Friday, July 2, 2010

Calling All Robsten fans!

Hey Robsten fans

I hope you will be happy with stopping by today.

So I was just watching Kristen on the George Lopez show from two/three nights ago (Wednesday to be exact). I missed it the first time around (I honestly didn't know she was on and I watched PFach on Jimmy Kimmel instead), so I got myself caught up by watching her interview online.

So why am I calling Robsten fans??? Well... because during Kristen's interview she was telling George all about her animals. He must know a lot about her considering her dad works on the show. Kristen was talking about her cat, his name is Max but she calls him Jella (I hope I heard and am spelling it right), her cat is from the Bengal family. During her interview with David Letterman (God he was such a Jackass) she talked about her pet wolf.

What does this have to do with Robsten? GET TO IT ALREADY, right!?!... Well if you watch the video just after the 4:00 mark she says that people don't understand why she has these animals that are wild and in a very British sounding accent she says "You've got wild animals, what is wrong with you?" So watch it and let me know what you think. Does this mean that Rob has been to her house and met these animals??? Do you think this means, if its true, that he is possibly afraid of them??? Hmmmm Hmmmm.. and if it is true could this mean that he spends mucho time at her house; which leads ME to believe they are together. Its not like she tried to do a Taylor Lautner accent, or a PFach accent or any of the other cast for that matter. She also talked about cooking for 'some' of the cast.

By the way.. even if you are not interested in Robsten *whispers I'm new to this whole Robsten thing and don't know how I really feel about it* watch Kristen's interview with George, she seems quite relaxed and is funny too. This is probably one of the best interviews she has done... besides getting a few digs into David Letterman during her interview with him (which makes me like her even more).

To watch the video go here:

PS: George Lopez did a whole week of Twilight guests and they all showed off hidden talents they have. Kristen juggled, Peter played La Bamba on the guitar and sang a little, Julia Jones threw a football at Rob (a FSE to be exact), BooBoo did martial arts, Charlie Bewley threw a rugby ball at Rob (also a FSE), Elizabeth danced, and Billy Burke did a tooth pick bar trick. I suggest watching all their interviews and hidden talents.


  1. It's so funny that you posted this because I seriously just watched this on the DVR like a half hour ago! I AM TOTALLY a ROBSTEN fan, and all I kept thinking about when she was talking about cooking for everyone was, ROB,ROB,ROB!!!!I didn't catch the accent....I'll have to go back and watch it again. I can totally hear Rob saying that though, and him thinking she is crazy to have those animals at her house. LOL

  2. OMG I just saw Kristen's interview on Regis and Kelly... looks like we are headed to New Orleans. Oh and it looks like Isle Esme/the honeymoon is going to be filmed in Mexico.

  3. I am ROBSTEN fan so this intrigued me. I went back listening for the Brit accent, can't say that's what she was trying for though, but it was cute and I imagine Rob wouldn't like them because they're more wolf-like than vampire-like,lol. He must be getting used to wild animals as he's surrounded by them on set for Water for Elephants. I do agree that Rob was among those she's cooking for, and not only for group dinners, just sayin.

  4. I thought the same exact thing. Considering ROBSTEN is in the title of your post, I'm not sure how I'm just now seeing this...I have Robsten radar ya know!

    Anyhoo I agree with you 100% & I 125% think they are together. Friends don't hold hands and act the way they do. It's sooo obvious I think you'd have to be blind not to see it. Now with Wyck Godfrey saying he hopes they don't break up before BD & David Slade talking about them...HELLLOOOOO PEOPLE! Robsten exists!

    XO J


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