Thursday, May 6, 2010

Odds and Ends Eclipse/Oprah Post

Going back to reality really kicked my ass today!  I could not wrap my head around anything.  My class was on the OPPOSITE of their best behavior.  Anyway, here are some odds and ends that didn't make it into the post last night because my stupid computer and scanner are slow as hell when I want them to hurry up.  And I was wiped out!

My ticket from Eclipse....squeeeeee!
My certificate for my Limited Edition Bella's Engagement Ring
I have no idea what my ring size is, so I have to get to Wal-Mart or somewhere with a jewelry department to I can use their ring sizer. LOL!
Really awesome poster that some Burger King people were giving out in front of Harpo when we came out of the show....I heard someone say that Oprah wouldn't give them out herself.  Just happy to have it!  Also got the crown too.

All I could think about today was all things related to Eclipse/Oprah. So while my brain was on a Twilight vacation today, little bits and pieces from the last 2 days started coming back to me.  

From Eclipse: ('ve been warned!)
♥ You will love Rosalie when she comes after Royce in her wedding dress with her red eyes and maniacal look on her face.
♥ Edward and Bella look friggin adorable in those ugly yellow caps and gowns. For Bella it might have something to do with the fact that her wig is hidden.  For Edward, it might just be because he is effing gorgeous....ALWAYS!
♥ The party is in the movie, but seemed really short to me, compared to the book.
♥ Seth is the CUTEST wolf ever!!!!! (Sorry Jacob!)

From Oprah:
♥ Oprah says something to Kristen about how shy she is, and then gets up and goes and gives her a hug.  It was really cute.
♥ Oprah mentioned that Rob was named one of Time's 100 Most Influential People and People's Most Beautiful.  She asked Rob which meant more to him and he said the Most Beautiful! LOL  Then Rob mentioned that he beat Barack Obama for the most influential and also he liked the blurb that Chris Wietz wrote about him.

Anyway, just a few more things that started coming back to me when the shock began to wear off.  Set your DVR's for Oprah on Thursday, May 13th!!!!
♥ Look for us!!!!!


  1. I am still loving reading about this, Marie. Keep the random thoughts coming.

    I completely forgot to ask about Boo Boo/Seth. He is so cute in RL, as is his character in the book. Glad to hear it translated to the big screen.

    Rob's comments sound adorkable. I would have been smiling really big watching the show on the 13th anyway, but knowing you were there and reading about it will have me smiling REALLY big.


  2. Marie I completely forgot to ask you...and maybe I overlooked in the hell did you get to go to the show in the first place? Did you hear that they were trying to find die hard fans?????

  3. @Lisa - BooBoo (okay-I'm sorry, but who names their kid BooBoo????) was really cute as a human, but unbelievable adorable in his wolf form, which you first get to see with E & B the morning after the tent scene.

    @Jen - All of my Twilight friends wrote in to Oprah when she put the call out for Twilight fans, and they called my friend Kristen. So Kristen asked me, Kassie and Victoria. Oprah kept saying that...."well you guys must KNOW SOMEBODY to be here, cause these are THE hottest tickets in town" but they just liked what Kristen wrote. I actually did the same thing for the Stephenie Meyer show in November and took my sister. We got to see New Moon a week before it came out. I've been really lucky!!!!

  4. Have 2 questions! spoilers!

    1. Does Jasper dance at the party?

    2. Is that scene with Edward showing Bella the motorcycle he bought for himself to ride with her in the movie? Is there Edward in a leather motorcycle jacket?

    inquiring minds....

  5. I must confess. I just skimmed this post. I'm trying to stay pure for Eclipse and I caught a glimpse of "spoiler" and turned my head! Lucky you...I love the poster and that you get a "Bella Ring"!!! I can imagine that the O Show will be a lifelong memory!!! Plus, you made eye contact with Rob! I still get this giddy ridiculous grin when I just THINK about that!


  6. @TongeTwied - You know, I don't even really remember seeing Jasper at the party. I remember seeing Alice - her hair was so cute - but not Jasper. He must have been there, but no dancing. The whole party scene was actually really cut down from the book and was pretty quick in the movie
    The whole motorcycle part of the story was cut. It's not in there at all. :( I was looking forward to Edward telling Bella she looked "sexy". Totally cut out.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I'm actually glad the motorcycle scene is cut.

    I saw Jbone dancing recently and loved it so I was just curious if Jasper cut loose a little.

  8. Lucky girls :) thanks for sharing!
    Can I ask how was the Edward-Victoria fight?!?
    and the interaction between Edward-Seth?!
    I'm so happy we'll see more Edward I miss him so much in NM :(
    plus happyEd, angryEd, and sweetEd is a win!!!
    I can't wait to see Rob's performance!!!!
    thanks again ladies!

  9. @Mesy
    Edward-Victoria fight was really good, I was so excited when he ripped her head off. PS Riley is HOT!!
    Edward and Seth wasn't much but a few glancing looks if I remember correctly. But he is really cute at the fire when they hear the elders stories.
    Hope that helps! And angry Robward aaahhhh so freakin HOT!!!!!!

  10. thank you Kassie :)
    I can't wait to see Robward in action!!!!!
    and...Riley is not my type, so I hope they kick his ass too LOL


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