Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Got Punk'd!!!!!

You heard me.....I got Punk'd!  

I'm on Facebook late last night and I get a message and friend request from a girl named Ashley Milton who loves Twilight and and has joined my blog and wants to be friends.  Okay, so I'm cool with that.  Anyone who loves Twilight and has read it "elevendy million times" (that should have been my clue right there) is a friend of mine. I checked the blog to see if she had joined, but did not see her.  She's probably confusing the blog with the Twilight Junkies Facebook page.

So I send Ashley a message back telling her I'm always happy to find new Twilight friends and that I have read the saga 18 times but admittedly there was the one time I was reading New Moon and I skipped from where Edward left up to where Bella jumped off the cliff.  Click send.....

I proceed to check out my new "friend's" profile and note that she lives in a town extremely close to mine.  So I'm all excited because yay.....a newbie in the area to invite to one of upcoming Twi-events.  So I go back to messages and send her a quick note saying "Holy Crow - it's a small world" kinda thing....yadda yadda yadda.  I head back to her profile and note that her birthday is October 25th - the same as my son's.  (again, that probably should been a big fucking red flag, right?!?)

The next message I get from Ashley is asking me to go on chat (I always keep my setting on offline) so we can talk Twilight.  Well, I was actually in the middle of reading "The List" by Laura Cullen - thanks to Robzsinger's recommendation, so I was not in the mood to talk.  I was just about to message her back and tell her I was reading this juicy, lemony fanfic and that I didn't want to chat right now, but if you haven't checked out FF, you should definitely give it a try, when my son shows up (the obnoxious 13 - almost 14 year old).  

Now I'm flipping back and forth between FB and FF, so when I heard him coming, I quick clicked the FB tab at the top of  the browser.  

He starts leaning over my shoulder on the back of my chair and says "Whatcha doing?".  

"Um, nothing" was my genius response.

"Make any new friends lately", he says.

And that's when I knew.  What a little butt munch!!!!!!

He created this fake Facebook girl, just to fuck with me.  Unbelievable!!!!!!  Thank God I didn't recommend a juicy, lemony FF to my son!  Holy shit!
Is this the Internet equivalent to a prank phone call????

Of course now he is totally making fun of me for the response that I did give. 

"You read that crap 18 times???? You're such a loser" 
( I told you he was OBNOXIOUS!!!)
And all I'm thinking is, did I say anything that might incriminate me - oh shit!!!!  Thank God my response was pretty generic, because any juicy bits of info that I might have accidentally revealed would have gone straight to the Hubward via my son - cause that's my son's M.O.
Despite my humiliation, I had to laugh.
It was pretty clever and I can't believe how much effort he put into it.  He even friended one of my Twilight friends on FB to make it look more legit.  If you are the friend that got the friend request from Ashley Milton yesterday, do yourself a favor and delete her ass. LOL   I do realize how disastrous it could have been.  You know what happens when your worlds collide, right????  

The moral of the story is, be careful who you friend on Facebook!  Jeez, you never friggin know who the hell you are talking to!

On a side note-
Rob, you are welcome to punk me anytime you want!
Just sayin......


  1. I think I may have mentioned this before, but I both love and admire your son and his bratty ways! It's not even April Fools! That was brilliant! kudos to him! LMAO!

  2. Wow your son is a clever one. LOL!!! Good thing you didn't recommend ff... you would probably never get a chance to read them again.

    PS: Robzsinger is my ff pusher and she knows it :)

  3. @TT - He pisses me off so much, but also cracks me up all the time too. He really is a funny kid when he not being a complete brat! LOL

    @Kassie - oh, that would be the end of ff for me, fo'show! AHHHHHH! LOL

  4. Now you know why I don't have a facebook page, I would totally get dragged into a tweens prank or worse too! He's adorable, enjoy these boyish years because they go by sooooo fast!

  5. oh gosh, i hope he didn't friend me. that woud not be good. unless you want him to get an education;)

    these kids, always getting in the way of our fantasy lives. hee hee.

    how you likin the list girl?

  6. @Robz - I am loving "The List"!!!!!! Thanks for the rec!

  7. @Robz - oh, I can't remember who he friended, but it was someone who used the Cullen as their last name. So we're safe! LOL

  8. @IMC-*whew*
    and shouldn't you be the one looking over HIS shoulder. ;)


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