Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Dream Tennessee?????

Okay, let's just get this out in the open right now.  This is strictly a fantasy.   For entertainment purposes only. As much as I would really like this to happen, it just ain't.  And I've come to terms with that fact.  I'm not at peace with this....but I've come to terms with it.
a) I don't have the money
b) I have don't have anywhere to send my kids (legally, that is)
c) My husband would literally have a freakin stroke
d) I'm a terrible liar, so I could never tell him that I have some Teacher Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  
I would crack under the pressure! LOL
e) crap....I am having a party for my daughter's birthday this Saturday
f) double crap - my MIL will be here too

But, if I did have the money, a babysitter and a more understanding husband, here's how it would go down.

First of all, I have a Pathfinder that seats 7 somewhat comfortably, if you have really, really short legs.  And I have it all pimped out with Twilight stuff!
 So I would be more than willing to take 6 other Twilight Junkies with me!  I have a roof rack on top for all our Twilighty crap (oh and clothes too I guess) so there would be plenty of room inside for us to bring all of your goodies. 

On the must bring list:
1) Fun-sized Edward - because, hey, it wouldn't be a Twilighty trip without him!
2) Snacks, snacks and more choice favorites are:
I'm also packing the cooler with Miller Lite and Tequila.....
but feel free to bring anything else that you would like

3) My Sony MP3 player to play through the car speakers
and it is loaded with
There will also be in-car movies available - I think you can guess what movies will be playing on the ride to Tennessee.


As you can see, I already have out trip planned out.  See the map below.  According to Google Maps, it is 10 hours and 4 minutes from my house to Chattanooga.   If we leave Friday morning at say 7:00 a.m., I can safely say that we could be in Chattanooga by about 5 p.m. tomorrow evening. And that's including a lunch break, and my 50 pee breaks along the way, and the time difference of 1 hour. I will drive a breakneck speeds the entire way....hey, I have a fuzz buster....which is legal, except in maybe.....Tennessee.  Crap.  No wait, I think that's Georgia.  But I heard that Rob is staying in Georgia (Chattanooga is right on the border) so maybe we will be doing some speeding in Georgia sans the fuzz buster.

Rumor has it that Rob will be arriving in Tennessee TOMORROW!!!!

Once we arrive,
we can try to stay at the 
Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel which is where they are storing all the movie equipment......
 or we can find a cheap-ass motel that's more in our cheap-ass price range.

We can get the cooler of beer
 and tequila 
from the roof rack and cram all 7 of us into a hotel room so it will only cost us like $5 each for the night (*waves to Kristen - her idea!)
By morning our room will look something like this

I love my Miller Lite...what can I say!  Maybe I should switch to Heineken?

Then we get up, hopefully no tigers in the bathrooms or babies left behind- and pretty ourselves up for Rob. 
Then head on over to the set for a day of stalking.
Crews work to set up for filming at the house in North Georgia.
Crews scout train cars at the Railroad History Museum in Chattanooga.
A wardrobe trailer for the sits on the streets of Chattanooga.
One of the cars sits on the set of Water for Elephants, set in the 1930s.
This is the house they are sweet!
While we are waiting around to see Rob, we could discuss various ways in which we can lure him back to our hotel room so we can have our way with him.  Maybe with some of these.....
and some of these
We better get a bunch of different varieties, cuz I'm not sure of his favorite. 

Finally, the moment we've been standing around in the hot, August, Tennessee sun for........hopefully to get some pics like these.
Rob in all his hot Jacob Jankowski glory....*sigh* 
Untitled 20
Pictures from

And then, later.....back at the hotel room.

Plan A
(If we can lure Rob back to our room)
Okay, so we take turns......
Plan B
(If we can't)
Oh my God, Edward gets hotter every time I watch this!
Then we drive home and write an epic blog post about our amazing adventure.

So that's my fantasy vacation.  I wish I could say I was packing my bags right now to leave in the morning, but the truth is, I'll be cleaning the house for the MIL who will be here tomorrow.

I know I'm crazy, so just humor me.  
I appreciate you guys playing along with me though!
The Tennessee Robwatch continues.......


  1. Marie, I've had real vacays that were LESS planned out than this. Are you sure you aren't going? LOL

  2. Lets mentally pretend we are packing for this epic imaginary vacay. Oh how I wish this was really happening.

  3. @TT - Y'know, I think it's the teacher in me. I guess when you have plan what your're going to do every day for 6 hours a day, for 180 days a year, it carries over to other parts of your life! LOL I'm definitely a planner.

    @Kassie, my bloggy BFF, one of these days we will go on a Twilighty vacay - hopefully to Forks. Well, at least we will be totally prepared, except I will have to redo the google map! LOL

  4. @Marie... NOOOOO duh I feel stupid for forgetting we are going to Baton Rouge when they film BD. So we will use this plan and just adjust the map. Now we have some time to save up for that trip LOL.

    I really want to go on the big Forks trip with all our bloggie besties :( but it would take like 4 days to drive and I cant afford to fly.

  5. Marie, you know that dreams really do come true...I'd be on board with ya you know that, I already told you we should plan something for when BD gets filmed in LA or whatever city it will be; let's let the teacher in us plan in advance, we could start saving, sweet talkin the hubbies, book some time in New Orleans,I know we'd get a lot of buddies to come too, (are you listening Lisa?); home of the Vampire folk lore...seriously, we could make this one come how well planned your trip is, shame to waste it!


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