Friday, September 17, 2010


I have struggled with my weight all my life.
Yeah, I know.....everyone says that, right?  It's true though.
I've never been skinny.
But that is about to change because of this man.....

IRWTSMN is going to be'll change lives!

Here are some ways I've tried to lose weight in the past.

I've tried counting calories.
I've tried Richard Simmons Food Mover (yes, I'm that old!)
I actually still have this somewhere.  It's not the worst diet plan really.
If you can deal with looking at this *shudder*.
Of course I've tried Weight Watchers.  The first time I tried it, I took it upon myself to coordinate at work meetings at my school.   Those were great because we held them in the school library right after no excuses.  Just go to the damn meeting.  Then when school ended that year, I signed up for meeting through the summer.  $150, and I went to one meeting!  That's right.  I paid $150 for ONE meeting.

Let me see.....
I've also tried Meridia
And before you guys *tsk, tsk* me,  I have seen the news coverage this week about it.  And you can rest assured that I have not taken this in several years.  When you first start taking it, it works really great.  You have this amazing willpower that you never had, and you have no idea where it came from!  It is amazing.  But it maybe lasted 3 months tops, and then my body adjusted to it and it just didn't work anymore.  I did stop taking it for a while, and then tried one more time.  Same effect.
And frankly, I'd rather be fat and alive, than skinny and dead of a heart attack

Then there is the diet I invented called "The Half Diet"
The Half-Diet works pretty good and is pretty doable, 
if you can wrap your head around it.
I just ate pretty much what I wanted within reason, 
but I only ate half of everything.
I was actually quite successful with this one.  
I don't know why I couldn't make it stick.

Oh, I almost forgot Alli!
I won't even go there with this one! LOL

Now Trixie and Tess have proposed an amazing, motivating diet plan
and I am soooo on board with this one!
It's the "If Rob Were To See Me Naked" Diet.
Every time I think about eating something I shouldn't - I think of those lovely little letters....
It has been an amazing motivator for me!
So here is my GOAL
I kid, I kid! 
But it's fun to imagine, right? (darn FF!)
Seriously, my goal right now has to be to fit into the clothes that I own and can't fit into.  My long term goal, is to have to buy all new clothes because everything in my closet is tooooo big!

Anyway, thanks Trixie and Tess for taking the diet by the balls and running with it!
And if you haven't joined in - then get on over there!

Also - my sister and I started a blog at the beginning of the year called
I just dusted it off and opened it up to the public and I am opening it up to any of you ladies that are interested in being an author on that blog, just let me know by sending me an email.


  1. This is great Marie! I have been skinny & chubby off and on...I'm 5'2" and have been anywhere from 122lbs to 150lbs. I'm naturally muscular and tend to bulk being short, if I gain weight it's really obvious. The two times in my life that I was "skinny".. I wasn't KStew skinny..I was skinny for my body type and looking back, it didn't look right. My face was gaunt.

    Oddly enough, I have never really lost weight from trying...the last time I was thin was when I moved out on my own...I barely stocked my fridge (lazy & no oven) and so when I got home at night I didn't eat..I also didn't drink most nights. Now I fluctuate 3lbs here and there, but ideally I'd like to lose 5lbs. Sounds minuscule, but when you're short, it's a lot.

    I truly think it comes down to eating healthier and working out. I'm not one to say because I have the self control of a 3 year old & my attention span is about the same...but I really think that that is key. Some people think doing 15 min here or there of exercise will help them lose weight, it'll maintain, but not lose. The body needs 35 min-1hr of cardio 4-5 x a week to really burn a worthwhile amount of calories.

    Sorry if I am rambling, but I wish I had as much motivation as I preach....I wish you the est of luck with the IRWTSMN diet...I might try it!

    xo J

  2. I was never the skinniest girl but I never wanted to be.. I had all the right curves in the right places. Then I went to college and gained the freshman 15(*not exactly 15 but an approximation), then I went to another school and added 15* to that, then another school and another 15*, finally my last school and my last 15* to that and now I need IRWTSMN!!

    I have decided that in order for this diet to work for me I need to give up some of the crap I eat and drink... so although I love celebrating St. Patrick's Day early... like I did tonight at the Sox half way to St. Patty's day game.. no more alcohol :( it's empty calories that do nothing for me. No more junk snacks, even though for the whole summer when I was 17 I lived off of Diet Cherry Coke and Nacho Cheese Doritos with cheese dip. Yup I'd eat and drink that for breakfast lunch and dinner. Gross, I know.

    Please forgive me for the following rant:
    Hostess.. you can shove it!
    Frito-Lay.. shove it!
    Guinness.. shove it! I love you but seriously you're not good for me!
    Keebler.. shove it!
    McDonald's.. shove it!
    White Castle.. shove it and your effing onion rings that rock so hard I will make a midnight run to get even though I'm not a stoner nor named Harold or Kumar

    Okay I think I'm done now... I'm so following your Fat Ass Bitches Getting Skinny blog!

  3. I'm in, I need to lose the 10 lbs I put on this summer that I gained from sitting on my fat ass reading and in a ff coma. Read, munch, drink, read munch, drink, get the picture. The most exercise I got was daily chores and errands in order to keep my family clean and fed. So, I'm in. The hardest part will be to get off my ass and away from the computer long enough to walk or exercise and oh yeah, stop munching as I read.

  4. Okay girls, so it's time to get healthy! :)
    Also, I found an app for my latest addiction - my new iPhone called "Lose It". Its free and it tracks your calories and exercise each day. It's like WW online but it uses calories instead of points. So I'm trying that along with IRWTSMN! :)


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