Wednesday, July 13, 2011

25 Things About UAB!

Yeah, I caught the "25 things about me" fever!  
So here is a list of 25 things you may or may not know about
UtterlyAbsurd Bella

Forgive me for all the pictures - but I am a very visual person!
(that was a freebie fact about me! LOL)

1.  I am a planner

 A pain in the ass, have to know all the details, write lists kind of planner.  I had to know the gender of each of my kids because I had to plan ahead!  

2. I am a Beatlemaniac.  
(I flove these bitches!!!!!)

Some of you already know this, but it's worth repeating as being a Beatle fan has been a significant part of my life since I was 13.  I went to Beatlefest (now called "The Fest for Beatles Fans") every year for like 20 years starting in 1982 - there was a lot of underage drinking and overage drinking over the years! 
Good times....good times.....

3. I do have some artistic ability
 I enjoy drawing and I wish I had time to take some art classes so I can tweak my skillls.  I did take Art as a major in H.S. but I think I would benefit from more classes as an adult.   I was even brave enough last week to open a deviantArt page.  They may kick me out because I suck, but what the hell......
You can check it out kind. 

4. I have the worlds tiniest, weakest bladder.

  It's a running joke among my family and friends.  One time I even cut in front of a pregnant lady at White Sox game!  Anywhere I go, everyone asks me where the bathroom is.....because I would know! LOL  

5.  I used to work at Penthouse Magazine.
Yeah, I did.  During college, I worked there part time as an office assistant.  When I graduated, I got promoted to Office Manager where I worked until I found a teaching job.  Now keep in mind, I worked at the Chicago Ad Sales office which is really not as exciting as it sounds.  However I did get to meet the Julie Strain (the Penthouse Pet above) as well as my boss at the time -  Penthouse owner, Bob Guccioni.  I also saw my share of misdirected polaroids of chicks under the delusion that they could be a Penthouse pet.  Those were always good for a laugh around the office.

6. In High School, I was a pom pon girl.

That's me.....second from your left.

7. I remember tiny details about everything.
I literally can pretty much look at any item in my house and remember where and when we bought it as well as any story that goes with the item.  If it was a gift, I can tell you who gave it to me and for what occasion.  Don't even get me started on Xmas ornaments for the tree - I know them all!  Even the ones from students I had 15 years ago!!!!  It's crazy!  

8. I have been to 3 Wiggles concerts.  
That's my youngest - Matt at age 3

Yes, I took these.  And yes, I STILL think Anthony (blue Wiggle) is HOT!!!!

9. I got close enough to Paul McCartney to take pictures.

This is me and my BFF Jacki falling apart after he left!

10. I met INXS and the GoGo's in the same night
With Charlotte Caffey from the GoGo's - Belinda Carlisle was totally drunk and  walked right passed us.
This was 1984 - and INXS opened for the GoGo's!

Me with Gary Beers - INXS

Me getting a kiss from Tim Farris - INXS

Getting Tim Farris's autograph
Michael Hutchence was totally wasted too and staggered passed us and into the hotel. :(

11. I love tap water as long as it's from Lake Michigan.

12. My sister Barb is my best friend.
Always has been.....always will be.

13. I grew up in an apartment above a hardware store on the Southwest side of Chicago.
This is the actual hardware store I lived above!  I googled my old address on google images, and it came up!  Back then it was an Ace Hardware.....and I hated living there.

14. I cut hair.
I am not trained in any way to cut hair - but my husband hasn't had anyone but me cut his hair in like 20 years.
  I do the boys hair too.

15. I was a Girl Scout until I was in High School
( I really am a SUPERGEEK!)
I'm the 2nd on the left and my sister is 2nd from the right

If you read the FF "There Will Be Blood" -
 this is my and my sis standing in front of Holy Name Catherdral.

16. I was named after my grandmother.
Luckily I was named after her middle name - her name was Eunice Marie.  
My mom always teases me that she wanted to name me Eunice! 

17. Champagne makes me cry.
Every. Freakin. Time.

18.  I saw Pope John Paul II

The Pope said a special mass at our church and I was one of the lucky Girl Scouts from my church to be chosen to attend the mass.  It was a big deal back then.

19. I am a Harry Potter geek!  Totally!
Before Twilight came along, I was happily reading and rereading my Harry Potter books, spending hours playing Harry Potter Trivia on Facebook.  
(Now I'm even happier reading Twilight and even happier still reading FF!)

20. I HATE, I repeat HATE 3D movies.
Apparently these are 3D glasses for Harry Potter....won't be needing these!
Just give me good old fashioned 2-D - thank you very much.
Maybe it's because I have to put the 3D glasses over my real glasses - which I need to see the movie,
but it sucks.

21. I love to cook and bake and I am a Pampered Chef junkie!!!!
I seriously have almost everything pictured here!

22.  I did not start driving until I was 25!
And this was my car....well not THE actual car
but it was brown and tan 82 Ford Fairmont. 
 My husband (well boyfriend at the time) bought it from
 his grandfather to give to  me as a Christmas present!
I guess I never really needed a car before when I lived in the city.
No a/c but at least it had FM radio! LOL

23. Teaching was not my first career choice
 - it was Sound Engineering
I went to Columbia College for 2 years after HS and majored in
Arts, Entertainment and Media Management - specializing in Sound Engineering.
Turns out, that was not a good career for me.....since I don't have a penis.

24. I love "The Office"!
I have to admit, the very first time I watched "The Office", my reaction was ....meh.
Then I gave it a second chance and now I flove this show!  
It's like one of my favorite shows of all time.
I'm a comedy person....not so much drama.  There's enough of that in RL.

25. My mom has a HUGE family!
She has 14 brothers and sisters - so I have a lot of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.
This picture is from our last Family Reunion and it is just a fraction of my grandmother's grandchildren!
Don't even get me started on her great grand children!!!
The numbers are mind-boggling!

So there you have it - 25 things about me.
If you haven't had a chance to share some things about you
go ahead and tell us in the comments!



  1. Wooo Penthouse! Naughty ;)

    I see stalking celebrities has been a lifelong activity of yours LOL! See I knew I should stick with you... now let's go find Rob!!

    I got my middle name from my grandma.. my first name would have been Marie but my Mom wanted to keep with the letter "K".

    I love getting drunk off of champagne.

    I don't like the Office only what came from it "That's what she said."

    You do have a huge family... I thought mine was huge but clearly 14 aunts and uncles on one side beats the four on each of mine :)

  2. LOL! I love this! So, I'm still blown away by the Penthouse thing!
    I'm w/Kassie! Let's go find Rob!

    I'm named after both my Grandma's too! - Mary (marie-french)and Elizabeth (my paternal grandma's middle name.) Although, I was supposed to be Elizabeth Marie - dad got to the nurse first. Didn't want a "Lizzie".

    One of my best friends is my Aunt Ei. She's 9 yrs older than me and her youngest is 6 mos younger than my son. We're more like girlfriends than aunt/niece.

    I've been with my Husband for 22 years. We dated for 3 yrs, moved in together and then married in 1995.

    I was blonde for 7 years. Platinum to champagne and in between.

    Bwahahaha! w/v billstat! I could used that phrase last friday!

  3. This is awesome. I loved learning more about you Marie.

    The Champagne making you cry part had me giggling. Wine tends to bring out most of our weepy sides, but funny that's it is specifically champagne for you.


    xo J

  4. The thing that stands out the most is how creative you are. I checked out your art work, awesome. It's no wonder you are a great mom and teacher, takes lots of creativity for both those roles. Cooking is artistic too, I know this first hand, that Italian cream cake was beautiful to look at and delicious to eat!
    I'm with everyone else, Penthouse? Really? Wow. So after being surrounded by THAT crew, our party was like a Girl's Scout gathering I guess.
    Loved learning more about you!

  5. yay! so fun!

    anthony wiggle ftw! lol (my fifty visual, not in the blue shirt though. a long black wool coat.)

    i was a pom pon girl too! 5-6-7-8!

    how many guys asked you to get them a free subscription to penthouse?

    loved this.

  6. So many amazing things. You have lead an incredible life. I especially love the black and white picture of you and your sister - it is so sweet. I really loved reading all your items and the pictures. Great post and thank you for letting us get to know you better.

  7. @ MKC and HB - Wow - yeah - I guess I am pretty much stalker! LOL Stick with me girls!!!

    @Jen - It must be the bubbles!

    @Fran - I am definitely left brain dominant. Working at Penthouse was actually way more boring than you could ever imagine. Just a bunch of Ad Sales guys going on calls all day at Ad agencies. Friday's party was MUCH more exciting!

    @Robzie - I comped a few guys with subscriptions, but then I would also send them gigantic envelopes filled with copies of Penthouse and Variations. Once I sent an envelope to one my husband's buddies and it was so jammed with mags that it was busting open by the time it get to him and the mailman saw it and thought he was a total perv! LOL

    @DD - It's been a wild ride! LOL Now it's so boring! LOL Just kidding - never a dull moment here.

  8. I've met INXS too. Got a hug and a kiss from both Michael and Timmy. :)

    1. I'm so glad you came across my little post TimGal! :)
      I've been such a blog-fail, so it was a nice surprise to get a comment.
      I'd love to hear about when you met INXS!!!


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