Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday 17foreverlisa: Welcome to Second Base

Welcome to Second Base or as you might refer to it... The position Schumaker plays ;)
Depending on the game there may or may not be a lot of action on this particular base, well today Schumaker would be pretty darn busy at second.

We all have a little something to say about some of the wonderful times we have spent with you, in New York, at the 100 Monkeys show and during many many other shenanigans!

Lisa, you were one of my very first bloggy friends and that is probably going to be a trending topic on this day. Meeting new people is something I have struggled with in the past, but meeting you was just amazing. If it weren't for you, MamaCougar and BellaTesoro I never would have plucked up the courage to actually consider flying half way across the country just to follow Rob. 
17foreverlisa, MrsKassieCullen and MamaCougar on our flight to find Rob in the Big Apple
This picture

and this video would have never happened if it weren't for you!

We not only got to spend time together in New York meeting up with bloggy friends 
BellaTesoro, Robzsinger, 17foreverlisa, MrsKassieCullen, DangrDafne
MamaCougar, tatoomickey, MrsKassieCullen, redcarpetninja, 17foreverlisa
and making new friends
17foreverlisa, jorgie20, robzsinger, MrsKassieCullen, BellaTesoro, laureate04
we also got to get up close and personal with not only this gorgeous man...
Pic courtesy of BellaTesoro
But we tracked down this fine piece of cowboy on the New York streets too!
Leg hitch, baby!

You and I also got to experience Eclipse in IMAX, 100 Monkeys, a toy party, and your very first Chicago White Sox game together.
Who are these two with all the luck getting FREE fifth row tickets on the first baseline to a game the day of... not even 20 minutes before first pitch?
It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Carlos Quentin!
Happy birthday Lisa. I'm really happy we got to do so many of these wonderful things together.
I love ya!


Dear Lisa,
I know you are going to hear this many times today, but you were one of my first bloggy buddies too!  Do you know why?  Because you are a kind, warm, and outgoing person.  You make people feel comfortable in this fandom, and that is what you have done for me!  Your blog was one of the first blogs I followed and you are definitely one of my inspirations for starting Twilight Junkies Anonymous!

When I found out that we lived in the same state, I thought that maybe there was a chance that we might be able to meet up someday.  So when you and Mama Cougar agreed to make the 3 hour drive up here to see Eclipse in IMAX with us, I was beyond thrilled!  Not only did you make the trek up here, but came bearing gifts and presented me with my very own FSE!  I can't tell you how much that gift meant to me.  Seriously!  I could have never went out and bought that and brought it into this house without a huge fight.  Now when my husband sees it and rolls his eyes - I get to say "LISA GOT IT FOR ME!" (heeheehee!)  at which time he usually responds with a sarcastic "I'll have to thank Lisa for that" LMAO!  
Mama Cougar, MrsKassieCullen, FSE, UtterlyAbsurd Bella and 17ForeverLisa

Kassie and Lisa paying homage to our dear Fifty Shades!

Group shot before departing for the movie

Of course experiencing Edward on a 52 feet by 98 feet size screen (I looked it up!) with you was EPIC.  However, I would say the best part of the day was meeting you, having lunch together and bonding with you and MC over potato salad and leg hitches!!!!
Here's a little scrapbook page to commemorate our day!


Have a wonderful birthday Lisa! 
Love you!!!!
UAB Marie


When I first entered this on line world, I didn't just jump in. It's not my nature to dive in head first into anything. I lurked, I peeked in, I tested the water one toe at a time. UAB, was my first blog buddy, and she gave me a friendly gentle push in, she was my Angela. Entering into this new world, I felt like Bella did as she enrolled mid year into Fork's High School. I silently visited sites enjoying everyone's different flavors, never seeking to be noticed but wanting to know more about the mysterious “Cullen-like” creative women who were already here. In typical Bella fashion, I stumbled onto “17 forever... Growing up is overrated” and took in it's playful essence, I felt like I'd come home. I could relate because when I look into a real life mirror, like Bella did in New Moon, I see the me the world sees. Yet, inside, the true me is a spirited girl that still wants to come out and play, be naughty, talk about hawt boys, support other girlfriends, and just have fun. Lisa's site made that image of me reflect itself, with giggles, and all manner of playful banter. 

Her posts told me she loved her family first and foremost and I could relate to that. She loved Rob, and the fan girl in me got to swoon over him in a place where it was understood why I would want to. She was not cold and vampire hard though. But she's got that Cullen something about her that “lures you in.” I know her now to be Alice like in charm, bad ass protective like Rosalie, Edward like in her passion, Emmett in teddy bear cuddly (I know this now first hand, so soft and warm) and non judgmental and supportive as Carlisle and Esme. Lastly, she's Jasper down home easy. When you're in her presence you just feel safe and calm. Like Bella, and as she turned to see the Cullen's enter the cafeteria, I viewed these sites in a similar way. I wondered who these awesome popular kids were. At first I felt like you were out of my league until I met kiTT. In Rosalie like fashion, she told me to put on my big girl panties, pushed me into the water and said, just swim already. She pointed me in the direction of Lisa, and dam if she wasn't right, knowing we'd have the perfect connection.

Lisa grabbed hold of my hand and made me look down into the deep ocean, feeling safe. I trusted her enough and together we jumped off (thanks conversed/Kate for these 17 Men analogies.) And look at where we landed: New York, Chicago, front and center of Rob's world, and smack in the arms and music of Jackson and his 100 Monkeys: 

New York the Big Apple, love at first bite. 

Yup, growing up is overrated, we got our wristbands to see Rob!!!

Chicago is our kind of place: Me, Naughty HBMarie,
pretty in pink 
Kassie, the birthday girl 17Forever and my cherry popper UAB Marie.

This is the view you get for buying 100Monkeys VIP tickets. 
Yeah, let's stay 17 forever, the view is sweet! 

Of ALL the people Lisa could have picked to share her meet/greet with, she picked ME!
Thought I died and went to Jasper/Jackson heaven. 
Look at Lisa preparing to meet her Idol, yeah being a teen is fun.

A shout out to kiTT from her Mohawtie.

That's right Lisa, hold on tight and enjoy your Jackson moments... 
I did. Being the 17 year old hoor that I now feel safe to be, I even asked and got myself a Jackson hug.
He squeezed me with Jasper like strength. Can you tell my girlie parts liked it?! 

A stroll through Navy Pier. Can you tell how happy it makes me spending time with Lisa?!

Last but not least, Lisa indulged me in my EP Mob obsession. Here we are, DoubleDippin, Me, Lisa, and thanks to Kassie, visiting Mt. Carmel cemetery and Al Capone's grave.
Yeah, Lisa is my Jasper's shoulder, the soft place I lean into... 

Thank you for being the star that I wished on, thank you for the hand to hold, and mostly thank you for jumping along side of me. I will be 17 Forever with you, never growing old... 

I hope Lisa, you will enjoy these birthday gifts, the ones you helped me create. I hold each and every memory, not hiding them behind any framed pictures but rather out in the open where everyone can see and enjoy them.
Love you hard for making me see and be seen. 

Happy 17th Birthday, with many more sweet ones yet to be...


Happy Birthday Lisa!!!!
I first talked Lisa when I won the chance to do the first “Twi-People” cover on TongueTwied.  Lisa and kiTT were wonderful with me and encouraged me to get ‘out there’.  Now, I’ve done a few posts  for TT and this here little ole blog.  If you've never had the chance to meet or even talk to Lisa, you really 
She funny, smart and fabulous. 

While Lisa and the gals were in for the 100 Monkeys Concert, I planned a ‘toy’ party.
Long story short…It’s All Emancipation Proclamations fault!

I received a tweet from her the night of the party:
“Heading out for a night of debauchery with HisbellaMarie”
We had 2 Free Standing Edward’s and both joined in on the fun!

Lisa was the best and kept refilling my wine glass, but unfortunately now, there is little I
remember from the party.

We tested out lubes, lotions and dusts.  Played with some toys and some even had their pictures taken with Edward.

There aren’t any photos with the ‘toys’.  What you do with the toys at the toy party, stays at the toy party!
I am so happy I got to spend that time with Lisa and the girls! 
I hope there’s more ‘debauchery’ to come!
utterlyabsurdbella, doubledippin, mrskassiecullen, FSE, Barb, Lisa, hisbella, bellatesoro

Lisa, I wish you a very Happy Birthday and many, many more!
You are wonderful and I am so glad I took that opportunity with the Twi-Cover. 
I love you, Woman!
Love, Hisbella


Hope you have a wonderfully happy birthday!  We would like to say thanks for all the fun times in New York City at the Water for Elephants premier.  I'm so glad that we met you and everyone else in line at 5am (no, Fran, it was like 4am!! ;-)).  All the waiting was well worth it and meeting new friends just made it that much better.  Personally, I'll never forget when you added me to your Twitter and gave me a high five for following the President, and then took it back for following the much fun out there on the street in those crazy early morning hours!  Always remember, just keep breathing!!  Happy Birthday - hopefully we'll see you again soon!

~Laureate04 (Lauren) & Jorgie20 (Jen)

The NYC WFE premier was important to me for so many reasons, getting to see Rob in person is something I will never EVER forget, but there was more to it than that.
I finally got to meet some of the most amazing woman I’ve ever known, and that is the true gift Rob and this fandom have given me, the gift of friendship and I am forever grateful for that!!

stephanieS74, Robzsinger1, 17foreverlisa & DebbieCDC
                 (Stephanie, Megan, Lisa and Debbie)
Lisa, you are such a beautiful person inside and out and I thank Rob everyday for bringing us together and for having the honor of calling you my friend!! 
I hope your birthday is as special as you are!
Love you bunches,


Lisa, had so much fun at the toy party, and getting to know some other twi- h00rs..I enjoyed spending time with you and Fran and the what I am going to refer to as the Toy't wait to join you on another adventure. I need to hang with you, you are so oooze you..Happy Birthday..Jude


Lisa, I'll never forget who was standing next to me when I saw this vision come down the line.
Happy Birthday! xo Robzsinger



  1. Amazing post! Very sweet
    Happy birthday Lisa

  2. Awwww such an awesome post! I got distracted by the pictures of you ladies with Jackson.. had to force myself to stop staring and keep reading!


  3. This is such a great post!! You girls have had so many fun times together!! I loved the pics and vids!!

  4. Lovely memories Kassie :o) xx

  5. Wow! So many amazing thoughts about Lisa. Not that I'm surprised. Great job, ladies!

  6. What a lovely post! Going around the bases, I'm amazed just how many people have been encouraged, helped, supported and loved by Lisa. You deserve every second of this, love!

  7. Wonderfully shared stories about Lisa! All of them!

    UAB/Kassie thanks for hosting second base so well!

  8. Um. Wow. Just. Wow. You girls have no idea how much this humbles me. I don't ever pretend to be anyone other than who I am. What you see is what you get. (Although, does anyone's hair color and length change more than mine...and still not look good?! LOL) As Fran said, I have always put my family first. They are my life. But to have been able to put myself first, especially this last year, has enriched my life more than I ever thought possible. I have met the most amazing people online and in real life. It's something I never saw coming when I started blogging. Somehow, some way, all of you have become a part of my family and I love putting all of you first. Whether it's an email, tweet, graphic design, blog post, or shared moment in time, I want all of you to be happy. When I read these words and look at these pictures, I know that you are and to have had a hand in that has me in crying happy tears.

    Kassie: You are so easy to love. Our experiences in New York and Chicago will always make me smile. Getting our wristbands and seeing Rob was epic enough. Then we got to see Jackson and Carlos together. What a year this has been. Thank you for being such a big part of it. The post is beautiful, as are your words. Thank you.

    UAB Marie: I will always thank Oprah for bringing me to TJA. We first bonded over your experience seeing the Holy Trinity on her show. You were so easy to talk to and you made me happy for your experience instead of jealous (ok, I was a LITTLE jealous - lol). Then you welcomed Mary and I into your home for lunch and then shared the Eclipse IMAX experience with us. It was a great day. I am so glad I got to see you again in Chicago, and I look forward to many play dates.

    Fran: Oh, Fran. What can I say? You not only touch my heart, you touch my soul. When kiTT "introduced" us via email, she did a good thing. No matter where this journey takes us, I know our friendship will last. You truly get me. You always say your content to be in the shadows but let me tell you, your star is shining bright. I/We see you, and you are beautiful. You are loved. Thank you for the lovely post and for the pictures. I cannot believe you took a picture of me "preparing" for my conversation with Jackson. LOL! I still cannot believe I had the ballz to do what I did, but that's for another post ;) I love you.XO

    HB Marie: You kick ass!! I love your sense of humor and wished we all lived closer together. I could hang out with you all the time. Thanks for hosting the toy party and providing a night of good food and lots of laughs. It's probably a good thing I was the DD that night. I had a blast and, as I said to Marie, I look forward to more play dates!

    kiTT: LMAO!! "Dean, you're not even that old are you?" That's funny stuff right there.

    Lauren and Jen: You have to love Fate. We were meant to stand in line together and meet. Lauren, you are beyond sweet and I just love your energy. We definitely have to meet up again. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the Cosmopolis premiere being in New York. We'll be old pros then ;)

    Steph: Awwww, bb, you didn't have to do another post, but I'm glad you did. I wish we'd had more time together in New York, but our priority was Rob, which is as it should be. You have the biggest heart of anyone I know. I wear my UV Aini bracelet proudly every day. It not only reminds me of her, but of you. We have to make the Cosmoplis premiere happen and spend more time together. Love you hard!

    Thanks again, girls, for everything. (((GROUP HUG - someone grab kiTT before she gets away)))

  9. Incredible words from incredible women. The love pouring from this post is amazing. I feel all smiley and happy. We are an amazing group and I am so happy that I am part of it.

  10. You all did such an amazing job expressing your feelings and sharing your memories with Lisa. So much love went into this. Very touching.


  11. Thank you everyone! We worked really hard on this post because even words can't describe how much we all love Lisa.

    And Lisa, did you expect anything less on your birthday? Of course you were probably hoping we would let the day pass without a huge celebration but we couldn't let your birthday pass without telling you how much you mean to all of us and we can't help it... when we do something, we do it big!

    A special thanks to all the other blogs that participated too and to kiTT for organizing everything!

  12. Awesome post...It's wonderful seeing how many lives Lisa has touched. She is such a wonderful person, isn't she?

  13. All I has to say is that I am trés jealous of all of you girls that got to meet Lisa in RL! trés trés jealous!

    Lovely post hon!


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