Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eclipse Commentary

No, not the official commentary.  
Sorry :(
Last night my sis Barb and I had an opportunity to see a certain little movie together because all of the 
 in my house were not home!
When the cats are away, the mice will play.....and watch Twi-porn! LOL
So, we had a little running commentary going the whole time.
Some of it is funny.
Some are just observations.
Some of it will make you say, 
"No shit, Captain Obvious!"
Some of it, "You just had to be there" I guess. 

I ran and got a pen and paper and 
just started jotting down the stupid shit that we said.

1) Riley is so freakin' hot!!!!! 
(No shit, right....but I had to say it)
2) The FF that I am currently reading is "The List" that was rec'd by our dear Robzsinger.
(Yes, Robz, I'm still reading it! LOL!  RL is making it a slow read)
Anyway, E & B in the Meadow made me think of 
"The List" 
the dirty things that they could be, 
SHOULD be doing in the Meadow!
I am SERIOUSLY starting to blur the line between Twilight "reality" and Twilight FF!
Oh Edward.....take me up against the tree!
3) "Charlie Nummy!" - Barb
( shit! LOL)
4) Jessica is soooooo not bitchy enough!
In the book, 
you HATE Jessica by the time you get to Eclipse.
Despite how bitchy she looks in the  picture,
she is way too nice in the movie!
5) What happened to Tyler?
Was he killed by bad vampires????
Just wondering........
I bet Victoria has him in her trunk for a snack later.....
6) I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
I LOVE hungry Edward! Gah!!!!!
Hungry Edward is H-O-T, HOT!!!!!
7) In the book, I skip the council meeting chapter.
In the movie, it's called fast forward.
8)Does anyone else think that Rosalie looks like Madonna 
 Shanghai Surprise 
during the flashback????

9) Edward and Bella 
in the ugly graduation caps and gowns =
freaking adorable!!!!
Seriously!  So cute!
Could not find a pic of them together online
and my computer is being bi-otch and not
letting me do screen caps! grrrrr!

10) Jessica's speech IS epic!  
Wow, it's like she's reading Bella's mind!

11) The Leg Hitch/Proposal - 
a) Edward is a TEASE!!!!!  Let's get it on.....let's not get it on....let's get in on....let's not!      ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
b) Edward's lips are lusciously moist after the petting session!
Then somehow we got into a discussion about his sparkle-peen (imagine that!)
and we thought that since he is cold, hard and sparkly all the time
wouldn't that mean he is cold, hard and sparkly everywhere all the time????
My snarky niece added......
"If you have an erection that last more than 4 hours - see Carlisle"
Yeah, that was random....but like I said at the beginning......maybe you just had to be there.

12) Totally random......
How many damn jackets does Bella have????
Geez, I have like 2 - 
she has a new one in like every scene!
Okay, I know I'm exaggerating, 
but really.....
the girl has more jackets than
the normal female!

13) The tent scene - If I were Bella, I would have demanded that Edward take me to a warm, cozy hotel room.
Just sayin......

Yeah, I know, it's all pretty effing random, but that's the way we roll!
Hopefully you guys can relate to some of weird, randomness.

Finally, I would just like to say......
If there is no Rob/Kristen/Taylor commentary on the Eclipse DVD
I am going to go Twilight Ninja on someone's ass!!!!!

You've been warned!


  1. Um...and how were you watching Eclipe? BL DVD?!

  2. I can't wait for the official commentary to come out. And it better not be the shit commentary (ie: no Rob or Kristen) that we got on New Moon.

    Riley is muy caliente. Where is Tyler?? And please don't get me started on Rob's lips nor Edward's sparkle peen I don't think I could handle it LOL!

    @Jen- yup

  3. @Jen - *GASP* I have no IDEA what you are talking about! (wink wink) LOL

    @Kassie - I admit....I started the sparkle-peen talk. That's cuz I'm a perv. What can I say! LOL

  4. As far as Tyler goes, I'm pretty sure he didn't survive the little cut on his forhead that he sustained in the van accident in Twilight. It is unfortunate that Carlise was unable to save him.

    I also have a non existant copy of Eclipse that I may or may not wathc whenever the heck I want.

  5. This had me rolling on the I'm not sure I've been around here long enough to know what "sparklepeen" is, but I want it!

  6. Oh...I just googles sparkle peen. Now that I know what it is, I DEFINITELY want it. :)

  7. Ugh, my comment just got eaten by the blogosphere. It was really long and really funny-trust;)
    Anyways, loved ur post. All your comments were spot on and made me giggle. Except for the one about Edward's black eyes, that made me hot.
    RL is really bringing me down in terms of FF reading. There aren't enough hours in the day! But FF ruins the movies for me in some ways. I mean there should have been more licking of lips in Eclipse, even SM wrote that in.
    Thanks for the shout out-mwah!

  8. Your niece's comment-LMFAO!!! That was good! Would that be Kassie? She comes up with the funniest stuff!

    Yes Bella has a lot of coats, she just doesn't know which is appropriate for the weather. Heavy yellow mustard coat would have been more appropriate for a snowstorm. Lightweight burgendy jacket not sooo good for snow and camping. I think I blame Renee.

  9. @LwE - It IS a shame about Tyler! LOL

    @Keva - You just made me bust out laughing!!!! Oh, we all definitely want it. LMAO!!!!!! You are awesome!

    @Robz - I hate when that happens and then I just can't rewrite it the way I originally did. I hear ya on the FF - I want to finish the List because Kassie and Fran keep saying how awesome Emancipation Proclamation is and I can't wait to get started on it.

    @TT - My niece Layla is kinda on a Twilight fence. Her erection comment was one of her better comments that night. LOL She likes Twilight and then she doesn't. She goes to see the movies with us but then she was making really shitty anti-Twilight, Anti Edward comments the other night while we are watching it. I guess it's part of being an angsty 21 year old.

  10. RL has gotten in the way so it was so nice to finally read this. It was just what I needed to lighten the back to school shit! So funny and I want to know what sparklepeen is too, I can guess! Oh,Robz glad to hear you'll be getting to EP and just so you know, Bella in EP doesn't own a coat and has to borrow Edward's $2000.00 designer one, maybe she should have borrowed one of Twilight Bella's jackets... I'm so EP obsessed! Marie, keep the laughs coming, it'll be a long school year and we'll need to laugh.


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