Monday, June 7, 2010

MTV Movie Awards

I wish I could have gotten this up sooner but blogger was being an effing beeeeotch. So this is it
Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnddddddddd here it is Twilight sweeps the MTV Movie awards. Was there any doubt. All of us in the Twilight universe have been diligently at work voting our booties off to ensure all our favs won awards last night.The show started with a Les Grossman video package where our two favorite Twilight leading men join forces as “Bad-Ass Cops”. Yummy Rob with a mustache grrrrr sexay NOT. Let’s make sure he does NOT have one of those EVER again.
Need a Light?

Ok now to the awards
Kristen won Best Female Performance- when she got up out of her seat she grabbed Rob's arm and put a hand on his stomach to pass him *does she know how lucky she is?*. Her speech was short and sweet.. exactly what I expect out of her, there was a little more to it then this but the gist of her speech is “I guess ‘Twilight” is really awesome, wooo. I’m gonna peace out”

No repeat of last year... Kristen didn't hold any award all night

Anna Kendrick won Best Break Out Star- her speech was also short and sweet… she did say she is not cool enough to win an MTV movie award, I disagree (sure she won for Up in the Air: she is still part of the Twi family)

Ditty hugged her when she got up there and wouldnt let go lol

Kristen and Rob won for Best Kiss- first she trips on the way to the stage and grabs Rob for support, not the first time of the night, they did a coy little should we shouldn’t we kiss. They sort of kissed. It was actually quite funny.

This pic is my favorite

Rob of course won for Best Male Performance and the new-ish award Global Superstar(wtf is that!?! meh who cares Rob won that’s all that really matters). He thanked Kristen and she rolled her eyes... adorable much? He is totally grabbing those popcorn statues like uh nevermind.

Sorry Rob, Taylor should have gotten Best Male Performance

he was in the movie way more, but we love ya baby so you got our votes!

Best Movie- New Moon duh was there any doubt? Peter Facinelli accepted on behalf of the cast and he had mentioned all the fbombs that happened during the show and he continued by fbombing his whole speech… here in Chicago he did not always get bleeped… I was LMAO the whole speech. He thanked Chris Weitz, Catherine Hardwicke, Stephanie Meyer, and Justin Bieber!?! Uh yeah he did.

Where are Kellan and Ashley? WHERE!?!

Ok my take on their clothes:

Rob-WFE wants their wardrobe back, Kristen-loved the shoes and the dress was a perfect fit for an MTV awards show, Anna- Pretty Pretty Pretty, Nikki- Beautiful as always (me=jealous), Elizabeth- nonono maybe if the bottom was a skirt it would have been good, Taylor- not digging blue leather, Jackson- NOOOOOOOOOOO horrible choice dude, Peter and the rest of the guys looked great in their suits.

Well that’s my wrap up of the show… If you haven’t watched it, what are you waiting for? MTV and YouTube await.


  1. Ok so you did a much better job of filtering on this post. I seriously was so keyed up last night and this morning that I knew no matter what happened, I wouldn't make any kind of sense. I considered doing a video, but thought it would be worse...lmao! Well done!
    xo J

  2. Great post K!!!!! My sis and I watched most of it together, and we were giddy the whole time. It got worse when Rob came on screen. We were giddy and panting!!! My husband lasted about, hmmmm, 15 minutes - maybe. Then he went up to our room to watch TV. He just couldn't take the Rob-love! LOL

    One thing I noticed was when Kristen went up for her award, she set in on the stage! LOL Just did not want to drop that one I guess.

    Kristen definitely seemed more perky last night than usual. It was like she psyched herself up to get up there and give that little speech. Don't get me wrong....she was still spluttering a bit, but definitely not as bad.

    Rob...."thanks to my parents for conceiving me" ????????? is why I love this man. He comes up with the kookiest shit. My daughter, who is 9, is like - Mom, what does that mean? LOL

    Great show! Loved all of it! Peter - you effing rock!

  3. Thanks girls
    That was probably one of the best MTV movie awards I have seen in years and I am really glad we got all of these great things out of the show.
    @Marie-I said I cant wait for him to win bc of all the crazy shit he would come up with in his speech and I was not disappointed :)

  4. i said the same thing about taylor winning best male performance in my post!
    and blogger was a biotch today.


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