Thursday, October 28, 2010

Par-tay Time and Giveaway #2!!!!!!

So what are your plans for the DVD release of 
Eclipse on December 4th?
Do you  have a big party planned or just hanging at home with a bottle of wine and  little Robward?
Tell us in the comments what your plans are 
and you could win........

This Edward and Bella wall scroll!!!!
All you have to do is leave a comment in this post for a chance to win!
(we'll pick a winner Monday)
Plus, Kassie and I just might crash your party!!!!
Just kidding! LOL

But seriously, 

That is one of the things I love about being a Twilight Junkie......the parties!
I love to plan 'em,  I love to throw 'em!
Here are a couple of blast posts from our past
 Twilight Parties......

Of course the planning for the Eclipse party is well under way.
We've had to have a change of location as the hubward is being less than cooperative.
Grrrrr.......I'm sure many of you can relate to my dilemma.


  1. Ladiessss - you KNOW what @17ForeverLisa and I will be doing!! We'll be wearing our beanies, drinking lotsa Jello shots and making fantasy love to Meadoward that night. You're WELCOME to drive down and join us!

    Of course, we'll post pics asap as long as you promise to do the same.


  2. Don't know what I'm doing yet. Hopefully something really fun. I'm working on getting that saturday off from work. Hopefully it all works out. I can't wait!

    @MC: Can't wait to see the pics from your party. You guys are going to have a blast!

  3. I'm working VERY hard to not have to work that Saturday night at my company's holiday open house, grrr! I will do ANYTHING to be with you gals!

  4. I know where I will be on 12/4!!! :) I marked myself as off that day at work, and the day after!! (my Twihangover, the high after is terrible, I need a day to calm down, lol) I can't wait to finally meet you guys!!! Last year when I seen your pictures, I said "awww!!! I wish I knew who they were so we can hang out". I only know 1 adult TM who is as obsessed as I am!!! Last year we kept checking on forums and websites to see if we can find people in Chicagoland so we can crash their party, but nada!!! I make Twilight parties for my daughter each year for her and her friends, even this year for my birthday (this past monday) I made a Twilghty themed dinner party. I did't care! I was the only Twilight fan, lol. Everyone got me Twilighty gifts <3 yay!!!

  5. Of course I will be buying Eclipse on Blu Ray (cause blu ray is the da bomb!, flash i am working and can't make it to the store I will send Adam to buy it for me lol...and I don't care if i have to stay up till 5 in the morning, I will watch it as soon as possible! And of course I will be attending the Eclipse release party...already requested the day off work ;) <3 JACOB <3

  6. You all know what I'll be doing, I'll be all alone in little Rhody, too far away to join ya all. But now I'm counting on the Webcam invite you gave me, as usual living vicariously through others...
    Least you can do is feel sorry for me and let me win something, boohoo. Did it work?

  7. It's a private celebration for me since none of my friends are Twilight Junkies (Yeah, boo hoo for me!) - but here are my plans for the day:

    1) I'll be at Target before doors open in the morning to be one of the first to buy the DVD.

    2) I'll be in my nightgown with take out chinese and a glass or two of white wine.

    3) I may watch 'Twilight' and select* portion of 'New Moon' before 'Eclipse'.

    *"Select" is code for Edward or E/B scenes only! Team Edward all the way, baby!

  8. My plans for 12/4..
    First, stalk target for their exclusive 3 disc DVD of Eclipse! Second, drive like a Cullen all the way home just to hurry and view the features. Third, make some delicious vampirey dishes for the release party and lastly, Attend yet another epic release party!! Woot woot!!!



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