Sunday, September 26, 2010

What Song Do You Think HAS To Be In Breaking Dawn?

For me, ♪ ♫ music ♫♪ is a big part of a movie.  
It helps set the mood so beautifully 
if the right music is chosen....
and makes it more memorable.
I have to say that I love the soundtrack's
 from all three movies so far, 
but my favorite has to be the 
Twilight Soundtrack and Carter Burwell's score.  

I remember when my daughter and I went to Borders to buy the Twilight Soundtrack, and as soon we got back in the car we put the CD in. 
 When "Supermassive Black Hole" came on, we just looked at each other, smiled, and said 'Yesssssssss!!!!!"   
We were right there in the baseball scene
 while driving in the car.  
Then we bought the Twilight Score.  If you don't own the Score for Twilight - I highly recommend it.  I can listen to the Twilight Score in my car driving to work, and feel like I'm watching the movie.  
Can I just ask, what the hell happened to "Bella's Lullaby"?  I loved it in Twilight!  I realize that they used a different composer for New Moon and Eclipse, but I fully expected to hear "Bella's Lullaby" in New Moon when Edward gives Bella the CD for her birthday (which they cut out.....BASTARDS!).
You are totally picturing Edward walking into the lunchroom while listening to that 
(and you get to hear Lizzie Pattinson too!)

Anyway....I'm getting off track.  I really feel like the Twilight Soundtrack and Score captured the mood of the movie much better than the other two soundtracks (which I do totally love also BTW)
Anyway, if you've ever gone over the the Goddess's website and looked at HER playlist for each of the books, you will notice that the movie makers really did not take SM's musical inspirations into consideration.
Okay, yeah, they captured her musical taste 
by using many of the groups that she loves.
However, the only actual song from SM's playlist that actually made it into one of the movies so far has been
"Tremble for my Beloved" by Collective Soul.

So let's take a look at Stephenie Meyer's
 Breaking Dawn Playlist
Of all the songs on her list, I think that
"I'll Follow You Into The Dark"
by Death Cab for Cutie
to be in Breaking Dawn!
When I hear that song, the following quote from
Breaking Dawn 
comes to mind.......
"It was not going to be the end of the world. Just the end of the Cullens. The end of Edward, the end of me. I preferred it that way – the last part anyway. I would not live without Edward again; if he was leaving this world, then I would be right behind him."

Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 34, p.652

Have a listen for yourself......

So, what song do you think HAS to be in 
Breaking Dawn?
Maybe it's a song from SM's playlist.....or maybe a song from your own personal Twilight Playlist.
Tell us in the comments......


  1. Clearly Barry White's Let's Get it On HAS to be in Breaking Dawn lol.

    Okay seriously though I am not a music person I like what I like and hate what I don't. So I will have to choose from SM's list.

    Plain White T's Take Me Away is a must... they are local boys (Lombard baby) so I gotta give them some love. I couldn't place where the song could go though. But if they were to use an old song of theirs (highly doubtful) they should choose Let Me Take You There it would be perfect for when E&B leave for their honeymoon "I know a place will be together; and stay this young forever; they won't know who we are"

    My Chemical Romance The Sharpest Lives would work if they do a scene of Jake running away like he did with Edwards car after he finds out Bella is pregnant.

    Muse Assassin- they can't seriously make this soundtrack without Muse that would just be unacceptable it would be perfect for fight training.

    OK Go Invincible- There song would really fit during the non-fight fight scene.

    Great question M!!! Got me really thinking... now I'm freaking out that they might screw this up LOL!!!

  2. aaah! I did a post on the same subject awhile back:

    Of course it's basically about MUSE ;)

  3. I would love if Bella walked down the staircase to "Bella's Lullaby" or if it played during the ceremony. (I get upset thinking about the wedding though, because I know they will cut the whole scene way too short to show Jacob making an appearance at the wedding. Grrr...)

    If they were to show Edward taking Bella out hunting for the first time, which I hope they do but doubt they will, I think it would be perfect to reuse Mutemath's Twilight remix because of that line in it, "You're one of us now, the spotlight is on." It is such a fast-paced beat I can completely see them running to it.

    Maybe Charlie and Bella's father-daughter dance will be to "Daddy's Little Vamp." ;)

  4. @TT, I'm with you on "Bella's Lullaby" but not for walking down the stairs, instead, when Bella comes back from Jenk's office and Edward greets her playing "her" song. I love your idea about the first hunt though, perfect song for that scene. My guess is that, as with all the movies, the music will be new, except I did love how they had Claire duLune playing in the background as Bella entered the Cullen house for the sleep over in Eclipse. I suppose at the end of BD when Bella "shows" Edward all of her memories, that would be a great place for a music review.


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