Sunday, May 9, 2010

5 Scenes That Must be in Breaking Dawn

So I ran across an article online today that has listed the top 5 scenes that NEED to make it into Breaking Dawn. They are *drum roll please*

1) The Wedding

2) Honeymoon on Isle Esme

3) Jacob forming his own pack

4)Renesmee's Birth

5)Introductions of new vampire clans.

As far as these scenes go they are very pivotal in the book but I don't know how much they should be considered when making the film... "WHAT!?!" You might be thinking. I think that the wedding, the honeymoon, and Renesmee's birth are on my list of scenes that MUST be in the film *whew*.

Jacob making his own pack can be done quickly and less eventful than the book, we will still get what we need without taking away from other scenes.

And meeting the new vampires should be limited to the most influental in holding the Volturi at bay. Renesmee's gifts should be shown with her and Rosalie and Jake but should only be done to one of the 'guest' vampires. It happens over and over in the book and got quite repetitive.

There are many quirky parts of the book that I would love it if they made it into the movie like; Jake flipping out at the reception, Edward removing the garter with his teeth *oh my*, Rosalie turing a metal bowl into a dog dish for Jake, his incessant blonde jokes, Christmas with Charlie, Edward, Bella, Renesmee, Jacob and the wolf pack and most of all Bella using her gift to show Edward her thoughts *awww how sweet*.

The full article can be found here:

Well that is my opinion. What do you all think??? Are they missing anything that is a must in the film? Only time will tell... roughly 557 days and counting unless there is a leaked script, a girl can dream can't she!


  1. Some scenes that I think must be in BD
    in addition to the ones mentioned.....

    1) When Bella goes to find J.Jenks, and meets Max, and Max is falling all over Bella.

    2) I LOVE when Charlie meets Renesmee the first time, and falls in love with her, and realizes that something is up. :)

    3) Emmett's sexual inuendos, and then the arm wrestling match between Emmett and Bella!

    4)The COTTAGE!!!! Enough said.

    5) Bella realizing she's pregnant on Isle Esme and Edward's reaction. "Can vampires go into shock?" I love that line!

    I'm sure I have more, but RL is calling....have to go to work. :(

  2. Besides these--I am REALLY looking forward to the SMIRK and wave Bella gives Jane when Jane realizes she can't break through Bella's shield. I think that is Bella's defining and shining moment. Truly!

    Definitely the Emmett arm wrestle and inuendos. Funny Emmett will kill!

    The banter between Rosalie and Jacob (FIDO dog bowl)

    Bella yelling at Jacob and as far as I'm concerned she should beat on him a bit when she finds out about the imprint.

    Kate teaching Bella how to throw her shield.

    And God yes everything about that cottage! ;)

    another fun one KC!

  3. Another thing! Edward hearing Renesme in the womb knowing she liked the sound of Bella's voice and jakie boy getting upset and leaving. That is a must!


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