Thursday, May 6, 2010

Open Letter to Mr. Robert Pattinson

Dear Rob,

May I call you Rob? I really hope that is okay with you considering we had a connection earlier today that I would call life changing. I am into the Twilight Saga and you make the movies worth watching with your portrayal of Edward Cullen. Now I have been a Team Emmett person ever since I saw the wonderful Kellan Lutz playing Emmett Cullen and hitting it out of the ball park (I hope that’s not too American for you, j/k) with the few scenes he had in the first installment of the film series. While I love Kellan Lutz and his character Emmett; I think you have changed me. Dare I say I am now totally Team Edward?

You were at Oprah bright and early this morning (May 5, 2010), just like my friends and I were. The whole taping was a blur and I was wondering the whole time what I could do to get your attention; without getting myself arrested so flashing you was out of the question. From the moment you walked out onto the stage I was screaming at the top of my lungs, so if you heard one high pitched scream above all the others; it was most likely me. During your interview any time you, Taylor or Kristen looked in my general direction (which was front row of the balcony/behind Oprah on the right of her; from your point of view that is) I fidgeted with my hair or my shirt or just generally made an ass out of myself so any of you would look at me. I think it might have worked, Taylor might have seen me twice and Kristen once… but they were not exactly the people I wanted to notice me. Kristen is a girl so I’m not interested in her and Taylor, while very good looking, is just a bit too young for me. I’m only 24 and so you and I don’t have a large age gap between us. You will be turning 24 on May 13 and I will be turning 25 on May 25. So age isn’t really a problem. Oh have I mentioned you are really hot. I was nearly tongue tied when I saw you but I have the ability to make an ass out of myself when a hot guy is near and my brain never stops my mouth from speaking.

All of this was to get to the grand finale. When you were leaving the set; walking out with Oprah, Taylor, Kristen and Dakota; I was the moron that screamed ROB, really REALLY loudly if I do say so myself. My friends can confirm that I was screaming really loud, and was also waving wildly like a maniac. I was wearing the purple and black shirt. You looked up with somewhat of a bewildered look on your face, but then politely smiled and waved. God damn you are really hot and so freaking polite, you could have just ignored my moronic ass but you didn’t. My friends were with me including Kristen in pink she got us the invite to Oprah, Marie also in pink who is so wonderfully relaying you this through her blog and Victoria in green. My friends and I were all so excited you looked in our general direction and waved. Did I mention you are really polite and very hot? Because you are, so very hot!

I would really like to end this letter to you by stating that I am now 100% Team Edward and 100% Team Rob. I think you have done some really great work with your character in Twilight and did an extremely wonderful job in Eclipse, which as you know the Oprah audience was able to see the night before the taping, when you were out crashing people’s houses around Illinois. If you want to come crash at my house in Illinois anytime it’s an open invitation to you and I will have my house stocked with as much Heineken and Cigarettes you could want. I swear if you want to hide out get in touch with me and I will keep you hidden for a few weeks in seclusion in the middle of the suburbs.

So I just wanted to say, Rob thank you for being so wonderful to your crazy ass fans, which includes me!!!


(Note from Marie - OMG Kassie!  That is the best effing letter I've ever read!!!!!  I'm still lmao!   Thank you for sharing that with us!  You are awesome writer!)


  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I'm really glad you like my letter to Rob and I'm very grateful you were wonderful enough to put it up for everyone to enjoy :)
    Maybe even Rob himself *crosses fingers*!
    Oh and BTW I changed my name I'm a Cullen now lmao!

  2. I'm now 100% twilight junkies anonymous and 200% Rob!

    This letter kicks ass. props to you for yelling. props to rob for acknowledging. I will sooooo be looking for that next week when I watch my recorded Oprah.

    ps don't completely exclude kellan out. I keep hearing good things about fan experiences with him. ;)

    PS and if Rob does read this. You are hawt Robbie boy!

  3. Wow this is a great letter. Rob must read it!!!

    team Robward all the way <3

  4. How you ever stopped yourself from flashing him, I'll never know. Actually, if you did flash him, and then got escorted out by security, I bet he'd be talking about that one for a while! LOL! Nice letter.

  5. @LW - Seriously! Kassie did wait until the end to yell out, so if she flashed him, the show was pretty much over anyway. LOL! The look on Rob's face would have been priceless!!!!


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