Friday, October 1, 2010

Bill Condon's Special Note and What it Means to Me

Our captain of the first installment of the last two chapters of the Twilight Saga sent out a special note to the fans through Facebook... You can read it in it's entirety HERE

I just wanted to point out what I am most excited about... Michael Wilkinson is the costume designer!! For those of you that are not familiar with this man or his work (which I wasn't until I googled him and found out he designed for some moves I absolutely love) he has designed costumes for such films as Watchmen, 300, Rendition, Nanny Diaries, and Moulin Rouge. The list is even longer and can be found at his site HERE.

So these films are all on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to costume design. 

Watchmen for example is a film based off a graphic novel of the same name. He did a spectacular job translating the work of the artists onto the screen. I was amazed at how accurate he was able to keep the costume designs to the original works. 
Click each title to take you to Michael's site to see his costume designs

300 "Sparta!!!!", who can forget Gerard Butler in that barely there costume. It's all fighting and militarization and buff hot men wearing minimal clothing *whew* 

Rendition was a great film that covered all types of characters from Washington DC big wigs to a man being held as a POW, very powerful film and Michael's wardrobe choices reflected the characters and their situations perfectly.

Nanny Diaries is about a young nanny working for an overbearing mother the costume choices were a reflection of the upper class and a working college student. He can do the outlandish costumes but can also get the look of everyday type folks ;)

Moulin Rouge this movie is visually dynamic and the wardrobe reflects the musical aspect of the film. The choices he made are great for the type of film it is and has shown that to be true on the many different films he has worked on. 
(Disclaimer: There are only two movies on this list that I have seen multiple times Watchmen and Rendition so if anything I have said about the others you find to be incorrect I blame it on the zillions of movies I have seen and just slight confusion and possible head injuries that may have caused me to have said slight confusion, wait what was I talking about, where am I...)

But let us all pray to whatever each and every one of us believes in that Michael's costume choices are a reflection of the characters we all know and love and follow the same pattern that all of his other films follow, let the character drive the choices and not just new trends or god awful story descriptions (blue blouse and a long khaki skirt... *just threw up in my mouth a little*)

So Mr. Wilkinson we are counting on you to make this the best dressed Twilight cast EVAH!!!!
Don't f*ck it up, okay?

PS: Sorry for the lack of pictures.. I don't want to get in trouble for improperly citing the pics I use or just call it what it is sheer laziness but seriously check out the links I have provided you will not be disappointed!


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  1. I think we will love Breaking Dawn no matter what. And all the little things that they fuck up will just give us stuff to make fun of on the blog. LOL!!!!


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