Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today is the BIG Day!!!

Ok I'm going to say

HAPPY MUTHA FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY ROB!!!!! (Like my mad photo shopping skillz?)

Ok now to the OPRAH SHOW YAY!!!

It was like reliving a dream today. I can't express to you how I felt about watching this episode of Oprah after being there. I forgot how funny they are. They didn't do too much editing to my recollection; this interview is close to the same as what they said exactly during the live taping(Marie will let us all know if I missed anything after she watches it later today, see this is why I dont work lol).

1) After Rob said Kristen is pregnant, she says but he's having the baby.. Kristen offers that Oprah should be the one to hook up with Rob but they cut that part out.
2) Kristen also says her cat's name but they cut that out (damn for the life of me I can't remember it).
3) BIG one... they go from the part of the interview with Dakota to a commercial break and when they come back it's just the three of them again. This is when Taylor talks about not smoking or drinking because of his good family *awwww* and the type of girl he is looking for someone loyal, funny, can just be themself and "Must enjoy beef patties" Rob he's so hilarious!!!

OK OUR CLAIM TO FAME!!!!!!! When the little girl from the Carribean gets up because she is a fan of Kristen/Bella the green shirt on the left of the screen is Victoria, the pink shirt next to her in the middle is Marie, and on the right the purple shirt w/ black sleeve and the arm that keeps moving is ME!!!! YAY WE WERE ON TV.

I know the picture quality sucks but thats what you get for using good old fashion VHS! No DVR for this girl.

(side note: sorry Kristen they didn't get you that time) Just before one of the commercial breaks they scan the audience in our section but we were really tiny looking :(

Woot woot!!! Girls that was so much fun reliving that experience and I hope you enjoyed our stories of our time at the taping and living it vicariously through us.

PS: I totally heard myself screaming like an idiot and I don't care who knows it :)

Have a great "Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson" day!!!!!! Have a drink for Rob, he would want his birthday celebrated that way!!!!!


PPS: Look for Marie's post later and look for my transcript of the whole episode. This will take some time pausing and replaying the episode but I will do it for you all to enjoy, thank goodness I'm a fast typer!

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