Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Can't Wait For Eclipse

I'm going to see New New Moon is amazing. I love it....what's not to love. However, New Moon is my least favorite book in the Twilight series. It might have something to do with, I don't know.....the fact that Edward is missing in most of the book! UGH! I am being completely honest when I say I have read the whole series about 15 times, but I have to come clean. A few of those times when I got to New Moon, I skipped the HUGE chunk where Edward is gone.

Ghosty Edward is just not the same

So I started thinking, if my least favorite book was such an awesome movie, then what can I expect in June, when my 2nd favorite book comes out as a movie in the hands of a good director? I love to listen to the books on my MP3 player in the car going to and from work and yesterday I was listening to Eclipse. Chapter 20 to be exact.....Compromise. My favorite chapter in Eclipse. Bella trying to steal Edward's virtue and in her desperation to do so, agreeing to marry him. My favorite line...."Look what's become of you, trying to seduce a vampire". Edward getting down on one knee. AHHHHHHHHH! Okay, so I listened to that chapter twice yesterday. LOL So now I'm picturing Rob and Kristen in this scene and thinking that it is going to be amazing. I am a proponent of Robsten, okay. Whether or not they are together remains to be seen, but if they are not, then they should be.......
they are friggin adorable together.
Anyway, I going off on a tangent...sorry. My point is, that all this excitement about New Moon, what I really can't wait for is......ECLIPSE!!!!! (Don't even get me started on Breaking Dawn) Eclipse is going to be EPIC.....I am already counting down the days!!!!!!

Is this the meadow scene at the end of Eclipse????

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