Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Tesoro

The best part of Blogging is the friends we meet through our common interest... Twilight.

Fran is one of those awesome friends we have met though blogging. We are sending a huge Thank You and many big hugs to our friend Fran. Let's list some of the reasons we love you Fran ;)

-You always leave great comments on our posts.
-You send us email's of Twilight things just in case we have missed them, which in all honesty happens a LOT.
-You have a wonderful love affair with EP Edward and are always willing to talk to me about why we love him so much.
-You went out of your way to send us some of the best Twilight gifts EVAH!!!!
Kassie's Goodies From Fran!
Marie's Goodies from Fran!

Marie is really excited that she got far enough in EP finally to get the Toblerone reference! LOL
-You bought things for our Eclipse DVD release party even though you can't actually be there. However you will definitely be in our minds when we are celebrating the release of Eclipse. 
[Note from maybe???]
Yay!  Fran sent us party supplies for the Epic Eclipse DVD Release Party!!!!!!
Fran, from Marie, Kassie and Twilight Junkies Anonymous we are sending you many thanks and virtual hugs. You are a amico meraviglioso*, our tesoro and if we could we would send you EP Edward to tell you in person.

*That was translated by Google translate so I hope it was translated correctly, it's supposed to say wonderful friend

[Note from Marie: Sorry this took me so long to post today....I was totally wrapped up in EP!!!!!  I know you guys are proud of me! LOL]


  1. Fuck yeah Fran! I second all of this! Fran is awesome in her overall enthusiasm for Twilight, Rob, and fanfiction as well as her kind, giving, and good-natured heart.

    Plus her first car was a green '67 Ford Mustang! In the words of Eclipse Emmett, "Bad Ass!"

  2. Wow, I wish I had a friend like Fran. *wink, wink*

    Thanks for being so awesome Fran and I promise to start EP soooon.

  3. To Mia Bella Ragazza,
    (not sure of the plural form)
    Auu, I take a bow in gratitude for all your kind words!! I sooo appreciate you guys for holding my hand, me this newbie, who doesn't even have her own blog, yet you welcome me with open arms. I figured since I can't actually meet you guys in person and join in the fun, I'd send you some gifts instead. I like the webcam idea.
    @TT Another special Tesoro, so kind and patient, even when I haunted you to finish EP already...I love how you acknowledge every dumb ass thing I say, you make me feel less invisible for sure. You were going to get a goodie bag too, but I didn't have your address, but take a look and see what you would have gotten. You can join in on the Eclipse Webcam party!
    @RobzSinger, I've heard that before, so if and when you finish EP, you too will receive a Toblerone candy bar, but you have to read why I'd be sending it to you...
    Thanks again Kassie and Marie, love you both!!!

  4. Ooh loving all the twilight halloween merch! We don't really celebrate halloween here in NZ so none of that here. Fran, you sound amazing. Lovely words from the TJA team.

    I am planning a review post of EP soon - as a tribute to how awesome the story is and to try and entice people to read it (there are some doubters out there). If anyone is interesting in contributing please email me or check out my blog -


  5. @HeartFifty, I'm so in! There's nothing I'm more passionate about right now than EP Edward. Don't anyone throw a shoe at me but I think he has more heart and soul than Fifty. Yup I was bold enough to say that and mean it.
    The Halloween cards I sent were awesome, as you open one it has Rob quoting Eclipse "...I will love you now and forever..." Halloween was never celebrated in a sweeter way! And of course being the EP kinda girl I am, had to send my girls some Toblerone candy for trick or treat.
    Email me when you do the EP thing, I'm vibrating with excitement!!

  6. awww Fran, you sound awesome :)
    I am a new blogger here, so not sure who Fran is, but you rock :)

    that is awesome what you did for them, wish I can meet you now :)

    thanks for doing that for them, they deserve it, YAY FRAN!!!!

  7. @ Lety, thanks! As a newbie, you're in the right place. If you want me to hold your hand, I for sure will. That's me, always trying to be helpful.

  8. Awesome tribute post. Fran, you have a big heart. This fandom never cases to amaze me with its generosity.

    @I_heart_Fifty - Hello? How often do we talk? Not once have you told me I need to read EP.

    *throws show at belladulk* LOL!

  9. @Lisa - *hangs head in shame* OMG. EP is one of the. best. fics. ever. I have even been known to state it's my favourite of all time. Shhh.... don't tell Fifty. YOU HAVE TO READ IT. That is all. xxx


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