Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Twilight Junkie Tuesday Featuring.... Robicorn

This weeks Twilight Junkie is.......Robicorn!!!!  You might know her from her amazing FF, but here is a chance to get to know her even better.....

What got you into Twilight?
Well, I hate to admit I saw the movie first – on DVD. And it was my five year old daughter that said she wanted to see it! So, we rented it on demand and I have been in love ever since! I made my husband stop at the book store on his way home from work with New Moon so I could read it right away! I read it in two days, and finished the series within the week! 

Do your family and friends know how deep your twi-obsession goes (be specific about what your obsession is, how do you hide it, or how do you advertise it)
My family knows, my friends now, it is no secret! I started nursing school and attempted to hide it but it was impossible! I can't go very long without talking about it, or associating something with it! So even my classmates say things to me about it like “Oh you must me excited! I saw that new Twilight movie is coming out!”

I am was so lucky to meet a group of ladies that loves Twi as much as me! And they have become great friends! We email in a thread everyday! And I can get up to a hundred emails a day! We do fun things together like go see 100 Monkeys, Bobby Long, and anything else remotely related to Twilight/Rob.

My Obsession from Twilight has lead to a massive and probably unhealthy crush on Rob. And it may or may not have effected my marriage! I have his picture hanging, the calendars, magnets on my fridge, and a facebook page dedicated to Robporn, just so I don't embarrass my husband with all the Rob related things I share/get tagged in. 

Are you Team Edward, Team Jacob, team (fill in the blank)? Why, is it because of the character or the person that plays them in the movie?
Team Edward. Hands down. I never fell in love with Jake in the books. I have what I call “Jake Hate.” It has always been Edward and I found Jake annoying. I was screaming at him while reading the books, “GIVE IT UP! She is never gonna pick you over Edward!” It was like he was torturing himself.

Rob bringing Edward to life was a definite plus! I mean that smirk is just PERFECT! His facial expressions everything is so spot on, and he is so freaking beautiful.

Which Twilight book is your favorite and why?
Eclipse. I love it. I love how “protective” Edward is. I love the way he threatens Jake. I love the leg hitch. I love how Charlie has the “talk” with Bella, and Edward knew it! The tent scene. I love how Edward just wants her to be happy no matter what. How he fights for her, but does it in a selfless way. Like “I want you, but if he makes you happier, I'm not going to deny you that.” That just makes me love him ten times more!

If you read fanfic and your willing to admit it which is your favorite story?
I spent most of my time before starting school reading Fanfic. It's so addictive. I do only read fanfics where they are all human. My favorite story, I have to go with the amazing AG and say Wide Awake. Some of my other faves are: Emancipation Proclamation, Clipped Wings and Inked Armor, The Office, Mutually Assured Destruction, Mr. Horrible, Art After 5, and Age of Consent.
I will go further to pimp out Age of Consent by littleSecert84 – Edward 26 Bella 16 – read it. You won't be disappointed. 

Which person would you most likely still be into if they were not involved in Twilight; explain why.
Rob! Lets just move on from the fact that he is breath taking. Did you see Remember Me? The Harry Potter he is in is the only one I like! And really not only because of him – but I really do think he makes it so much better! And you have heard him sing?

How adorkable is he? He is so genuine and just likable. He really was made to be a star. And trust me – I can pick them!

I remember being twelve years old and hanging gazillion posters of Leo DiCaprio on my walls and everyone telling me”He is just a flash in the pan,” and to this day when they talk about him – I point out - “Flash in the pan, right. Sure he was.” Rob is going to be the next DiCaprio. Mark my words. 

If you ever met your favorite Twilight star how would you react? What would you do or say.
Meeting Rob...I would possibly cry. That is exactly what I did when I saw Leo! HAHA! I know I am such a dork! I hope I could get enough words out to get an autograph and picture. And man – if I could just bump into him at a bar – I'd send him beer or something. I don't know. I'd be the thousandth person to tell him how great I think he is. I have nothing epic. 

If you were to replace any person in Twilight who would you replace them with and why.
Rosalie. Not because I don't like Niki Reed, but she isn't a blonde bombshell! Too much work to make her Rosalie. There are plenty of blonde bombshells that can act like a bitch. I feel like she got the part purely because of her working relationship with Cathrine Hardwick. I picture someone like Amber Heard as Rosalie. 

How many times have you read the Twilight Saga? If you've read it multiple times, what makes you keep rereading? If you've only read it once, why haven't you reread it?????
I only read it twice. I got caught up in Fanfic! But I have been itching to start again! I can't get enough of the sexual tension between E and B! Or the things he says! Or the way he is with her! 

What is your most precious item in your Twilight collection and why? (share pics if possible)
I don't have that much – being an student, a mother, and unemployed. But what I do have is disc # 3 of my Twilight movie signed by Jackson Rathbone. I had the best time when I went to see him with my friends in Philly! We bought the band shots and talked to them for a bit after the show. It was an awesome time!

I will never forget the song he did called Bubble. My friend Lisa (Who cracks me up on a daily basis and reads more fic then humanly possible) and I made Jackson blush a bit! He would sing “Don't burst my bubble babe, just tell me you want to get laid,” and we would scream – on the top of our lungs! He would look at us and smile – try not to laugh! But after the show he signed the DVD for me, and took a few group pics with all of us and the rest of the band.
I also have a custom pair of Twilight Converse that were hand painted that I never wear but I love! 

What is the craziest Twilight related think you've done? (include pics if possible)
I would have to say there are a few. Last summer I drove to Brooklyn with someone I met that day to check out the set of Remember Me, and hoped to see Rob. Turns out – it was one of his only days off. All we saw was Martha Plimpton and the girl that played young Alley – and she was just as upset that he wasn't there that we were! She walked on set with her mom saying “But he isn't even here!”

Then, when Remember Me premiered in NYC, I went up. But I got tickets to Jimmy Fallon and that is as close as I have been to Rob. After Fallon, we literally ran to the Remember Me premeier. Where I wasn't lucky enough to get a ticket to a pre screening of the movie 2 blocks away – so I ended up paying someone $20 for theirs! And I saw the movie like 2 weeks before it was released. 
Also went to NYC for an early screening of New Moon! And PFach and Kellan came! It rocked! 

What is your favorite song from the Twilight Saga and why?
It has always been Let Me Sign. It just fits perfectly and sounds so perfectly tortured. My second would be Iron and Wine when they dance at prom.

I really love that soundtrack! So many good songs! I love Decode, Leave out all the Rest, Never Think, and whenever I hear Supermassive Black Hole I get so pumped up! 

Tell us your favorite quote from each book?
Twilight: In that one hour, I thought of a hundred different ways to lure you from the room with me, to get you alone. And I fought them each back, thinking of my family, what I could do to them. I had to run out, to get away before I could speak the words that would make you follow…

New Moon: You should probably know that I’m breaking the rules right now. Well, not technically, since he said I was never to walk through his door again, and I came in the window… But, still, the intent was clear.

Eclipse: Bella, would you please stop trying to take your clothes off?

Breaking Dawn: All the king’s horses and all the king’s men… But there was nothing there, just me, just him. Working over a corpse. Because that’s all that was left of the girl we both loved. This broken, bled-out, mangled corpse. We couldn’t put Bella together again.

AND I have to have my Edward quote: Do not say the word fine. If you value my sanity, do not say that you are fine.

Has Twilight taken over your life? Explain.
Ummmm completely. I spend most of my free time writing fanfic, reading fanfic, searching Robporn, and I cannot miss any appearances by cast or clips. My phone beeps every few minutes with new emails that have to do with Rob/twilight/or Fanfic. My alter ego Facebook must get like two hundred notifications a day.

I get upset if I miss something, or little jealous when I see the way Rob looks at Kristen. And it kinda hurts! And I know that can't be healthy but I find peace that I am not alone! 

Tell us anything else Twilighty about yourself that you would like to share.
Just that I have met the most awesome friends, and I wouldn't change a thing about all the awesome things I have gained from falling in love with the series and actors.

Me and some of my Twi friends: 
 100 Hundred Monkeys:
New Moon Screening with Pfach and Kellan
Me and Bobby Long in Philly:
The one pic is of my Signed Twi CD by Jackson the other is of Martha Plimpton on the set of Remember  Me. I have no pics from Fallon. ;( 

Note from Marie: You have had some amazing Twilighty experiences!!!!!  Thanks for sharing.  I hope you don't mind if I share a link to your FanFiction page.....you have some awesome stories!  I hope everyone heads over there to check them out!
Robicorn on FanFiction.net


  1. OMG I am jealous... I got to see Rob and Tay but I'm selfish and would like to meet (or just see in person with my own eyes) the rest of the Twilight guys. I love cw&ia.. I need to add to my list of fics so I will take your recommendations. And dont feel bad you jumped on the band wagon late.. I got into it after New Moon was out of the theater.. I saw it at the $1 theater lol.

  2. I just love Twi-hards. They are the best people EVER! Loved hearing all of these awesome first-hand accounts. I think I'm most envious of being at Fallon and in NYC for the Remember Me premiere! A premiere (where Rob is present) is definitely on my bucket list. I've met 7 cast members, PFach being the most notable, including Gil, Kiowa, Tinsel, Mike Welch, Daniel Cudmore, and Christopher Heyerdahl (all AMAZING)! I would love love love to meet some more...Rob being top o' the list, of course. I'm not sure what I would do if I were ever breathing the same air as him...fainting might be on the list, but I have high hopes that I would keep it together, play it cool, and leave the experience with no regrets. I've been a Twi-hard since way before the movies...it's such a huge part of my life, I wouldn't know what to do without it. Thanks for sharing your pics! They're AWESOME!!


    P.S. Don't forget about our WFE reading group/discussion today!! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing all of this! Your dedication and enthusiasm is great!!! -TT

    v/w hottelly -- like Rob!

  4. Great post, and I couldn't agree more with a lot of your answers. Eclipse is my favorite book; it's all about Rob; Let Me Sign is the current ringtone on my cell phone (replaced Super Massive Black Hole); I would cry if I ever met Rob; I have met the most awesome friends (including Marie and Kassie!), and I wouldn't change a thing about all the awesome things I have gained from falling in love with the series and actors :)


  5. I agree with everything you said and everything you feel. I'm fairly new to the "twilight neighborhood" but I'm blown away by how great everyone is. I envy you all your encounters, I sadly have had none! So if you get another close encounter with a twi-cast let me tag along. Going to check out your FANFIC RIGHT NOW!!


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