Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Best Cure to a Blah Day??? Rob, Silly!

Last night I was sitting online with Facebook and fanfic open. I wasn't getting too into the story I was reading because I had just been having a blah day (has nothing to do with the quantities of alcohol I consumed the night before) when the lovely Robzsinger messaged me and expressed that she; as well, was having one of those blah nights.

My night went from blah to laughing and joking and having a good time. We chatted about everything from Rob being back in London with his beard (not talking about KStew) and Bob Marley T-Shirt to Rob having a long career like Harrison Ford sans earring *shudder* to Johnny Depp *swoon* and Winona Ryder's Edward Scissorhands romance being like R&K's Twilight romance to Rob's glorious accent to Rob speaking French and we both swooned over that!

This got me thinking of how much I love Rob's accent (or any man with an accent for that matter; they all turn me into a panty dropping h00r) and I really love it when he speaks other languages besides English. So I though I would share with you some of my favorite video's of Rob speaking other languages

Let's start off with the inspiration French:

Rob is being slightly silly but it's hot either way!

Next is German:

Not exactly the language of romance but Rob makes it one!

How about a little Hungarian:

On the set of Bel Ami. He made those girls SWOON!

And finally Spanish:

I live in a town where I can find lots of people to speak Spanish to me.. but the way Rob does it its just soooo HOT!

So if you were having one of those blah days today, I really hope this helped cheer you up and pulled you out of your funk :)

Update: Here Fran just for you!!! Rob speaking Italian... well he only says ciao and bene but still it's Italian


  1. YUM, I can only imagine what those vids sound like. I'm at work and for some reason they wont load. Bummer.

    Hope you have a much better day today...that was nice that Robzsinger could pep you up last night.

    xo J

  2. I have to try to find the clip from Remember Me when he is picking Caroline up at school and goes into his little French speech. I love when he speaks French. He is delish-oui?

  3. Marie, this is a freaking BRILLIANT post!!! I had never seen the German and Spanish video clips before.

    The voice that comes on after Rob speaks German cracked my ass up. I picture him saying something dirty back to Rob. LMAO!!!

    The Hungarian/Bel Ami clip still makes me smile. The fans over there were so very, very respectful of Rob while he was fliming there; and that gesture was such a sweet thank you to them. The period piece clothes, the hand wave, ducking into a limo . . . that's what I call Movie Star Rob :)

    The Spanish clip was definitely hot. Just like in the French clip, I could listen to him laugh all damn day.

    And just think, we're going to get to hear him speak Polish in Water for Elephants!

    Let's face it, Rob is the "language of love." *le sigh*

    @RobzSinger - Glad your messaging into this post.

    @Jen - Get to work! LOL!



  4. Ouuu, if we could only get him to speak in Italian all my EP and UoEM Edward fantasies would further cause me to melt! He was in Italy promoting and filming, there's got to be some Italian talk somewhere!
    Yup, this helped my "blah" take a turn for the better.

  5. OMG you are a "bella ragazza" and a "tesoro" for finding that! My Sunday went from blah to dazzled!

  6. I'm really glad I could brighten all of your days with a splash of Rob :)

    @Fran- You're giving me an ego over here lol

  7. Sacre bleu! Rob speaking French. Oui!
    I love that part of RM. Mademoiselle Fleischman

    I puffy heart getting mentioned in TJA's posts! It makes my night. Had so much fun chatting with you on FB last night. My night totally went from Blah to Bwahaha:) Can't wait til you post the pic of your dad with the beard - lol.

  8. Kassie, I missed that this was your post!! Sorry about that. You hit it out of the park :)

  9. @Robz- We puffy heart you too :) I will def get on top of finding that pic

    @Lisa- no prob... sometimes it gets confusing with multiple people posting. I have trouble keeping them straight on Twitarted a lot lol.

  10. You guys know I love a theme! I feel like I just took a trip around the world with Rob! LOL

    Thank you! The French interview is priceless!

    Uhhh..Mrs. KC I'm looking forward to wedding pictures since you exchanged vows with one of the Cullens and took his name. I'm not sure which Cullen it was even.

  11. ah mah gaaaaahd!!!!! Thank you gals for putting this up. It really does put a smile on my face (I even forgot about how much my leg was hurting for a couple minutes LOL!)
    I could listen to him speak pig latin and it would be great, ha!


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