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Whole Eclipse Interview

This is just the interview and not the opening speech or the videos. No copyright infringement intended this is some good ol' fun! Okay so here goes

"Oprah: Okay the stars of Eclipse are here, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner.
Okay you want to do that for an hour? (She asks of the screaming lol.) Or can I talk? Alright, welcome welcome welcome. Does this happen everywhere you go?
Rob: Uh not everywhere ha ha ha.
O: I will say this everybody in the audience saw Eclipse last night!
R: I didn’t even know that
O: You didn’t know that?
R: I had no idea.
O: That’s because you were going around knocking on doors, you didn’t, everybody saw the movie last night and I guess we liked it? You guys joined forces that’s good. So what does it feel like Taylor to be in the midst of this phenomenon, it really is a phenomenon you know the closest thing that I can recall my generation was the Beatles and I was one of those people screaming for Paul McCartney, and now people are screaming for YOU?
Taylor: It’s... it’s uh really unlike anything else um I mean obviously but it’s amazing I mean I know over the past 2 years I have had the time of my life so I mean so I couldn’t be more thankful.
O: But what does it feel like, does it feel like being the... I can’t imagine, like being in the eye of a storm or something? I don’t know.
T: Yeah, it’s different, I it’s almost like you live two different worlds you go into that world and then you completely vanish and you go back to your regular life.
O: And for you sir. (Speaking to Rob)
R: Laughs
O: You really do go into a different world and come back yeah
R: Yeah, I mean it’s a good way of putting it. I mean I think, It’s weird, I think as we have been so sort of central to the whole thing since the beginning and it started really when no one knew anything about it and so now it does feel like you are kinda eye of the storm and I don’t know I still to this day can’t really connect to all the craziness.
O: Wrap your brain around it?
R: Yeah, and so it’s a great position to be in because you can appreciate walking into a room and everybody is screaming and like it’s not really about you so it never really goes to your head and it’s kind of you can kind of participate in it it’s not
O: So because it doesn’t feel like it’s about you, does it feel like it’s about Edward does it feel like it’s about your character it’s about the phenomenon itself
R: Yeah and it’s about the fans themselves well because I think a lot of the people just like doing Twilight related things.
O: Yes and Kristen
Kristen: Like doing it together the other thing is you know I’ve done movies that I’ve put everything that I am into and then you know it feels like 10 people get to see them and they (points to audience) probably love this movie I mean I don’t want to say more than me because they it’s like something that’s so personal and something that I’ve worked so hard on it feels like a part of my life and like most people’s favorite book is not a part of their lives and so like its I’m never gonna have an opportunity to share something like that on such a level
O: Massive scale
K: I mean it’s never going to happen again
O: You never know
K: Probably not
O: You could be a part of 2 phenomenon’s or 3 in your lifetime but it is a phenomenon and you seem to be um you know there is so much written about you being shy so does it feel overwhelming to you, is it difficult for you to just fully embrace it?
K: Um, I get so nervous and uh
O: Okay let me give you a hug (as they hug) its okay. Really yeah ok and your nervous why tell me why?
K: Um, well you know, this means a lot to you guys and it’s the same deal for me uh I understand that your words have weight and I mince them when I know that everybody’s waiting for them, you know what I mean it’s like
O: Well really we’re just waiting for your truth we just want you to be whoever you want us to know you to be because I understand that being in front of the camera a person can’t know your whole life but I don’t think anybody’s waiting for anything other than you to just to sort of be yourself so feel really at home. Feel really at home feel comfortable with that. But, we can tell that you really care so much for the character you really care so much for who Bella is.
K: I feel like I probably bring more of myself to Bella then I have to any other character but that’s yeah that’s all I can do I mean you really project yourself on to her because it’s a very vicarious read, I mean you are her and I can also completely relate to the fact that she’s totally awkward and but that she owns it and that she not going to say anything that she doesn’t mean
O: And I think what’s so great about it and the reason why everybody’s so relating to her is because we have all had that awkwardness, we have all had those feelings we all can relate. It’s more difficult to relate to your character however (talking to Rob). More difficult for that and isn’t it true that when Robert opens his mouth you expect him to sound like Edward you do. And then this British accent comes out so I’m curious about this how do they teach you to speak American? What is that do you like have to flatten out your tongue or something I don’t know how do you get rid of the accent?
R: Well Kristen thinks I do the most terrible American accent in the world… she’s like she’s like
K: No, no I don’t occasionally some word will come out and I’ll be like we don’t say that
R: I don’t know I have just always I grew up watching American movies and stuff and I don’t know and also I used to I think what the main thing was I used to want to be um a rapper when I was like 14
O: No you didn’t
R: I swear to God. I have a lot of recordings of it
O: Oh I wish I would have known that and found them
R: and so
O: We’d be playing them right now if I’d have known that
R: and so yeah the cadence and everything I used to uh do an American accent and transpose my voice down and uh there’s a few key words and then I think if you
O: Like what?
R: Like water *side note how adorable* I think
O: (British accent) water.
R: Yeah, ha ha as soon as you can say water in an American accent then that’s like your half way there
O: And so they tell you say “Water” (mix of Chicago’s flat ‘A’ and a little southern ‘ter’)
R: Yeah ha ha. That’s Chicago right?
O: That was a little Chicago mixed with Tennessee, but okay yeah
R: Yeah there’s like a few key words and once you start getting that you
O: So water is one what’s another
K: Pasta. That one’s really tough actually
R: Uh, Nacho’s *side note also adorable* ha ha ha I can’t think of other one’s
O: Okay well two weeks ago Robert was named, I don’t know if you all know this or not, he was named one of Time magazines most influential people in the world and one of the world’s most beautiful by People magazine one of the most beautiful and one of the most influential, which one meant the most to you?
R: Ah, definitely beautiful ha ha ha. Like I have no reason to influence people I just want to have it all for myself I just want someone to pat me on the back (Kristen pats him on the back) um. It’s crazy it’s the same thing which Taylor is saying it seems just completely ridiculous I don’t know why I mean 3 years ago I wouldn’t be able to influence my dog to walk Like I mean
O: and now you’re one of the worlds, listed as one of the world’s most influential... one of the most 100 influential in the world
R: I know I was above Obama ha ha ha and I was like well I’d have to agree with that I totally agree um but it’s completely insane
O: Well be back with the cast of Eclipse in a moment
Video package of Eclipse
O: Ok the third movie in the Twilight Saga Eclipse, I don’t even have to tell you but I will it opens in theaters on June 30th. I know you will all be camped out. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner are all here. I love that shot where you’re by the car, for the first time we see you with the shirt off and uh just when I saw that edit I thought in that moment did they say “Alright flex”
T: I was trying as hard as I could.
O: So you really buffed yourself up, you did the work.
T: Yeah it was definitely a lot of work um and yeah when I was filming Twilight, I knew where my character went physically and uh I definitely wasn’t there so yeah it was about a year’s worth of work.
O: Look at that shot right there, put that shot back up guys (Two side notes: um yummy and embarrassing his dad was there)
K: Taylor
O: That is a six pack plus.
T: So yeah it required obviously a lot of time in the gym but uh you know mainly
O: There’s the moment, don’t get embarrassed now. A lot of time in the gym, what did you do? What did you eat or not eat to get that way.
T: Yeah uh I basically ate a lot. As much as I could if I was busy if I was on set or if I was in LA and I had meetings I would have to carry around this little miniature cooler and I would carry around like
K: patties
T: beef patties um and almonds
O: Seriously?
T: Yeah seriously just beef patties, um and it’s so weird I’ll be like talking to somebody and all of a sudden I’ll just be like yeah can you hold on one second I’ve gotta eat a beef patty
O: And so you were working out how many hours a day?
T: At one point I was in the gym like almost 3 hours and that’s when I realized that I was actually overworking myself and I had to cut back so it ended up being about an hour and 15 hour and a half a day about 5 days a week
O: Wow
K: He was losing weight he was working so hard, it was like he would start to sweat and you’d be like you better be careful because gonna burn like 5 calories
O: Yeah is it true that women when you see them when you’re out in public people ask you to howl?
T: At one point and I forget where I said that I don’t enjoy howling but they’ve stopped
O: That’s good
T: So I do appreciate it everyone
O: So you say to people it’s a character people, it’s a character
T: On the red carpet it happened once it was like I was on the red carpet and they were like “Can you howl for us?” And I was like no
O: No I’m not howling, Robert is it true that you wanted to quit, I heard that but you can’t believe anything you read so I had to ask you, but is it true you thought about quitting acting before you did this audition?
R: I mean I think I was always going in and out ‘cause I kinda fell into it and then if you say you’re an actor you’re going into auditions and stuff and not getting parts, then you’re not an actor. It’s like I guess that’s what my predicament was but yeah there was one I came out just before when I came out to LA to do the Twilight audition and I was like flat broke and everything was kind of rubbish in London
K: (makes a little sound; probably making fun of Rob saying rubbish)
O: Rubbish, yeah you all say rubbish a lot
R: Yeah I don’t even know why. Yeah and um I came out for a different audition and then flew out and I really thought, I had done a tape in London for it and thought it was going to be great and then turned up and was absolutely awful and uh then I called my parents and was like uh that’s it and then um I was gonna fly home the next day and my parents are like “Yeah, yeah sure okay that’s fine.” Which is completely the wrong thing to say and so I’m like no I really want to do it now and um and so I went to another audition and the next audition was Twilight and I met Kristen and Catherine Hardwick and it seemed like a really I don’t know it just went down really well and uh yeah that was kinda the only job I wanted to do for years.
O: So thousands auditioned for the role of the romantic vampire, Edward Cullen, and Kristen I hear you instantly knew that he was the one. Tell us how
K: Well…
R: The six pack
K: Auditioning is such a weird thing to begin with I mean I don’t know there are just so many expectations and you’re never yourself because you’re nervous and uh I knew that this was the only thing that mattered in the movie, I mean there were things could fall short and the movie would still stand and what I still love what I loved about the movie would be okay if this was okay. I guess it was just a gut thing, it was good.
O: What did you all do for the audition?
K: Uh we read some scenes
O: MmHuh did you have to kiss?
K: Yeah
O: For the audition
R: and that wasn’t in the, they didn’t prepare us for it
K: We had to kiss
R: Yeah Catherine hadn’t told me anyway, I don’t know she probably told you, she had done it with a whole bunch of guys before
K: I had done it with a bunch of guys, he was the last one that came in, no he really was actually the last to come in
R: Sloppy seconds
K: Ew that’s so gross
O: Well you know there are all these rumors about the two of you, I’m not gonna ask her ‘cause she’s shy she’s not gonna tell me but there are all these rumors about the two of you dating, is it true?
R: Kristen’s pregnant
K: He likes to… really loves to like shock people ‘cause he thinks it’s funny. No, no, no we’ve actually had this conversation, he’s actually having the baby because I can’t I’m too. I mean imagine a baby coming out of this thing I mean that’s just like not gonna happen
O: (to Rob) So you’re gonna have the baby
K: Yeah
O: Well we know the newborns are harder to deal with. Newborns are harder. Well last night after he landed in Chicago Robert did something I thought I was really couldn’t believe you would actually agree do it but our producers will ask you to do anything and he agreed to go knock on strangers doors
T: That’s amazing
O: Isn’t that amazing, so he did this for some of Twilight’s biggest fans and watch what happened when Robert Pattinson comes knocking on strangers doors.
Video clips of Rob going to houses in Naperville. (Ah.. he barks at the dog how adorable)
O: I think the only way we could convince you because you were so jet lagged because you had just gotten off a plane
R: I had just gotten into the car and there was already a camera crew in there and they were like okay so we’re going to go to these houses and I was like okay.
O: Thank you and we’ll be right back
O: Twilight is a far reaching phenomenon that transcends generations as you saw in the shot you know people’s mothers are screaming as loud as they are, grown women are devouring the Twilight Series and living vicariously through this love story last week our own Ally Wentworth, mother of two went on a special assignment to investigate the fantasy.
Video of TwiMom’s in southern Illinois. Then a little chat with Ally. Not really worth mentioning much.
O: This is what I want to know. If I were to look in on your, if I were to look into the window of your house on a Saturday night what would I see?
R: I was saying to someone earlier uh probably desperately calling up everyone in my phone book like seeing if anyone at all was doing something anyone who I’ve ever met is doing something ‘cause no one would have called me. So um
(Audience all together now “awwwww”)
O: Why?
R: I ask myself that every time it happens
O: So we peek in on a Saturday night what do we see?
K: I’m such a lame person I’d probably be, I’m obsessed with my cat and I don’t spend a whole lot of time at home and so I’d probably be with I have a very Edward and Bella relationship it’s like very co-dependent with my cat so I’d probably be with him.
O: Okay, we’re looking through the window, first of all are you home?
T: I… I wish it was a Tuesday or a Wednesday ‘cause I’d be watching American Idol. Um Sunday I’d be watching celebrity apprentice um Saturday’s a little difficult for me I don’t know what I’d I’m bored on Saturdays
O: Would you be home Saturday night?
T: Yeah most likely
O: What’cha doin’?
T: I’m seeing if anybody wants to hang out with me too. I mean it’s uh.
O: (To Rob and Taylor) you two should call each other.
T: That’s a fantastic idea
O: Talk about another good sport let’s take a look at what happened when we sent Taylor out for a surprise drop in look at this.
Video of Taylor dropping in on a room full of sorority girls… (Side note: every teenaged boy’s dream, right Taylor?)
O: I was a little scared for you going into that room that was fun. Was that fun?
T: Honestly it was a lot of fun they were all they were great.
O: They were great. I was a little scared for you going into that room. I thought they might rip your shirt off. We’ll be right back, back in a moment.
O: Dakota Fanning plays an evil Volturi vampire in the new movie Eclipse which opens June 30th; she says it was the role she’d been dying to play.
Video clip of Dakota as Jane in Eclipse
O: Welcome Dakota Fanning… Little Dakota all grown up
Dakota: Yeah
O: So I understand this is uh this was a side of you we haven’t seen before you’re evil
D: Definitely
O: Is it fun to be evil?
D: It is very fun. It’s very obviously a different role then I have ever played and um I loved that I got to be one of the bad vampires with the red eyes and the cool costume and I loved getting to play like a real character.
O: Is it true you read all four of these books in one week?
D: I did yes
O: What a luxury. Did you just read them one right after the other?
D: Yeah I just read them one right after the other: I was doing press for another film at the time and so I was on a lot of airplanes and um I read really fast anyway so I just read ‘em I was hooked.
O: What do you love about this story?
D: I love about the story that I mean like you’ve seen on the show people of so many ages can appreciate it and love it and um I mean I know from experience with myself but also my sister is 12 and her and her best friend are obsessed with everything and they have the cut outs of Rob and Taylor and you know they’re actually making um a robot at school and they named it Rob-bot Pattinson
O: Wow that and most beautiful people and I don’t know what else
D: Yeah
O: So you and Kristen worked on another movie that’s um really the Runaway’s and you have become good friends. How would you describe her?
D: Well I mean I’ve gotten to know her very well and especially doing the Runaway’s. The relationship we have in the movie is so important and um you can help but become close with that person in real life and um I mean she has become one of my best friends.
K: She would never tell you what I’m really like
O: Well we obviously know she’s shy yeah but I understand you look up to her too?
K: Yes definitely. I’m 20 Dakota’s 16 and like I’ve always had friends that are older than me and I literally don’t even you know I call her for advice when I’m either freaking out or not sure of something it’s like what do I do? Yeah so
O: Dakota do you feel Dakota I’ve heard other actors say this of you not only are you one terrific actress but that there’s something about you that carries the aura of actually being much older I remember you know hearing other actors say that about you. So do you feel like you grew up and or grew up faster than you normally would had you not been an actress or?
D: Um I think I definitely grew up differently I mean I’ve been working since I was 6 and uh I mean I have a very different life then other you know people my age when I’m working but I mean when I come home it’s so normal I mean like you were all saying I just go home and have you know a completely normal family that’s not involved in the business in any way I mean besides my sister and um so I think it’s nice to maintain that and that helps and so I, no, I don’t think I’ve grown up faster I think I’ve been so lucky to have had the childhood that I’ve had I’ve seen so many things and met so many people and my life has you know only been better for it
O: Yeah but you seem wise beyond your years. I remember Tom Cruise told me once that you were 12 when he was working with you were 12 going on 35
D: Wow
O: Yeah
D: I mean I don’t know some people say that about me I just feel the age I am you know I don’t know
O: Well be right back
D: Very nice
O: I wanted to ask do you have, we always read about this squeaky clean image of yours, that you’ve never smoked a cigarette never had a drink, never never never. Is that true?
T: Um
R: No ha
T: Yeah I mean I guess so it’s kinda just
K: You guess so
O: Not even behind, no really like not even behind the barn or something. You never tried a cigarette when you were you know with your friends
K: That’s a good spot for it
T: Yeah honestly, no, I mean I guess it’s just the way I was raised by my parents and my family
O: Good family
T: Definitely
O: Now so many people who have watched the movies either want you to pick one or the other. If you were choosing the ideal woman for yourself, who would that be?
T: Specifically, I have to choose a lady right now
O: Yeah, specifically what would those qualities be?
R: From the audience
K: Yeah that’s what I was going to say
O: No what are the qualities you are looking for, for a relationship?
T: Uh obviously loyalty um
R: Must like beef patties
K: Must make delicious beef patties
T: That was number two ha ha, um loyalty honesty somebody but you know really important to me is somebody who can totally let loose and pretty much be themselves, have fun
O: Is funny a part, do they need to be funny?
T: Yeah definitely
O: Would you be or are you the funny one in the relationship?
T: I don’t find myself very funny um so I they definitely
O: You would know if you were funny or not
T: Then I guess I’m not funny so they better be pretty funny
O: Okay back in a moment
Short interview with the girl from the carribean. Kristen gives her the ring she wore in twilight and new moon and they take a picture together. (cheese aw)
O: I want to say thank you to Robert Pattinson, to Kristen Stewart, to Taylor Lautner and Dakota Fanning. Eclipse Opens June 30th. Bye Everybody."

The End. I know you could just watch it but this is a way to dissect every little thing they said. Sloppy seconds anyone? Have fun with this. There are many ‘that’s what she said’ moments but I will leave it up to you to find them.

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