Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tribute to Our Friends

It's Day 2 of our week long celebration of 
Twilight Junkies Anonymous's 
One Year Blogiversary
and today we our honoring 
all of the amazing friends we've made
online and in RL over this past year!

I have to start with the ladies that inspired us and many others to start their own blogs

JJ and STY at Twitarded
I know JJ and STY hear that a lot, but it's totally true!  
It was after I started following Twitarded that I thought 
I would like to give this blogging thing a try!
Thanks ladies!!!!!

Additional Shouts outs.......

17 Forever Lisa                Twired Jen                  Musing Bella                       StarlitViolets

Living With Edward          Lindz and CaroSlickLips              Robzsinger         Mama Cougar

Cat         Tigerlily              TongueTwied              Trixie and Tess           Twi-sted Edbrella

Ashley           Cassie V.             Robicorn              Kyla                Bella D. (Fran)

Thanks to all of you and your blogs for making us laugh, inspiring us, 
and stopping by to comment here at Twilight Junkies Anonymous! 
I know we're forgetting somebody....please don't be offended if we did. 
 It wasn't on purpose! I swear!  I'm so nervous I will.
Just drop us an email and say WTF!!! LOL

We have 84 wonderful followers to thank!
Thanks for joining us in this craziness!  
For supporting us and showing us the love in the comments!


I've also made some friends in RL because of Twilight!
Enter Kassie!
Kassie and I met when our mutual friend Kristen (see below)
introduced us at my New Moon party in March.
We hit it off totally, and realized that we were on the same page in every way!
She writes hilarious freakin' posts, she's supportive......she's my bloggy other half! LOL


I actually have known Kristen a bit longer than I've had this blog, but I had to give her a shout out because she is the one who got the call from Oprah's show
and asked Kassie and I to go see the Precious with her.
She's always game for any type of Twilight-related fuckery and is a damn good friend!!!
She has totally made this year special for us!!!!!  Mwah!


Kassie and I were lucky enough to meet some of our bloggy buddies in person this year too!
17 Forever Lisa and Mama Cougar made the trek on up here to Chicago
to go see Eclipse with us in IMAX!!!!!
We definitely need to get together with these amazing chicks again,
this time with adult beverages, minus kids! LOL


We've gotten know so many wonderful Twilight Junkies over the past year through our posts on Twilight Junkie Tuesday!  
Thanks to all of you who have participated and shared your obsession with us.  


I just wanted to acknowledge what I think we all know.  That Twilight is bringing amazing women together to bond over something that we all love and can relate to on some level.
Thanks for being such good friends!!!!!

If you missed yesterday's 1st Blogiversary Post then make sure you get over there!  You can win
New Moon Trinket Box
by leaving a comment on Monday's post!
Good Luck!


  1. awww <3 thanx for mentioning me :)
    you guys were my inspiration to start my own blog!!!!

    I only have 9 followers, people, come follow me!!!!!

    anyways, I wish I would have known about you guys long long time ago, we could have met up at the Oprah show and hung out!!! Well I mean I would have waited for you guys outside Harpo studios and have met up with you outside, lol

  2. Thanks to you two for providing much-needed funnies and plenty of h00rish delights!

    MWAH! xoxoxo

    -SV (Violet Delights)

  3. Who knew that one year later we would find ourselves here, right? It's been an amazing journey!! Meeting bloggy besties has been the biggest bonus. We had a blast that day. Thank you for inviting us, having us into your home, feeding us (your sister needs to sell that potato salad!), and being with me when I had my first IMAX experience. Huh. That sounds kind of dirty, doesn't it? We definitely have to do it the adult version next time. That sounds even dirtier! LOL!

    Here's to another year, girls!


  4. @Lety - You know, I knew Melissa and Erika were outside at Oprah, but I didn't really know what they looked like at the time to try to find them. I am assuming you were with them too!!! It would have been so cool to meet up! We will meet really soon though! I can't wait!

    @SV - I'm glad we can make you laugh! We aim to please! :O)

    @Lisa - I mentioned to MC on FB that we needed to get together again most definitely! Maybe we could all meet halfway or something! :)Thanks again for all the inspiration and beautiful BW Rob on your blog, and thank you again for FSE!
    I'm glad I was there when you popped your IMAX cherry! And it was a Robward in IMAX no less!
    XO - Mwah!!!!

  5. Awww, thanks for the shoutout!

    Congrats on your blogoversary, and for making me laugh xxx

  6. AWE!!!! Thanks for the shout-out Marie and it was awesome to come up & meet you. The highlight for me was being propsed to by your Mini-E. Well, that, and the potato salad, natch.

    (Well...also the spooning with Lisa later that night, but we're keeping that on the down low.)

    We need to plan a "Girls Meet in the Middle" weekend at a hotel somewhere AWAY from hubs, kids and real life. It'll be our own little mini-FORKS adventure. Maybe while you & the girls are on break from school?



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