Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time to Say Hello to Our Newest Twilight Cast Member!

I have been a super bloggy fail lately. I have no excuse. But here is a pic of Rob begging for forgiveness on my behalf.

Please forgive Kassie. She really didn't know what she was doing.
My heart couldn't take it if you didn't forgive her. *

Did that do it for ya? Forgive me yet? Great! Okay lets get on to some Twilight news.

So have we all heard the news about our newest Twilight cast member??? Rami Malek.
Hello, Ben is it???

He looked very familiar to me and guess what... there is good reason for it and what I remember him from, has a Twilight connection! 

This is Rami and JRath on the TV show The War at Home. I used to watch this show ALL the time.

So Rami, I would like to say welcome to the crazy world of Twilight. Do you know what you have gotten yourself into? Of course you do and we are glad to have you!

Side note: Weird thing... I could recognize this guy that I saw on a couple episodes of a TV show from a few years ago but for the life of me couldn't remember like 10 people from my class reunion. Okay so 10 doesn't seem like a lot but it was my junior high reunion and we only had 40 or so people show up. I wouldn't have felt so bad about it if they didn't remember exactly who I was and my name... GAH, I felt like such a bitch.

*I don't mean to steal this from anyone but I am pretty certain I got this pic from Robsessed, clearly you gals are the source for mucho Robp0rn so I will give you credit. If it wasn't you then I will just give credit to VF for their awesome photo shoot :-)


  1. I am totally loving Rami's eyes! Very nice!
    And I think he is perfect for Benjamin.
    How many days until Breaking Dawn Part I - 433!?!
    Well, we do have an Eclipse party to plan, hopefully pretty soon! :)

  2. I also should mention that I have been a total bloggy fail as well. RL has been a real bitch lately with going back to school. School is going okay so far, but my brain has been far too occupied with work. Thanks for posting K!!!! :)

  3. We're totally loving him being cast as Benjamin! He is pretty spot on from what I had imagined while reading the books. So far it looks like they're doing a great job on casting for BD! Can't wait until more people are picked for the roles!!

    Hope you guys have a great day! Tess♥

  4. Thanks for the background on this actor, he looks like he'll fit Ben's shoes nicely. Need to go back and refresh myself with his character traits, if I remember correctly his talents could look great on screen; making nature do exciting things and all...
    Kassie and Marie of course, like Rob, we forgive you and understand how RL gets in the way of what we'd rather be doing but just can't, not enough time in the day.


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