Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Very Twilighty Birthday Today

 My birthday started out very normal, with all the mommy presents......all homemade....all from Matthew.
Pretty good wrapping job for a 6 year old, huh?

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3

Matt not only drew the Beatles, but did their autographs too!  Cute!!!

This is a diorama of a music store that Matt (and I) made for a school project.....he gave it to me for my b/day!

My Hostess Baseball  Cupcake surprise.....It's the American Pastime (it's getting Twilightier!)
  Enter Pocket Edward!!!! My very first!  The one I've been waiting for!!! I'm so glad I waited for Eclipse Edward.  He is gorgeous!!!! Wait until you see his backside!!!!!
Standing on my dashboard like a Jesus statue! LOL
Look at that ass!!!! They definitely modeled this after Rob to the smallest details!
 Barb tried to get Edward to take it off, but he wasn't having any of that.  We just met!  He is so virtuous!!!

Of course the dashboard thing wasn't working, since he fell every time I put the pedal to the metal.  So we thought Edward would be more comfortable in my purse until our next stop.

 I'm so glad I got picked up Edward first because he promised to buy me some really cool stuff for my birthday.  Our first stop was Hot Topic.....
where he bought me the Eclipse Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition!)
and some bandaids.....can't take any chances!
 Then we had lunch together.....well I had Taco Bell and he just stared lovingly at me with those golden eyes since he doesn't do human food.
 Barb tried to tempt him with a tomato, since it was red, but  he wasn't fooled.

Somewhere along the way, mini-E bought me the umbrella I've been wanting

Back to the car to head home......he really loves how I have my car blinged out!

A quick stop at Walgreens....Edward really wanted me to rent Remember Me - but I reminded him that we already had it at home anytime he wanted to watch it.

 Then it was time to Welcome mini-Edward to his new home......


 He spent some time getting to know his new family.....


 Welcome to your new home mini-E!!!!
 He really enjoyed Matthew's Music Store Diorama

 Getting to know each other better! LOL
 Thanks for the Frappacino!
Sure, I'll share....but I thought you didn't.....never mind. :)
 Relaxing by the pool!
 Getting a little boogie boarding in.
 Yes....Barb loves you too
  Time for my close up?
 Just wanted to show off his superhuman strength by throwing a few trees around.

 Time for some birthday cake.....
 More Burger King toys.....for the boys - a wallet
 For the girls - a ring....

 That opens up to show the prettays face!

One more thing, before I go for the day.  My hubward, who hates my Twilight Obsession, but isn't too bad about it (unlike my oldest son), has been working nights and really didn't have time to get me anything.  But last night while he was bored at work, he made me a card.  It is so freakin' funny, it brought tears to my eyes. I just have to share.  This literally was the icing on my birthday cake!!!!
Front of Card

Inside of card - left

Inside of Card - Right

Back of card

I hope you are laughing your ass off as much as I did when I first read it!!!!!!


  1. Hahaha...that's awesome. I love that you posed him on top of the Palos Park sign. And go Glenn!! HILARIOUS!! Love it!!

  2. Oh my God Marie your hubward f'ing rocks! I was literally laughing so hard I was coughing and crying!!!

    Your son is sooo adorable. His gifts are awesome!

    I love the adventure you took Mini-E on today. I can't wait to meet Mini-E, he is coming to Eclipse with us, right??? Both days I hope, I promise not to grope him... too much.

    It looks like you had a really awesome birthday. Happy Birthday... see you Tuesday!!!

  3. OMG that is so cute that your husband made that card. Totally something my s/o would do! And I love the back, my s/o made me a card one time and he did something similar. We're lucky gals!

    Loved all the pics, total birthday win!

    Happy Birthday!!!


  4. @Lynn, Kassie & Jen - Thanks girls! I swear - that card is better than anything he could have bought at the store. Glenn doesn't know I posted it on here....I don't know if he would like that. But is was sooooo funny, I had to share! I knew you chicks would appreciate it!

    I am absolutely bringing Mini-E to Eclipse Tues. and Sat. You can grope if you like....Barb was doing it all day yesterday! LOL He doesn't seem to mind. ;)

  5. Marie Happy Birthday! Looks to me you got everthing anyone of us would want,and Edward as the "cherry" on top. I think you should have a weekly episode with mini E as the star. Even Mini E at the supermarket will be entertaining to watch.Need to go buy one of my own for the classroom!I can picture it now, Mini E introduces long division! Loved that you shared your birthday memories with us.

  6. Happy Birthday! I got an Edward Cullen barbie from my hubby for my bday this year. Is the pocket Edward different?

  7. Happy Birthday!
    I died laughing over that card! Jacob's parents wouldn't give him a ride and the hearing from the lawyers over the blog. LMAO!!!

    It is possible pocket Edward wins over Waxward, though I have not seen either in person.

    The Beatles fit in perfectly to any birthday celebration!

  8. Happy Birthday to you!!

    First I was enjoying all the mini E pics. You know how much I just love a good mini E. I'm enjoying my Eclipse Edward too.

    Then I read your husband's card. LOLOLOL!!! It is so perfect! I love the vampire years line. You're hubby is so creative and funny. He should start his own blog. LOL!


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