Thursday, September 9, 2010

How about some Kellan love???

Here are some of my favorite Kellan Lutz pictures!!! Please enjoy them, I know I do!!!
It's pretty clear that I love this picture, since it's my avi and all :)
It says "I know what you're thinking, and I'm thinking it too baby."

How can you not love a man that loves animals? Plus you need mad skillz to stay up on a skateboard while being pulled by a dog. I can't manage staying upright while moving on one of those things (that's what she said).
Why can't you be walking down my street looking like that??
My BFF's little sister texted me this lovely gem!!! Ahh she knows me so well :)

What could one more ab pic hurt???

Good ol' Midwestern boy!!! "Save a horse ride a cowboy" If that's the cowboy sign me up!
Please Kellan show us your Calvins.
This one is just too funny!
With that smoldering stare... I forgot my own name
I hate golf... but I'd watch you play all day!


You wanna dance pretty boy???
I always feel like somebody's watching me!

Yes Kellan you do get paid a ton of money to take your shirt off but we like you for your brain too... it doesn't hurt that you're easy on the eyes ;)
Why hello there Mr. GQ
Grrr... lift those weights baby!

And for a dose of Rob... these boys look too handsome for their own good!
It might just be me but I could possibly need a cigarette after this post??? Maybe a drink to calm my nerves or some *cough* alone time *cough*

*I don't condone smoking... it's a bad habit & I don't condone drinking either, well I do but only if you are of legal drinking age and are being responsible by not over doing it and not driving. The PSA is now over. But please feel free to take all the *ahem* alone time you need... or wait for you s/o to show up and pretend they are Kellan for a little while ;)


  1. Holy Jeepers! can he pull those pants down just a LITTLE further?! WOW..

    Love the Calvin pix too...

  2. I've never been a Kellan fan, ( I don't know, he's always come off so shallow in interviews, unless he's talking about dogs) but you just changed my view actually. Hummm, nice, very nice. Perhaps a glass of wine and some alone time might be a good thing...But still, just sayin, I like the Rob/Kellan pic the best.

  3. Oh my God just killed me! Those pics are unbelievable! I think my fave has gotta be the b&w one with "the pants" - you know the one I'm talking about! He is too damn sexy for his own good! Thanks for all the beautiful KellanPorn!!!! :) heehee!

  4. @Kay-tee- he could and he should *sigh* lol.

    @fran- He is quite something to look at... Kellan isn't as shallow as he seems. I think he has to be comfortable with the interviewer or else the things he says don't come off right... but the same can be said for Rob and Kristen too, you know those two=open mouth insert foot hehehe

    @marie- Yes I do know the ONE... it's back as my phone background (gave Rob a shot for a few weeks) so I look at it every day ;) I'm always more than willing to share my collection!

  5. Oh, that Kellan is soooooo easy on the eyes. That one where he's pulling his pants down *achem* leaves so much to the imagination.

    Lovely. :)



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