Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Twilight Junkie Tuesday Featuring Bella D.

It's Twilight Junkie Tuesday, and this week we are getting to know Bella D.!  I have to tell you that Bella and I have so much in common,  both being teachers.  I love way she has been able to incorporate Twilight into her classroom and use it create learning experiences!  Take it away Bella.....

I'm a fourth grade teacher and I'd heard some of the older kids at school talking about and reading Twilight. I assumed it was a series much like Harry Potter and was glad they found something interesting to read. Last summer while I was sitting in a doctor's waiting room, an attractive, mature woman was sitting across from me reading Twilight, I was curious as to why she'd be reading a young adult book, so I asked if it was interesting. She said, "..this is so interesting I don't want to stop and talk to you..." So I thought I'd give it a shot and see what the fuss was about. I stayed up all that night with my new best friend, Bella Swan! And I haven't been the same since!

My entire family does know how deep an obsession I have with it all. They at first were confused by my new out look on life, I've become so filled with fun and a renewed sense of Joy, silly right? But the evidence was there for all of them to see. I seemed lighter somehow, open minded, more interested in what was going on all around me. I didn't want to hide it, I wanted to share my love for this saga so that everyone I knew would be filled with the same feeling I had. I had to hold back at times, because some of my friends and family thought I'd gone crazy, it was like I was trying to convert them into a religion, but I just wanted them to get as addicted as I was, I wanted to share and connect with the people I cared about. I didn't win everyone over, I have some "stuffy" coworkers who think it's not literary enough, I have a sister who just doesn't get it, so I have to hold back my enthusiasm when I'm with certain people so I don't annoy them with my wanting to always talk Twilight.

I'm a Team Edward, and at first it was all about the character. Edward is as you all know, the perfect man, devoted, humble, adorable,protective, and he's amused by Bella, and of course so handsome. But then I saw the movie and fell even deeper into the Rob/Edward spell. Even though Rob tries to hide some of his character traits, I sense he is very much like Edward in so many ways. There's just something about Edward and Rob that just lures you in, it truly is like falling in love. I remember that lure of true love how it was so strong, strange, and indescribable. Even though I can separate the character Edward and Robert, there's still something oddly compelling about them both. I would only share this with my fellow twi-hards as everyone outside our world would not understand this.

Like a mother asked to pick her favorite child, I just can't pick my favorite book. I love them all equally for their uniqueness, but so far I love New Moon the movie best, I know most people won't agree with me, but I loved how both Bella and Edward were displayed as being more mature having gone through this heartache, and I loved how beautifully filmed it was. Having said that, Eclipse sounds and looks to be much more exciting with a renewed sense of adventure and danger and of course all that romance. So, I image it will be the best so far.

If I ever met my favorite Twilight star Rob, I would reassure him that I can separate him from his character, and that I realize and appreciate his talent, and that although he's adorable, it is his artistic work that brought Edward to life for us all, and that I hope he will treat this role with the respect it deserves and not worry about whether it will define him as an artist, it's obvious he will go beyond Edward and continue on his artistic path.

I wouldn't replace anyone in the twilight world. They are like a family, some stronger than others but all of them beloved.

I've read each of the books three times, working on four as we speak. Can't help it, I need to visit with this characters every so often.

I have so many Twilight items people have given me, some to thank me for getting them into this delicious world. I've gotten thank you notes that would make you cry they are so sweet with appreciation. My husband bought me most of the items, and my 21 year old son gave me an Edward pillow case "so I can sleep with Edward"

The craziest thing I've done is to decorate the teacher's bathroom with posters and life size Edward, or maybe the craziest is having a "self-selected" reading group of fourth graders all reading Twilight, or maybe having my student teachers addicted that they created a math lesson with team Edward/Jacob as a math data lesson, or when my students gave me a surprise birthday party with Twilight as a theme, cake and all. I'll try to download pictures of these. (Note from Marie: I really wish I could do this at my school!!!!)

It's hard to pick a favorite song, I love most of them, but I love Let Me Sign and Never Think because Rob sang them and they went nicely with the scenes, but I loved Flightless Bird,American Mouth too!

My favorite quotes are; Twilight;"I may not be human, but I am a man." NM; Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night..." Eclipse;I'll be back so soon..look after my heart-I've left it with you." BD;So, you seduced your all-too-willing husband. That's not a capital offense."

Twilight has taken over my life, in so far as I find myself always referring to it at home, in school etc. it has helped me make connections to my students, new and old friends, it's even made me more patient with my husband who was my original Edward. Twilight has taken over my life in a positive way, I can't wait to go on line and see what's new, who's said what...

As you can tell, this whole new world of twilight has opened me up in ways that seem magical somehow, I know that sounds dramatic, but it's so out of character for me, a 50 something mother, wife, and teacher to become so obsessed with this mythical twilight world. But for something that is based on "make believe" I'm here to say it has positively helped me connect to the real world in a peaceful and fun way.


  1. I've probably said this before, but I love your classroom!!!! It is amazing! I wish I could have all that cool Twi-stuff around in my classroom, but I'm sure someone would complain. Thanks for sharing with us!!!!

  2. dear Bella D., I'd like to come enroll in your 4th grade class. Is that okay? Fourth grade was not my favorite back in the 80s, but it sounds like it has greatly improved!!

    I really enjoyed all of this! The invite was cute!

  3. I love that you are able to incorporate Twilight into your school. I think the books, under all the "make believe", have a good message for kids.

    I love that your son bought you an Edward pillow case so you could sleep with him lol.

    Is it wrong that I want to move into the bathroom at your school?

  4. dear Bella D., fourth grade in the 80s was kind of lame. I would like to take it again and be in your class, please!

    I loved all of this! That new moon cutout of the characters is fabulous! Thank you for sharing your thoughts--all very enjoyable!
    ;) -TT

  5. I really wish I could do that to the bathroom at my school!!!!! I think my principal would approve (*waves to Venus....in case she reads this) but I don't think anyone else would really appreciate it.

  6. Getting ready for my third Eclipse viewing, this time with my twi-teacher friends at the IMAX! Just wanted to thank you for the comments and a special shout out to Marie who so warmly welcomed me into this "delish" community.I'm missing my 4th graders but having so much fun with you all.


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