Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Amazing, Epic, Eclipse Saturday With 17 Forever Lisa and Mama Cougar

Hey all you Twilight Junkies!  Did you have a good 4th of July weekend???  Kassie and I did because we had an Amazing, Epic, Eclipse Saturday, thrown in there.  We are really excited to share the awesome time we had meeting some of our Bloggy Buddies, the amazing 17 Forever Lisa and Mama Cougar!!!!!

We decided to get a bunch of Twi-Junkies together to go see Eclipse in IMAX.  I invited Lisa to join us.  I realize she is like 3 hours away, but I figured, hey, at least we are in the same state! LOL  She accepted my invitation (YAY!!!!) and to my delight, said she was bringing another one of our awesome bloggy buddies, Mama Cougar!  I've seen what these two fab chicks get up to when they are together, so I knew it was going to be a great time!  If you don't believe here!

Our little Eclipse outing evolved into something a bit more.  I figured since we had all these Twilight peeps getting together, we might as well chow down and all that.  So we had a pot luck kind of lunch at my house before we went to the movie.  I made some pulled pork, and cheesecake.  Kassie made kick-ass taffy apple salad and brought some spinach dip.  My sister made her potato salad, which is so freaking good, there are no words to describe it.  My sister-in-law brought some sinful brownies.  Kristen brought the chips and cole-slaw. Of course it was all served on Eclipse plates [Kassie's Note: I put the food on Bella's face, needed to keep Robwards face perfect]!!!!

Lisa and Mama Cougar arrived bearing gifts.  Amazing gifts!!!!
 MC brought me a bottle of Vampire Wine, which Mini E is digging!
Lisa brought me FSE!!!!!!!!!!!!
and it is in her signature B/W, which I absolutely LURV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still keep looking at it longingly and can't believe his is mine! LOL
Holy Crow!!!!!  These two girls are amazing!

We took a little time to pose for pics with my sister's FSE
Mama Cougar, FSE, Lisa and Me

I wonder where their hands are???? LOL
And with my new FSE!
Mama Cougar, Kassie, Me and Lisa

 We had lunch and were joined by.....
My sis-in-law Becky,  sister/BFF Barb and Niece Robyn

Robyn, Niece Layla and Kassie Cullen

Kristen and her brave boyfriend Sean
MC and Lisa enjoying lunch
My daughter Lauren, Niece Layla, Sis Barb, Niece Robyn, and Kassie Cullen
After lunch, Fun-Size Edward started proposing......

Fun-size Edward proposing to Mama Cougar!
(Note to Mr. MC - Look out, I think she might say yes!!!) 

Kassie and Lisa did their tribute to Fifty Shades
(don't spoil it for me....I'm only on Chapter 40!)[whaaaa.. read faster]
[Lisa and I LOVE our 50!!!]

One last pic of the group before leaving for the theater.....

Once we got to the theater - after a 45 minute caravan - the picture taking fun resumed.  Couple of good  photo ops there!
Mama Cougar and Lisa w/Riley

Kassie Cullen and Isabella Marie Cullen

We all took turns filling in for Bella......
Unfortunately, I'm way to vertically challenged!

Mama Cougar




My kids Matt and Lauren who LOVE Twilight! YAY!!!
Of course I have to mention that seeing Robward on a full blown, 5 story IMAX screen was HOT!!!  The close ups of him in the meadow, the proposal and the tent were SQEEEEEE worthy!  GAH!!!!!
I hope that our wonderful guests had a fantastic time because we sure did!  Big thanks again to Lisa and MC for making their respective drives to come hang with us.  Kassie and I definitely would love to do this again, and maybe have more time to hang and have a few adult beverages [let's get our drink on]!


  1. It looks like you had so much fun! I love that everyone is getting together. I wish I could have been there. I love Lisa and MC covering Jacob in the poster and mini E proposig. Too funny!

  2. Nice to see all the fun you had. Was the wine bottle for real or did someone put on a made up label? Just wondering as I'd like to know where to buy a bottle to take to my next twi-party.

  3. Awww fun time! Thanks for sharing!

  4. LOLOL!! Oh, Marie. I still can't believe what blogging has done to me. There were probably 10 pictures of me total in the last 10 years, and now here I am plastered all over the bloggy universe.

    Lunch was awesome, especially your sister's famous potato salad. It was so sweet of you to do that for us.

    Robward five stories high? AMAZING!!!

    We had a great time. Thanks again for the invite and for welcoming both of us into your home and including us in your Eclipse IMAX experience.

    @Kassie - Our 50 pic turned out awesome!!! So stealing it for my archives. Laters, Baby x

  5. @LwE- we did have a blast.. definitely next time you should come. Mini-E is waiting to propose at a moments notice lol.

    @Lisa- It still seems strange to me to have my picture out in the bloggy universe so I know how you feel. And our 50 pic is sooooo freakin awesome... looks like B&W FSE is a little jealous we are hot for Fifty LOL!

  6. Marie - SUCH FUN meeting you and all your friends and that sweet pea of a son, Matt. Tell Barb, that potato salad was an EPIC WIN for my tummy for sure!

    There are truly no words for the IMAX experience. Edward has never been more dazzling. Seriously, did you see Lisa and I in front of you get the wind knocked out of us on more than one occasion?? GAH. Soooooo pretty.

    Thanks so much for inviting us, it's always fun to hang out with people who truly "get" you.



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