Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MotU - My Turn! :)

I know a lot has already been said about Master of the Universe by Snowqueens Icedragon (bows to her feet!). Posts have already been made, and everyone who has been daring enough to step into the dark world of Fifty Shades, has come out head over heels in love with our f*cked up hero.  I am no now it is my turn to gush about how amazing it is.  And it IS AMAZING!
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Honestly, I am pretty new to the whole FanFiction world.  The only other FF I have read in it's entirety is "Let Your Mercy Fall On Me" by our dear Robicorn.  It's worth reading - trust me.  Get on over there when you're done reading and commenting on this post. :)  Anyway, MotU kept popping up on my radar....on Facebook, YouTube and other blogs.  There was such an outpouring of love for this story - I thought it was my duty as a hard-core obsessed TwiJunkie to give it a read.

Kassie and I kind of dipped our toes in this one together.  Your probably already read in Kassie's MotU post,  that she stopped reading at the end of Chapter 13.  We were messaging each other with things like, "is this what I think it is?", "Yeah, it's what you think it is", "I don't know if I should keep going", etc.etc.etc.  You get the pic.  But with a little outside encouragement, especially from one of our best bloggy buddies, Lisa (*waves* to Lisa!), we continued. We persevered....okay, who am I kidding!  We totally gobbled it up like Ben and Jerry's Vanilla Ice Cream! *wink wink*

I've spent many a night staying up way too late reading MotU....I could not stop!  I would tell myself I would read one more Chapter and then call it a night....but when the end of the Chapter came, I would have to read one more, and one more....and you get the picture.  The words obsessed and addicted come to mind.  Okay, MotU OWNS ME!!! I bet some of you can totally relate to that, right?  Believe me, it has been a challenge for me to read FF with 3 nosy kids - it has really limited my FF reading time!

So, if you haven't read MotU yet, why should you read it?  You know that I am generally a hugeass, gigantic spoiler whore.  However, unlike Twilight, that EVERYONE has already read, I know there are chicks out there who have not read MotU - so I will try to talk about it without giving too much away.  Well, in addition to lots of lemony goodness, it is an awesome story with great characters that draw you in.  Like Twilight, Bella finds herself falling for her Edward who has a secret and as she finds out his secret....she is (and you are) torn between whether she should stay with him or not.  At one point you will be like....get the hell out of there Bella - RUN!  

And then....hmmmm..... you think...maybe this could work.  :)Then you totally fall in love with Fifty because you just know that under all this messed up stuff, he is an amazing person.  I am trying hard not to be my spoiler-whorish self, but I recommend it with all my heart!  Just remember, it is rated M for a is very, very M.
credit to whoever made this is awesome!
So, I finally finished.  *sob*  It's weird....when I read a story that I really, really like, I'm so sad when it's over and I am certain that I will never find another story like it.  I actually needed a few days to have some closure before I could sit down and write this post. Geez, it's like a breakup! LOL

Any recs for my next FF????  I feel lost without Fifty and I need some direction......thanks! :)


  1. *waves back*

    First of all, I cannot believe you and/or Kassie did not email me and tell me you finished reading it AND fell in love with Fifty!! *HAPPY DANCE*

    It's so hard to explain to people who haven't read it why they should and why not to be scared off by the BDSM theme. Yes, it's important to why Fifty is Fifty, but as you now know, the story is so much more than that. I love the humor (Bella's inner goddess dialogue and the email banter are priceless). I love his Bella's strength. I love her Fifty's journey to self worth. It's a story that will haunt me forever. I am still in withdrawal.

    My twitter avi right now is dedicated to Fifty. (Follow Icy on twitter @SQicedragon.) I participated in the Fandom Gives Back Eclipse to help raise money for Alex's Lemonade and the fight against childhood cancer. I was on the team bidding for a MotU outtake from Icy, and we won. I have the outtake in my possession and have only been able to read about about 1/3 of it because I don't want it to end. LOL!! Those of us on the team who won the auction got an advance copy of the outtake. She will be posting it on her website ( in a few months for all of her fans to read. So just a heads up!

    The author is also going to be part of a Twilight Fanfiction panel during the San Diego Comic Con in a few days, so I will be anxiously awaiting a transcript from that panel.

    And if things work out, I will be helping with a podcast with Bleriana from The Cold Shower and Icy. As she told me, "I'm just a mum who wrote a fanfiction story that some people liked." I told her that whilst *wink* that is true, she rocked my world and so many others.

    There's Rob and then there's Fifty. Now how do we go about getting this thing turned into a manuscript and having Rob sign on to do the film? Now there's a fantasy!

    Spank you very much for writing a tribute post, Marie. I love it.

    Laters, Baby x


  2. FYI - The next one I am going to tackle is The University of Edward Masen. TT over at Tongue Twied has been holding my hand through my withdrawal and encouraging me to read it. She and Jayla (a loyal follower) swears I will love Profward.

  3. I forgot about our conversation it made me LOL thinking about how weird I was being about reading MotU. I have made my opinion known and there are times when I read the story and I yelled at Bella "RUN--What are you thinking". But, I love Icy's Bella and Fifty and I love the two of them together. Now that it's over it seems like a good time to break out the Ben and Jerry's and some Kleenex then hold each other and have a good cry. Icy really should consider a sequel we would all bow to her feet and chant "We're not worthy" just like Wayne and Garth!

    You could read Clipped Wings and Inked Armor next.. I think it was a good distraction for me from the loss of Fifty. That's just one suggestion though I could go on all day :)

  4. LOVE THAT YOU LOVED IT! <~~~~shouty caps ;)

    xoxo J

    Oh...and Lisa said everything I would have said.
    *waves at lisa*

  5. Marie,
    I feel your pain, like I did Bella's in MotU. It felt so wrong to cheer her on as she willingly became the submissive, until like she did, we started to fall in love for the wounded Edward. How do you turn away from both this tantalizing story and the need to save Fifty's soul? Just like Twilight, MotU had this ability to mesmerize while you were reading it and I'm still coming down from the high it caused me. So if you haven't read it yet be prepared for a thrilling and unexpected ride. Just like with Twilight, I never thought the genre would interest me, well I never saw the theme in MotU coming or that I would have bought into as I did.
    Marie, I suggest you read Snowqueen's other story "Safe Haven" although this Edward is not as sympathetic and he doesn't tear at your heartstrings, the story does help with Fifty Shade's withdrawal.
    If you find anything else to take it's place let me know, I'm checking out 17'sforever's suggestions now.

  6. never thought i would like a story with that as a component. and by "that" you know what i'm talkin about. twilight encourages me to expand my horizons i guess:) love motu.
    another fic i never thought i would like was clipped wings and inked armour but i think tattward owns me more than fifty now. seriously.

  7. Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions! I actually started reading The University Of Edward Cullen last night after I posted this, and again, I was up until past midnight....had to just keep reading one more Chapter. It's a great story too....but I'm still longing for Fifty to be honest.

    @Lisa - I'm so glad you mentioned the inner goddess and email banter.....I would be grinning like an idiot when I read those emails. I loved that. I can't wait to read the outtake!!!!!

    @Kassie - Yeah, looking back, I'm wondering what the heck we were being so weird about, but it I guess if frightened us off a bit. Now we know. :) I really found that "that" aspect of the story takes a backseat in the story as they fall in love.


    @Fran and RobzSinger- I'm going to try Safe Haven as well a Clipped Wings next.

    Has anyone read Wide Awake? I have that one on my short list of FF to read. Is it any good???

  8. Correction on my comment....The University of Edward MASEN....sorry.


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