Friday, November 13, 2009

The "O" Show - Stephenie Meyer

Okay, so I read the release that I signed and it said you could not blog about the show, so I will just call it "the show", okay. You all know what show I'm talking about. Of course no electronics of any kind, but I have few Pics from the signing.

First of all, apparently it doesn't matter what time you get down there. We got there at about 6 a.m. and were assigned #40 & 41. We're thinking, cool - good seats. Nope. After sitting in the waiting room for 1.5 hours, it seemed liked they were going to start calling by numbers. They start calling names instead. We kept waiting, thinking they would call me. Nope. Finally we got called in the cattle call. So we got crappy seats. So we got there in the dark for nothing. Oh, and this was hilarious. Barb told me to grab the cards from the Twilight game to occupy ourselves while we waited in line. They confiscated them until after the show. I thought that was funny. Barb is like "What, are we going to use them as ninja stars?". LOL
Stephanie was beautiful and gracious. During commercial break, she mentioned how cool it was to watch the movie last night with all of us. Yay!!!! She is just so awesome! There was no big secret. She said she had originally written the ending to New Moon differently. That was it. And nobody asked her about Midnight Sun......until.....(It's coming)

After the show, we were given the boxed set of the Twilight series (an $83 value!) and then sent across the street to the "O" store to get one book signed by Stephenie. We could only pick one book, so I thought "Twilight" would be the know, it's the original. While we waited, Barb ran back to the car to get phones and cameras - so we took a few pics to occupy our time.
Here they are:
Me with Harpo behind me

Barb with Harpo behind her

So when we finally got to Stephenie, Barb (who is much braver than I am) straight out asked her if there was any chance she would be finishing Midnight Sun. She didn't say no, she just said she was really busy and needed to take a break from Vampires.
Anyway, here are the pics.....she is so gorgeous!

Stephenie answering Barb's question about Midnight Sun, while signing my book. it is..................................


  1. WOO HOO Though I must say the Movie Preview was way more awesome than "The ----- Show" ( I read the release too!)

  2. Awesome! It looks like you had a fab time - and I don't know why but it is cracking me up that Stephenie drinks her water from a wine glass - lol! I guess there no other way she'll even need a wine glass and why deprive herself of the entire experience, right? Um, or something like that... Glad it went so well - is IS really cool that you got to do this - and to watch NM with her - i am STILL so jealous (but in a good way)!

    : )

  3. *le sigh*

    I would love to have a signed copy of Twilight.

    I think meeting Steph is the ultimate...right under Rob, of course. :) Without her, none of this would even be possible! We owe it all to her!


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