Monday, May 31, 2010

In The Mood For a Little Artward???

Things are pretty quiet in bloggy-land today and lately I've been in the mood for Rob as the adorkable Art in "How To Be".  Obviously I love Art because,'s Rob!  However, I also love Art because I honestly think that Rob is much closer to being like Art in RL than he Edward.

Sadly, I have to admit, I do not own the actually DVD.  It was On Demand last summer and I recorded it, but until today, I had not seen the special features.  I had a freebie movie coming from Red Box, so I thought, what the heck - I'm renting "How To Be". 

Top 10 Things I ♥ About "How To Be"

1. They were pretty spot on with this kid playing young Art - looks a heck a lot like young Rob!

2. The scruffy hair and bad clothes Artward.  I don't care if he is wearing that hideous jacket, and dorky pants - I would still throw him down and do him! LOL

3. Chokin' on the Dust - I love this song! 

4. Supermarket Artward in the bad brown vest - again, would still have my way with him in the produce section.  I just love when he puts his head in the freezer and the old lady just comes along and gets what she needs and walks away.  ROTFL!!!!

5. Artward in full manpig mode, scarfing down food.....with the Rice Krispies and the cake.  Makes you want to rub cake all over your body, right???? 

6. Rockin' out Artward - I love when Art is jamming in his bedroom and making the crowd noises - so cute!

7. Artward Fingerporn - Did you see how Artward handle that ball????  And those fingers???  GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!  

8. The Hammond Song - I don't know why, but I love this song.  My daughter makes fun of me.  We have the soundtrack and I love to listen to this song and she laughs at me every time.  Some things are just a mystery.  I also love our little Artward at the flea market looking so forlorn.  Awwww.......

9. Guitar Slinging  Artward - just love how he handles his instrument! Mwahaha!

10. The Knuckle Punch - this was my 6 year old's favorite moment in the movie and is now one of mine.  He came up with the term "knuckle punch".  He said, 
"Mom, I love when Rob knuckle punches himself"  Me too too.

And that's my top 10!

Honorable mentions......

Whenever I see Rob on the escalator I think he looks like Justin Timberlake.  I don't know why, maybe it's just me.  I'm not even a fan of JT.  There is just something about his face in just this scene that reminds me of him.
Superdork Artward - love when he realizes they are looking at him like, get the hell away from us, and he wanders over to the other side of the car.
WTF is with the stalls of the toilets being so low????  Even for kids.  That is just weird!  
I got a chance to watch the Special Features and included is this interview with Rob, which I have seen before.  But after watching him as Art, and then seeing this interview, it's kind of a shock - because he is totally looking like Robward!

If you love Artward, and I know you do, 
give him a shout out in the comments!


  1. I LOVE ART! I love the special features even more than the movie. The multiple takes for the bar scene where they're getting tipsy; Rob's laugh (I've listened to that laugh over and over); the scene at the computer where he can't stop laughing; the questions and his attempt at answers while someone is following him around with a handheld video camera...I could go on and on.

    So glad you watched it again, Marie, but I can't believe you don't own it. It's a must for your collection.


    P.S.: I totally get the JT reference btw now that you mention it!

  2. I've not seen this movie yet, but I've been wanting to. Thanks so much for reminding me to download it (if I can find it, that is). It looks just like a movie I'd like to see, as I'm a huge fan of British movies, and anyone who's read my fic knows I have a thing for artists as well. :D

  3. @Lisa - I know I need to buy an official copy of How To Be. :) I guess because I've had a really good copy on a DVD, I haven't felt compelled to run out and buy it, but I've always been curious about the special features. I've actually seen the majority of them on YouTube. My b/day is coming up later this month, but I want to spend my b/day money on Eclipse stuff :)

    @Jelena - you have to see it! The entire movie is on YouTube in 8 parts. It's good quality too. :)


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