Friday, May 7, 2010

Breaking Dawn

Hey ladies this is my first official post yay!!!

Okay did you hear the news??? Breaking Dawn has a premiere date, so whip out your PDA's, cell phones, and if you are anything like me drag out your old fashion paper calendars. It is November 18, 2011!!!!! Mark it down!

Now I'm just going to go ahead and throw this theory out there but to me this means Breaking Dawn will be one movie. They have not officially come out and said if it will be one movie or split into two. However my logic behind this only being one film is the release date. If they release in 2011 that means shooting on the second film will have to start in 2011 for its release roughly June 2012. Everyone on the cast not only will be one year older, not saying PFatch is old but he is knocking on 40's door and his character is only 23, and the cast is now in high demand for roles in other films. And by 'cast' I mean Robert Pattinson, Water For Elephants anyone Bel Ami?

I think they can make BD one movie if they *gasp* take out some of the Jacob *coughs* crap. Sorry to all you Team Taycob/Jalor people out there but it serves no purpose other than to lead into a Jacob story in the future. I believe there is room to make a Jacob-Renesmee story (I have come up with my own idea I just haven't put it on fanfic yet) so any Jacob alone time or Jacob/Pack time serves no purpose unless they are trying to build up some back story (which I am all for).

I personally believe if James Cameron can make two movies 3 hours long (Titanic and Avatar) then Summit can allow Bill Condon to turn BD into a 3 hour long love fest!!!

So what are your theories??? Some secret backdoor meetings between Rob and Summit execs saying "Please Rob if you do two films we will bank roll you until your head spins and we promise no one will ask you about your non-relationship with Kristen" or did Stephanie put the kibosh on any scenes that involve sexual innuendo so we won't get to see any headboards smashed or pillows defiled so that opens the door to shorten the movie to fit into a 2 hour time span? Or like me are you hoping for a 3 hour long film because you just can't get enough Twilight?

Okay and lastly a special Thank You goes out to the wonderful Marie for allowing little ol' me to write on her blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



  1. Three-hour movie would be fine by me. Less Jacob cr*p, please.

    I only have one theory to offer. Maybe it will be 2 movies but all the footage will be filmed together so as not to worry about age issues. So there might be BD part 1 Nov of 2011 and BD part 2 june of 2012. And I say this because it helps me resolve why we would have to wait SO LONG (16 months!) until any BD in Nov 2011 after only going 7 months from NM to Eclipse.

  2. Yay, Kassie!! Welcome to the world of blogging. Be careful. It's VERY addictive. Based on your first post, I think we're going to be great friends. Anyone who thinks they should take out some of the Jacob *cheers* crap is alright in my book ;)

    In my last post, I mentioned the fact that now that SM is on board as a producer, we can be assured there will be a lot of fade to black sex. (That reminds me, did you think the leg hitch scene in Eclipse was as hot/sexy as the first kiss scene in Twilight? That one still gives me butterflies when I watch it.)

    I also think they could cut out a lot of the back stories/introductions of the vampires who come to witness on behalf of Renesmee. And don't even get me started on the rumor that Bey*nce may play one of the Amazon vampires in BD. I will lose my shit if that happens!! Can't stand her. I digress...

    Have you read Bel Ami or H2O yet? I have read Bel Ami and am reading H2O. Do you have the scripts? If you don't and want them, have Marie email me.

    Ok. To answer your question. The only way I think they can make BD into two movies is if they film Part 1 this fall, take a holiday break, and then film Part 2. If you go on the three-month filming schedule per movie, that would give them almost 8 months for post-production on both movies. They would release Part 1 in November 2011 and Part 2 in June 2012. (Thanks to Twired Jen for putting this theory out there for me to think about.) Having said that, I would also support one, three-hour movie. Dancing With the Wolves and Legends of the Fall are also good examples of epic movies.

    Rob has grown up and has a career now. He already can't play 17. They need to get this thing moving.

    As you'll soon find out, I tend to ramble. Sorry!

    Again, welcome to the "club."

    *waves to Marie*


  3. LMAO!!! See what I mean? I'm typing away and TongueTwied said basically the same thing in a few short sentences.

    @TT - Hey, girlie!

  4. Thank you ladies for replying to my post.. I was a little nervous no one would like it. @TT I never thought about them doing two by filming them back to back... really got me thinking!
    And Lisa No I have not read either H2O or Bel Ami... They are on my wait list from the library and I will soooo be emailing Marie for the scripts *claps to self* yay!!
    And about the leg hitch scene.. one word HOT!!! I just wish she would have gotten more buttons undone ;)

  5. I definitely think that the later release date for BD signals that there will only be one movie. I will be shocked now if they give us two. My prayers are that it will be LONG! I'm not ready for the twi-ride to be over yet. I can't wait for Rob's other movies...Bel Ami and H2O are sure to be amazing movies!!!


  6. @lisa: Hey! btw, a holiday break in between filming would be acceptable in my scenario. LOL

    @kassie-This was a great post! I enjoyed your perspective and giving us a chance to chime in! Thank you!

  7. @ Lisa - You have the scripts for Bel Ami and Water for Elephants????? Can you email them my way....PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!! Pretty Please!

    @Kassie- Awesome post! I had a feeling about you!!!! :)

  8. @Marie - Check your email, girlie! I sent Bel Ami, Eclipse, Remember Me (working title Memoirs), and Water for Elephants :)

  9. @Lisa - You are soooooo awesome! Thank you!!!

    @Kassie - I forwarded them to you! :)

  10. you have an eclipse script!? wow!!!!! very jealous :( im in the UK and have to wait 9 days after the official US release of eclipse!

    Jenny :)


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