Friday, May 14, 2010

Post-Oprah Post

Yesterday was crazy, right???  I was completely overstimulated with all the Oprah stuff, Rob birthday stuff, new Eclipse stuff.......whew!  And RL was just getting in my way and not letting me get on here.

So, what did you all think of the show?  Like I have to ask! LOL  Kassie did an awesome post about the Oprah show and the transcript.  I'm impressed.  And now it's my turn to chime in.

First, there were a few little things that were edited out of the final show.
1) There is a little bit more to the segment where Kristen talks about her cat.  I'm pretty sure that she said her cat's name is Max, but she calls him something else, which I can't remember.
2) When Kristen is talking about how she calls Dakota for advice, she actually had a cute little pet name for Dakota.(again, I cannot remember.....Kassie? Victoria? Kristen?  Help!!!)

Then there were actually complete segments that were left out.  I found this one on YouTube.  In this segment that did not make the final cut (here in Chicago, at least), Rob talks about one of his favorite authors who was on Oprah's book club list.  Even this YouTube video does not show at the end when Oprah is like, "Are you giving this to me?" and Rob is like (confused) "Yeah, okay" . I don't think he was planning on giving her the book. LOL
Here is another segment that did not make the final cut. Oprah is asking Rob if playing Edward is limiting.  This is also the segment where Rob mentions that he is getting ready to start filming Water for Elephants (woohoo!) but that is cut from this video. :(

Kassie just sent me the video from YouTube where Rob mentions Water For Elephants!!! Yay!  Here it is.....

I absolutely love this backstage segment of Rob, Kristen and Taylor.  I love Kristen getting ready to rip Rob's shirt off.  You GO girl!!!!
Which brings me to the whole Robsten thing.  Okay, when I see Rob and Kristen look at each other, I see something there.  I really do.  There is a spark.  I tried to do some screen caps of them looking at each other in a really adoring freaking way.  I don't know if they will come across in stills, but I see it on the video.

This is when Kristen was talking to Oprah (right at the beginning of the show) but for a split second, she eyes Rob.....and that's what I tried to capture here.
Look how Rob is looking at Kristen when she is is so sweet!!!!!
More AWWWWWW!!!!!!
This picture just gives me goosebumps remembering that moment when Oprah announced them and Rob came walking out first and we just screamed our heads off.  I had to capture that moment. ;)
And here is my screen cap of our shining moment.......
I kind of reminds me of that moment in Monsters, Inc., when Mike looks like this on the TV commercial....

but he's like...."I WAS ON T.V.!!!!! DID YA SEE? DID YA SEE ME?".

I'm still in shock that we were there.  Watching it on T.V. now is just surreal. It's like an out of body experience.  

Well, Rob....until we meet again..... 


  1. Sorry Marie I don't remember her cat's nickname nor her nickname for Dakota.

    I wish she would have gotten Rob's shirt open gaaaah.

    And they totally gave each other googlie eyes during the interview, all lovey dovey like!

    And I love the shout out to my favorite little monster Mike Wazowski! "I was on TV" Woohoo that was us!

    I sure hope this isn't the last of our 15 minutes of fame. Hahahaha

  2. Great post, love hearing about you reliving it. I totally agree with the Robsten stuff. ES & I were talking later about how their chemistry just radiates. The way they look at each other is amazing. I'll be posting about that tomorrow check it out!

  3. OH I watched for every little nook and cranny going on between Rob and Kristen. And I saw it.

    I loved when Rob so honestly is suprised to learn the audience saw Eclipse. His reaction is so genuine.

    Can't stop watching clip of Edward yelling at Jacob!!!!!

    I thought Kristen looked great on Oprah! Her natural girl-next-door look suits her the best imo. I think Cover Girl should tap her.

  4. Hi! I'm not sure if someone has already asked this, but about the "are you dating"-question: was it edited in the show? I read that after the question rob sighed, and looked at kristen and kristen answered: "she asked you the question" and then rob said "kristen is pregnant", is that true? :) Thank you for all the posts, really appreciate them! And sorry if my english is weird, i'm from Finland :D

  5. Awesome post, Marie!! You already know that I give a big, fat crapsten :)

    You know what really amazes me is the loyalty that there is between the castmates. Because you know that Taylor has to know what's going on between them in RL, as do the others, but you never hear them talking about it one way or the other.

    Thank you for providing the Oprah videos, the screen caps, and your take on Robsten. Loved them all!



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