Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Twilight Junkie Tuesday featuring....

This week we did not have a Twilight Junkie follower to pimp out on the blog... we would really love to hear from you. Since I have been kinda a huge bloggy fail recently I decided to take this time to recommend some fics that I have been totally absorbed in and thought this would be a good way to make it up to you all. Below is an email (well roughly the same email I added some things and took out some stuff) I sent to Marie earlier last week since I knew she was getting close to finishing CWIA. I thought I would do my fic pimping duty and let her know of some great fics that I loved after going through Fifty and Tattward withdrawal and knew she was going to get there soon enough. So here goes...

Hey so here is another few fics that I think you would like (this was after we both decided to give MotU a chance and I was putting my foot down and told Marie she just had to keep reading CWIA lol)

1) The Misapprehension of Bella Swan Regarding the Inferior Intellect of Hockey Whores by hunterhunting (author of CW/IA)

Here is Hockyward for you!!! YUM!!
This one makes me laugh out loud a LOT. Sometimes it is ridiculously absurd but fucking funny as hell... lets just say Bella is crass and has a potty mouth. She calls her lady parts "beaver" and compares Edward's peen to Snufalufagus. If that doesnt catch your interest I dont know what will.

2) Darkness by xcherryblossomsx


Edward and Bella both attend a college in NY the story is great, they are both human and have had a loss in their life, they come together as a couple and rock out together I mean that literally. Edward plays guitar and piano and sings, Bella sings, Emmett plays drums and Alice sings too. No Rosalie, little bit of Jacob, James, Jane, Emily, Jasper and Carlisle.

3) Emancipation Proclamation by kharizzmatik

Carlisle is a Doc in Forks but is also the Consigliere to the Chicago mob. Its really really good but Bella is a slave and I dont know how you feel about that. I'm not sure if the fic is complete but if it is the end its kinda a cliffie. There is one chapter that made me cry like a baby, I was scared to death. Like literally shaking and crying and freaking the fuck out. I rec'd it to Robzsinger (*waves* hey girl of course I had to mention our chat), she had it on her list of fics to read but put it off bc of the slavery angle but I gave her a more detailed description and I can send that to you too if you are really interested in this fic. (I could also send it to anyone else that is interested in a more detailed description.)

4) Dirty Dancing with the Devil Herself & Better the Devil You Know by JayJayHale


Cullens are vamps Bella is a bad ass biker chick that literally kicks ass. Only the first is a completed fic but they are a series. The POV switches a lot which is cool. It can go from Bella to Edward to Emmett to Alice, it jumps around which is something I really like.

5) The Weight of Words by georgeygirl-


Edward is the TA in Bella's class, this fic has some really funny moments and Edward has a grandmother that is freakin hilarious. Jacob and Angela are Bella's roommates and that adds a little extra drama. Jessica and Lauren are also another added layer of drama to this story.

6)Let Your Mercy Fall on Me by Robicorn
7)Edward Wallbanger by feathersmmmm
8)Going Down? by TexasKatherine
9) Osa Bella by Myg
10) The Education of Professor Cullen by sheviking

Okay so I should stop now that's a lot of fics, right??? LOL. You're probably thinking I'm crazy but I have read all these and a few more that are no where near finished, I prefer to read fics that if they aren't complete will be soon. This time I really am done LOL. So I will stop typing now bc this is a really fucking long ass email.


(PS: These are in no particular order other than I just needed to have them labeled bc I'm a crazy person lol, so please don't be upset if you think I like a fic less because it is lets say number 10 and not 1... because that is not the case at all... I love them all equally and if I could have each Edward... trust me I would take them. All of these fics are filled with lemony goodness and if you want a more detailed description of any of the fics I have mentioned shoot me an email and I would be more than willing to give you more info.)

(PPS: Fics 6-10 I did not even mention in the email that is why there are no descriptions. Plus I think I have taken up waaaay too much of you time now. So lets just say give these fics a chance you won't be disappointed if you choose any of them. Don't forget to check out the sequel to MotU... our boyfriend is back and we're going to be in trouble *fingers crossed for some eye rolling trouble ifyouknowwhatimean*)


  1. thanks for the pic of Hockeyward I hadnt seen that one. I've only seen the one where he is posed with his pants almost coming off....thud!

  2. Kassie, you are awesome girl!!!! I have all these fics bookmarked so I can read all the ones I haven't! I can't thank you enough for encouraging me to keep on reading Clipped Wings.....it is my #3 favorite (#1 is MotU and #2 UoEM) I'm on Ch. 38 - so I'm almost done and can start a new one soon. :)

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow for "Vampires Suck"!!!!! I will totally bring Fun-Sized Edward and a purse full of goodies!

  3. Kassie, thanks for the suggestions, I've become such a FF "whore" going from one story to the next, never having enough! I have been trying to find the title "Emancipation Proclamation" forever, I recognized your review but lost the title, so thanks.I loved "Wallbanger" and Mishap..of Bella Swan" LOL funny. If you haven't already read "Wide Awake" and "UoEM" I highly recommend those too. I'm off to get a fix and try out all of your suggestions.

  4. @M- I'm so excited to see Vampires Suck tomorrow! We will have so much fun I know it.. I need to get my big purse ready :)

    @belladuluk- I have read UoEM I don't know why I didn't mention it?? I have Wide Awake on my radar and now that I just got caught up on OSA Bella it will be next, thanks for reminding me!


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