Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Unless you've been living under a rock (and who knows, maybe you have) you know that 100+ extremely lucky ho0rs made a sacred pilgrimage to the holy land of FOOORRRRKKKKSSSS!!!!!!

We've been following the tweets, looking at the pics and reading everyone's amazing blog posts about their experiences in Forks.  One of the things I think I'm getting from everyone's comments and posts is that the best part of going to Forks, was meeting and hanging out with fellow Twitards and bonding over the shared experience.
So it's not always about location, right?

Well......since we couldn't get to Forks, we thought we would bring a little Forks to us.
Kassie decided about a month ago that we HAD to do something the weekend that everyone else was in Forks. So I started scouting around the area for Twilighty things, that kinda made us feel like we were in Forks.  
So while most of Twitardia was in Forks........Kassie, Kristen, Marissa, my sister Barb and myself spend the Saturday in Faux Forks.  
And like the real Forks trip, the best part was just hanging out, talking about Sparkle Peens and FanFic while drinking and taking crazy pics.

I now present to you, for your viewing pleasure we present...........

Our first stop......the Cullen home.
We tried ringing the doorbell, but there was a sign on the door that said "Gone Hunting".
Just as we were about to leave.....guess who showed up?

Fun-sized Edward told us he would show us where Bella's house was.
Follow me ladies......

Edward was going so fast.....he's a freaking blur!!!!!
Here we are at Bella's house.....

We decided to spend some time 
with Edward in the meadow

"Marry me"

"Marriage is just a piece of paper....and I just want a piece of your ASS!"
Um, definitely some major cropping on this one!  


The City of Forks was very welcoming

Edward was just a little too late to save Waylon 
or as we so lovingly refer to him ....Butt-Crack Santa
The boat house where Butt-Crack Santa sadly lost his life
So, we totally found the place where the Black Eyed Peas killed 
the Dad from Wizard's of Waverly Place!  
Wait......wrong movie!

No "Bella" don't jump (that water is dirty)

"Bella" after she takes her jewelry off just as she's about to jump.

"Bella" don't do it! Unless you want to be saved by a smelly dog.

No "Bella" Victoria is in that water don't step off that rocky ledge.
What a nice day for a wedding *hmph* intruding on our Faux Forks trip.

They are Pocket Edwards, no? LOL
And BTW - this is the pic I need to stick up on the fridge
next to the IRWTSMN pics!!!!!  Yikes!

Yes, it is true.....Edward sparkles AND the sun shines out of Edwards ass!!!!

Why so serious Ed?????

TheOnlyMrs.(Kassie)Cullen and UtterlyAbsurd Bella

Edward likes playing hide and seek
but I think he cheats he's so fast it's like he is in three places at once.

We are now entering our final approach to Sea-Tac

aaaaah Prom

"Edward, you are a great prom date."
"Um, Barb I know this is prom and all but do you think we could wait until we are alone?"
Barb, Marissa, Kassie, Edward, Kristen and Marie

Marissa and Kassie just having a little fun skipping with Edward in the Gazebo.
"Edward say whaaaa?"
"Very niiiiiice Edward"
"Kassie, eyes up here"
Finally some alone time after prom!
Ooooh, who is that handsome, mysterious stranger in the car behind us?
I don't if anyone was staring at Barb while she was driving alongside Edward, 
I was too busy pissing in my pants laughing!!!!!
Time for some drinks... Cullen Pub style

 As with most things we do on this blog, 
this little photo shoot was for shits and giggles and 
there may have been some alcohol involved.  
No FSE's or Mini E's were harmed in the process.

Thank you for following our little journey through Faux Forks.
Special thanks to Barb, Kristen, and Marissa for participating with us.
And an even more special thanks to Edward 
for going along with us on our journey and doing everything we asked.
(and we mean EVERYTHING! mwhahahaha!)

One last thing......
THIS is by far, our favorite pic of the day!
This pic totally reminds me of Lisa!
It's B&W of course and the FSE on the right is the one she brought me
back in July when we went to see Eclipse in IMAX with her and Mama Cougar!
Note to Lisa - I told you we had plans for FSE the weekend you were in Forks!

We took a whole shitload of pictures so if you are sitting around looking for something
to amuse yourself with, you will find all of them with a little clicky.....


  1. OMG This is so cute and funny. I wish I had someone around here that I could go out in public with and play with FSEs in the woods. That would be so much fun!!

  2. Oh my goodness that was hilarious!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of the FSE's hiding in the trees. I am glad you enjoyed Faux Forks, next time I hope you get to go to the real Forks with us!!

  3. OMG this was CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!! Well done ladies, you had me in stitches the ENTIRE time. I am so giving you some twitter pimping for this one. Awesome, looks like you had so much fun!

    xo Missed you in FOOOORKS btw ;)


  4. That's hilarious! Love love love the B&W shot, totally made me think of Lisa too.

    Wish I had some FSEs, ooh the fun I could have. Bet you got some strange looks with him in the car.

    Brilliant xx

  5. OH come on! You guys are killing me! I have tears running down my face and I just keep cracking up.

    Love your 'vision.' And love that you guys all got together to have so much fun. I was humming Flightless Bird during the prom pictures. ;)

    still LMAO!

  6. @LwE - I have to say I'm really lucky to have some Twitarded friends around here that are willing to some crazy stuff! LOL

    @DD - I really hope that we can make it to the real Forks next time too!

    @Jen - Thanks! and thanks for the pimpin!!!! Your tweets made us feel like we were kinda there! ;)

    @I_heart_Fifty - I have to tell you, when we were taking turns laying in the meadow with FSE, we were right off of the bike trail and a bunch dudes came by on bikes! God only knows what they were thinking....and of course we just start giggling like school girls! LOL

    @TT - Speaking of Flightless Bird.....we do have some video too! LOL

  7. OME, that last pic had me LMAO!! Good job ladies, I totally enjoyed this post!!!

  8. OMG. I seriously just peed myself. This is so f-ing funny. You had me at the blurry edward... and then the meadow pics. Too classic.

    There DEFINITELY should have been some video taken of this trip. I would love to talk SOMEONE into a Forks trip Version 2.0 and I would LOVE to be in the room next to you ladies! Too freaking hysterical. I might even pay someone's plane ticket if they'd agree to sit next to the cardboard Edward on the flight.


    I was reading your blog this morning in bed and literally pissed my granny panties.

    These pics are HILARIOUS Kassie & Marie!! I love that you ladies found a way to make the best of your absence in FORKS!! Faux Forks looks awesome!

    Now....listen to me carefully. Go to the bank this weekend and open your "Super Secret Forks Fund". Because we are going to do this again SOON and you just can't miss it this time!!


  10. OMG! This is adorable!1 :-) I want local Twi-friends. You all are awesome!

  11. HYSTERICAL! Loved it!

  12. OMG, that is fucking AWESOME! I love how you all got a turn at molesting the FSE! Is he still in one piece, that's what I want to know?? Poor FSE... bet he'll be walking funny for weeks. Nice work ladies. Aaaaaaaand we did miss you terribly in Forks!

  13. Hello everyone
    I stumbled over here from STY's retweet and I've gotta say...the FSEs playing hide and seek in the wood is AMAZING!!! Cackled like a hyena!!

  14. Damn all of you! I woulda totes driven an hour and a half for the fun! sneaky girls ;) LOVE IT!

  15. I loved it. So jealous. I wish I could frolic with you girls and Edward.

    I covet the Edward in the woods pic.

  16. @Musing Bella- Thank you that is def one of our favorite pics of the day

    @twopeas1pod- we did take a video of me dancing with Edward at prom… we have to get that up… Flightless Bird was our first dance :)
    Do NOT tempt me with a free plane ticket to sit next to FSE… I would sooooo do it, I have no shame lol

    @MC- I will have to get over to the bank and open a Forks Fund… mine won’t need to be secret but Marie’s will LOL

    @Heather- Thank you we are very lucky to have friends that are so awesomesauce to come out and act a fool with us

    @Anonymous- Thanks we really appreciate it :)

    @Latchkey Wife- FSE was walking with a bit of a limp ;) but other than that he was fine… thanks for the re-tweet :)

    @Cat- Next time you are so IN

    @Pocket Edward- Edward was a gentleman in the woods you def would have enjoyed frolicking with all of us.

    Thank you everyone for your kind words, for those of you that were in the real Forks know that we were thinking of you and all the fun you were having and those of you that were not in Forks we were thinking of you too. Without you all we would not be inspired to do these crazy fun things. Next time you want in on our crazy plans we would love to have you :)

  17. Oh my! I'm gonna piss myself! This is so funny! It looks like you guys had as much fun as we did in Fooooorks. [And you didn't have to travel sixteen and a half hours to get there!]

    You are so lucky to have found each other! I don't have any real life friends who are Twitarded. But I definitely would drive up to PA to take pictures with LwE sometime! [Unless she lives in Pittsburgh or some where in way western PA.] OK. Yeah, I would probably still do it . . . just put the full-size Edwards and the Pocket Edwards in the Volvo and drive. Just sayin' . . .

  18. @TheRugbyMom - LwE and myself live in eastern PA, you can come play with us :)

  19. Where to start? First I loved the Cullen House, beautiful! Kassie, you naughty girl, "...marriage is more than a piece a paper, my ass.." and the leg hitch!
    I'm with rugbymom, wish I lived near you all, hang out and share in the blissful fun, you made looking for Forks so much fun. I loved all the poses with the various Edwards.
    Thanks, this post was so much fun.

  20. LMFAO!!!!! This is epic! Hell, the places you went to look more like the real deal than the ones we toured in FORKS.

    Loved this: Yes, it is true.....Edward sparkles AND the sun shines out of Edwards ass!!!!

    Oh, shit. That's just too funny. Great job, girls. Glad to see your putting b&w FSE to good use ;)




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