Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reaffirming My IRWTSMN Committment


I have a secret.
I know this is going to come as a big shock.
Are you sitting down?
Okay, here goes.

I have fallen off the wagon.

Yes, the IRWTSMN wagon.

Shocking, I know!
Can you imagine? 
Chubby chick like me not sticking to a diet???

Yeah, well it's true.
I have not been on my best IRWTSMN behavior, 
and I should be punished! (Rob????)

So today, I decided to recommit to the IRWTSMN program.
I diligently counted my calories.
I got a good walk in before dinner.
I imagined Rob seeing me naked.
So, we're all good, right???? 

One day at a time......

What brought all this on you say?

my daughter secretly video taped me yesterday, 
and I could not believe how fat my arms are!  
Thank God long sleeve weather is around the corner!

there were quite a few pics in our Faux Forks 
post where I think you could pretty much 
show a movie on my ass!

Trixie and Tess did an awesome post last Friday 
(yeah, I'm almost a week behind as usual)
that included some incredible and inspirational
made by Kelly at mydiscomROBulation.
I have to share my absolute favorite -

I'm keeping this one on my phone, 
since I don't want to have to explain to the hubs
what IRWTSMN is! LOL

T and T's post also asked what everyone's inspiration
for losing weight was, so here's mine.
Last November, I had my elementary school reunion
and I really wanted to go in the Bella dress
from New Moon.
Luckily my sis was with me to take pics.  
I highly recommend this when trying on clothes.
If I had not seen myself in a picture,
I might have foolishly bought a dress that looked
absolutely hideous on me!

Exhibit A
Proof that just because they sell it in your size,
does not mean you should buy it!
(ugh, that pic is totes embarrassing!)

This, however, is my inspiration.
To be able to buy this dress and feel good about wearing it.

I know I'm not going to be super skinny.
I never have been.
Then add 3 babies to the mix.....well, you do the math.
I just want to feel good.

So, how's everyone else doing?
Any stumbling blocks?
How are you staying on the IRWTSMN wagon????


  1. Girl, I feel ya! I went back on the diet today because I was just depressed! I LOVE that pic with the chick by the fridge HILARIOUS!!!

  2. H00r down h00r down!!! I have fallen off the wagon too. I just got lazy *shakes head in shame* but I'm sorta back on.. half on... partially on... one leg on... don't you believe me!?!

    But seriously though I think our Faux Forks pics helped me remember why I was on the diet to begin with. I started working out again today hopefully I will see some changes by the Eclipse party. 2 dress sizes seems like a good point to aim for.

  3. You and Kassie get yourselves back on that wagon and together take out whoever pushed you off to begin with.

    You totally could have pulled off the dress!

  4. @Cat - they had a few really good ones, but that was my favorite!

    @Kassie - h00r down!!! LMAO!!!!You crack me up! We are gonna look amazing by the time the Eclipse party rolls around! :)
    What do yo do for your workout? I went walking yesterday and I am finally getting my treadmill fixed next week. It's been broken for almost a year (Jake broke is shortly after I got it) and I could stay on that thing for an hour if I put Twilight on the portable DVD player. At my age though, I'm not sure walking is enough anymore. So I was just looking for workout ideas.

    @TT - Thanks! You are too sweet! Maybe I could have pulled it off if I had the black cardigan over it. That was when the dress first came out and was like $80 and when I saw that pic I was like there is no way I'm paying $80 unless I look awesome (which I do not! LOL).

  5. So funny that you mention the Bella dress. I too tried it on and realized that I am not Bella Swan and I can not wear that dress. It's just not the right style for everyone.

    Good for you for getting back on the wagon!! We all fall off from time to time, but starting back up is what's important.

    That was one of my favorite pics from last week too!! LOL. Makes me laugh every time I look at it.

    We'll have another IRWTSMN post up shortly!!


  6. best way to start a diet is to be sick.. then you arent eating anything... sadly.. it doesnt help with loosing weight quickly like you think it would. But it does help make your stomach a little smaller so when yo are eating again you arent eating as much before you feel full.. But you have to stick with the not eating a bunch otherwise your stomach will stretch and you will need to eat more to feel full..

    plus you eat healthier when you are sick and right after... its just something you have to stick with.

  7. @Marie- I dragged out my workout ball and I'm doing some workout videos. I'm also trying to use things around the house to help me workout. I use our basement stairs as a makeshift stair stepper and use a chair to work on my triceps and other random things like that. I figured my exercise program could be like my life... ordered chaos.

  8. As they say "Knowing is half the battle." You know that you have slid and now you can put yourself back on the road and continue on. One of the things I always try to remember is to not overwhelm myself - meaning I don't want to join gym, change my whole diet, walk everyday, lift weights every day... I wan to choose ONE of those things to start and then add in other things as they fit into my life. I have always been one to overwhelm myself mostly so then I can say I didn't have time or it was too much. Start small and keep doing at least one thing. I think walking is a great place to start. It is easy and you have everything you need to do it already - shoes, clothes (they don't have to be work out clothes for walking) and legs/feet :) tee hee

    Good luck!!

  9. Marie, listen to Dangradne she's right. Focus on one step at a time, something you can easily fit in without adding one more stressor in your life. Look at it as a way to relieve stress not to lose weight, but to be healthy. Good health is the goal, trying to fit in a dress made for Kristen Stewart is way too much pressure unless your 20 years old!
    Of course, I say all this having to lose a dress size myself, since starting to read ff I haven't gotten off my ass and gained ten lbs! I've got a plan though, and if you've got a laptop, give it a try. My idea is to get the laptop close to or on the treadmill, read ff or blogs while I'm walking! So get that treadmill fixed and I'll join you, we'll walk and talk and melt away a dress size!
    Good luck!


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