Monday, August 2, 2010

Twilight Tidbits and Tattoos

I found this vid on YouTube, 
and I think you'll find the highlight of the vid is Jackson!
I will never understand.  Jackson is so freakin hot in RL.....
why do those Twilight folks insist on making him looks so queer in the movies???????
I ♥ his Mom and Dad tattoos!  So cute!!!!!

Speaking of tattoos..........

1) I did started reading Clipped Wings and Inked Armour and.......meh...
it is not holding my interest the way MotU and UoEM do.
I read maybe the first 4 chapters.   Do I need to keep going?
Kassie, what do you think?  I am not giving it enough of a chance?

[Kassie's Note: DON'T STOP NOW!!! You have to give it a chance to get really good.]

2) I was thinking about getting a tattoo.  
Does anyone out there have a tattoo?  If so, what is it of?
My sis and I were thinking about having a tattoo party......
her daughter knows a guy who would do the tattoos.  Should we do it???????
If I did it, what should I get a tattoo of?
Would you get a Twilight tattoo?
Would it be like this......
or like this?


  1. I have a tattoo.. its a congenital heart disease awareness tat.. love it :)

  2. Give Inked...more time, both Edward and Bella are "Fifty Shades" in this one, I just finished it, and once again, I found myself cheering on characters I never thought I would, this Edward gets under your skin like his "inking" does...same goes with the tatts, before reading this I would have said, don't get one, but if something moves you in a meaningful way,like Kay=tee's then go for not so much, must be my age and the teacher in me, besides I can't stand even a little bit of discomfort, if I can help it..

  3. Let's try that again shall we...

    Fran is right they are both Fifty Shades in Inked you just really need to give it time. I wont ever steer you wrong when it comes to ff's :)

    If you do a tatt party I'd be up for it... well let me start mentally preparing myself now. I'd relly like to get Kellan to sign my wrist so I could get it tatted but I'd just settle for the letter K in his script bc we both start with "K" so it'd be Twilight without being overtly Twilight lol.. if that makes sense... or I'd go all out like tatt pic 2 :) NOT!! hahaha

  4. what part are you on for CWIA? i love that fic, so i say give it time.
    if i get a tatt, i will probably get a little heat somewhere. but i want my hubs to do it with me. he wants something on his arm. i look at guys with tatts totally differently after reading cwia.

  5. oops, i meant get a little heart.

  6. That is the exact tattoo that I want to get, Marie! And I also want my headstone to read "Laters, Baby x" LOL!!

    I did the exact same thing with CW&IA. Read to about Chapter 4 and shelved it. Really, girls? I need to continue? You know how I feel about Fifty.

    @RobzSinger - I hope you get a little heat somewhere, too ;)


  7. I took all of your advice and read a bit more of CW&IA, and read up to Chapter 8 - the ladybug tattoo. I finally got the feeling last night that I want to keep reading this. I was up until midnight and I finally had to stop and go to sleep. I guess I just really needed to give it a chance.

    I'll talk to Barb more about the tattoo party. I bought the hubs a tattoo one year for his birthday, and I went with him to get it and I was totally going to get one too. I signed the papers and everything while I waited. But when the guy saw what I wanted....he talked me out of it. I wanted the cartoon Beatles above my ankle and he said it would have to be huge to show detail. So I bailed. I still want to get one though.

    @Kay-tee - your tatt sounds perfect! You'll have to show it to me at the next family reunion! Unless it's on your butt....then I'll take your word for it. LOL


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