Friday, July 23, 2010

Coming Down From My Eclipse Induced High

This Eclipse high that I've been riding on since actually the beginning of May when we went to Oprah and saw Eclipse until now is coming to and end. I can feel it.  I'm feeling kinda sad......I am an unhappy little junkie!!!!!
Two things have happened this week that have really brought this into focus for me.

First, I went on Comcast to search for Twilighty things to record using my saved searches....Pattinson, Robert, Twilight, Eclipse.....etc.  A few weeks ago, there were pages and pages of things to record.  I ran the searches the other day and all that came up was Twilight on Showtime.  The big Eclipse ride is over.....

Second, my daughter is turning 10 on Monday and as part of her gift, we redid her room.  She was ready to move away from the Teddy Bear tea party border.  So we took down all of her posters, many of which were Twilighty. This is her room before (I wish I had taken pics of the whole room before, but I didn't)
To make a long story short, she said I could keep her Twilight posters.  She doesn't want to hang them back up!!!!  I'm so sad, because I think I'm losing one of my 2 Twilight Allies in this house. Oh, shit, all that is left is my 6 year old son.  How long can that possibly last????

Yes, there is the Eclipse DVD party to look forward to, as well as Bel Ami and WFE, but it is not the same as a brand new Twilight movie with the full-out media blitz that goes with it.  

It is going to be a LONG 18 months until Breaking Dawn Part 1!  
I guess we will just have to make our own fun!  Any ideas?


  1. I know girl. Such high highs only mean low lows :( I'm assuming Bel Ami and maybe WFE will be out before BD and Rob will have to do some press for that. I love contractual obligations;)
    And you're right about having the Eclipse DVD at some point - squeeee! I wish I could come to your party.
    We'll find a way to keep things alive and kickin:) There's always a silence before the storm.

  2. @Robz - I will definitely let you know the deets of the Eclipse party when the time comes....maybe you can trek on down here to Chi-town (or the south suburbs actually - LOL) We would love to have ya!!!!

  3. We know exactly what you're talking about!! It is such a high when a new movie is coming out and the media is all over pics everyday, interviews's special. I started feeling it after the midnight premiere and my party. It's a little sad, but we've got to keep on keepin' on! We'll stalk Rob, discuss his hottness, daydream about things we want to do to him, and keep ourselves busy with his other projects. Eclipse DVD release will be awesome...3 out of the 5 in our hands and at our disposal! I can't wait for that.


  4. Ok, so I have an EPIC idea. You & your sister make HUGE batches of her potato salad and sell it door-to-door. It's a hit and gets picked up by a major grocery chain. You have to expand to a massive warehouse and the bucks start rolling in. Soon, you both have more than enough money to quit your jobs and come to FFFOOOOOORRRRKKKSSSS!!!

    Did I mention that you have to pull this shit off in 68 days?



  5. Although I haven't reached your level of High (no Oprah, or other such one to one contact...) I too have been feeling a sad low. Take your daughter's things and create your own little shrine somewhere, I have created such a place, surrounding myself with Twilight books, posters, trinkets (I just got my Remember Me Poster in today's mail, and I'll add that to MY shrine too!).This is where I go to get away from the two males in my home, I have made up this spare room with TV, Computer etc and it's where I go hide and enjoy my little piece of Twi-heaven.
    You and others have now gotten me hooked into fan-fiction, and so that has helped with my low days, I'm so into this FF I may need an intervention!
    Wish I lived closer to you, so I could help in person with your Eclipse let down. But you've created this great blog so you've got plenty of love and support from all of us coming your way...Hope this has helped.
    PS If you haven't already finished University of Ed. Marsen, get to it, that should put a smile on your face.

  6. @ T&T -Thanks guys! This is why I have this we can all talk about our obsession and support each other.

    @MC - I love your tater salad idea! I'm gonna pass that on to my sister. We will go to Forks one of these days....just not this time around. :(

    @Fran - I finished University of Edward Masen last night - I stayed up until 3 a.m.!!!!!!! whew! I cannot wait for the next supposed to be posted on Tuesday! I am totally loving it!

  7. I'm sad too because I've been living vicar through your experiences. Burger King just took down all their Eclipse stuff so I don't see it on the windows when I ride by.

    There are a lot of Rob interviews I missed that I will spend time catching up on. I intentionally did not read the Bree book to allow it to fill in some of the time.

    And fanfiction is always a bonus! I just love that Profward, too!

    If your daughter doesn't want her posters then it might be time to transform another room to all Twilight ala MC's cougar den.


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