Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Eclipse TV Spot and Screen Caps

I just commented to Kassie on FB the other day that I get excited about all the new clips coming out, and then I remember - we've seen this movie already!  Sorry, don't mean to rub it in.
Anyway, I love the new TV spot and I just learned how to do screen caps (don't laugh!) so I did my best. Enjoy!
I know Riley is a bad vamp, but he is so hot!!!!!
But not as hot as this.........
One of the moments where Bella's wig is not too bad.
I'm loving fierce Edward as much as angry Edward

 The Cullens look kick-ass in Eclipse!!!!!!!!!
  Not only is tree-toppling Edward super-freaking can see a little skin on this.  I had a hard time getting that one, but it was worth it!
 I'm not team Jacob, but yummy!!!!!
Amazing moment in the movie, but also a very bad wig moment for Bella!
 34 days until Eclipse!!!!!!!!


  1. I cant help but get excited over every new tidbit that comes out. But I wake up every morning and think to myself "Really!?! Ugh, still over a month! WTF am I supposed to do?" Then I check my calendar over and over. I just cant wait to see the full finished product. And dear god IMAX thats going to be, to quote Puss in Boots, "redonkulous". I swear I need to go to Shrek Junkies Anonymous lol.

  2. great job!!
    Have you seen my previous post for asking you to describe me all the E&B scene in Eclipse?
    It it posssible to you to do it?

  3. Yes, I keep forgetting you've seen the movie already. Grrrr. LoL.

    Is that really a screen cap of the Cullens standing in the forest? They look like wax dolls in that one, JFC.

  4. @melcitron - Thanks! Please let me know if there a specific scene that you want me to describe and I will try my best :)

    @Kassie - 33 more days! We are gonna have so much fun! I haven't seen Twilight on the big screen since it came out so I can't wait to see it again BIG!

  5. @Jelena - the Cullens do look like wax dolls. I guess because they are too perfect! LOL

  6. I don't know exactly which scenes are in the movie. So I can only refer to the script.
    For example:
    -the scenes in the meadow (at the beginning and at the end)
    -the proposal scne of course
    -the scene where they discut about "one decade everybody you know will dead"
    - the scene where she try to dissade him to fight...

  7. oh and i've forgotten the scene where E drives B to la push!!

  8. So it's still surreal that you saw the movie and The Holy Trinity, huh? LOL!

    I keep forgetting to ask you if Edward delivers my favorite quote in Eclipse. I'm almost afraid to ask because I want it to be in there so badly. I could flip through the script, I guess, but I've been avoiding reading it.

    Is any of this in the movie, especially "I was that boy..."?

    "If I had found you, there isn’t a doubt in my mind how I would have proceeded. I was that boy, who would have — as soon as I discovered that you were what I was looking for — gotten down on one knee and endeavored to secure your hand. I would have wanted you for eternity, even when the word didn’t have quite the same connotations."

    Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 12, p.277

    Thanks, girls!


  9. @Lisa - He says something similar, but not the exact words from the book. I think you'll like what he says, but it's not what's in the book. If you are afraid to read the whole script, and you just want to read that part, it's on pg. 81 of the script. LOL Then the rest you can keep spoiler free.

    @melcitron - I'm trying to remember details - some is a blur. We were sitting there the whole time thinking, "I can't believe we are here!!!!" LOL
    I'll do my best - here goes....
    -the meadow at the beginning - excellent E&B makeout scene. Edward keeps trying kiss Bella and she's trying to read. Then he keeps asking her to marry him and she says no repeatedly. It's so cute. Edward says where I come from it's how one says I love you, and this is where Bella just throws Edward down on the ground and gets on top of him and says where I come from, it's how one says I got knocked up.
    -the proposal scene is similar to the book, but the words are a bit different (see my response to Lisa) We saw the rough cut of the movie, and the music in the background during this scene was really cheezy, so I hope that will be different in the final version. To read my description in more detail, see my previous post about seeing Eclipse.
    -The scene at the end in the meadow is the scene that you've been seeing in the trailers where E&B are standing with E's arms around B. Same as book - I love when E says, "So, it's not all about me?" Cute!
    - The scene where E says in a few decades everyone will be dead, is pretty much what you've seen in trailers...not much more to it than that.
    -the scene where B gets E to stay with her during the fight is downplayed in the movie. I guess you just don't get the sense of guilt that B feels in the book. Next scene is meeting in the clearing with Jacob and Jacob says to Edward about not fighting, "What, did you pull a hamstring? love it!!!!
    Hope that helps :)

  10. thank you!!!
    One more thing and then i stop to pertube you!!
    What about the scene where E drives B to la push?

  11. @melcitron - no problem! I don't mind at all!!!! :)
    When Edward drive Bella to meet Jacob at the boundary line,-B says to E - take your time, I'll be fine (E is going to hunt)and Edward grabs Bella and gives her a big sloppy kiss right in front of Jacob. After the big kiss, Bella says, "Well, maybe you can hurry a little" LOL! Then B walks over to J and he says "Hey Beautiful" to Bella and grabs her up in a hug. In the book I pictured the distance between where Edward parks and where Jacob parks as being farther apart. In the movie, Jacob is right there when Edward kisses Bella. I'm probably telling you too much, right?
    29 more days!!!!!!!!!!

  12. no it's perfect i love details.
    Than you so much

  13. So As you are not mind about the question. Can you tell if E gives B the heart for her bracelet and in which scene (leg hitch)?
    and for me its 38 days (In France bo before 8th july :-()

  14. @melcitron - I was thinking about this the other day when I was going to wear my Bella bracelet. I remember Jacob giving Bella the bracelet at the party with the wolf charm, but I cannot remember Edward giving her the heart for the bracelet. Maybe Kassie will remember....I'm drawing a blank. You would think I would remember that! LOL


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