but that was familiar (I've seen the DVD's 10+ times each), but there was all sorts of new stuff to hear.

    I liked Eclipse. I really like the book a lot so there was a bit of disappointment that the movie can't be as complete as the books. But it won't keep me from seeing it again and I think I will like it better the second time. I was tired by the time it came on and my butt did hurt. I wanted Jasper's and Rosalie's back stories to be longer. I really wanted the Cullen's hair to be better(except Edward who looked great) -- honestly I hated the wigs. They can't hire good wig-makers? Maybe seeing it a second time these things won't bother me. Hope you don't mind these comments. I truly love the series, the characters and the actors. I'm a closet Twilight fan, so thanks for this forum to tell about my experience!


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