Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Epic Eclipse DVD Party-Pictures and Deets!!!!!

All those months of waiting.....and it's all over!
I have thrown parties for both Twilight and New Moon, 
but this  Eclipse party was da' BOMB!!!!!!
Not only did I get we get a chance to hang with each other and just pant over Edward, 
but we got a chance to meet some Twilight Junkies in person that we had not met before other than on FB and bloggy land!

I don't know what else to was the best!
But I think the pictures - with Kassie's hilarious captions - says it all.
I present to you.......
Twilight Junkies Anonymous's Epic Eclipse DVD Release Party!!!!!!!

Don't we all look adorably comfy in our pajamas?

Marie and I with our Vampire wine and Edward.

The Decorations

Edward had to be at the party in person. When he heard there would be drunk Twilight Junkies he was worried for our safety and came to protect us but ended up getting more than he bargained for.

Marie and I got these wonderful Edward stockings from Fran. Just in time for St. Nick to fill them up.

Edward and 'his friends that shall remain nameless' were a prominent display for the party. Doesn't the Edward blankie look so comfortable? What you don't see is Barb's Edward douvet cover.
I'm totally jealous... maybe I should ask Santa for an Edward blankie.

All of our yummy candy.
PS: The Twizzlers made great straws for the margaritas!

The Swag
Marie and Barb made these wonderful jewelry boxes and snow globes as prizes for the games.

We each went home with a beautiful home made Eclipse necklace
made by Marie.
Everyone also went home with a Forks H.S. ID
made on the spot by Kristen, Marissa and Kassie!!!!

The Peeps






Venus (Marie's amazing boss!!!)


Lety from Letylandia blog

The wonderful chick who let us throw this shindig at her house
and also happens to be my cousin!


The Games

Told you Edward got more than he bargained for.
This was pin the sparkle peen on Edward and just as much fun as it sounds.

Oh no! Who would do such a thing? LOL
Don't worry Edward was a good sport and didn't complain too much, mostly because he didn't want to open his mouth with a sparkle peen that close.

Me and Layla showing off our sparkle peen's... this might have been after 3 jell-o shots.
Did I mention they were made with southern comfort instead of standard vodka, because that's how we roll.

More sparkle peen's and some vampire teeth.

What!?! Hey I need to get in on that fun.

And so I did. Don't judge those margaritas and jell-o shots were powerful motivators.

Had to do a close up.....they really do sparkle!
And the winner is!

We played Hot Edward. No one has ever wanted to get rid of Edward so bad before, 
which is something we heard all about from Mini E.

The Movies
We watched all three movies that day and played a little drinking game.  It started off as taking a drink/shot when Bella was twitchy, Edward was angsty or Jacob was shirtless but it turned it making up reasons to drink along the way.  Like "Drink to Charlie's moustache!!!!" and shit like that. To be honest we were having so much fun
hanging out and commenting on them (and drinking) I don't remember much of any of the movies that night!!!!!

Don't we all look so comfy watching Twilight?
The Live Stream

If you did not get a chance to see our live stream of the party, head over here:

We had some visitors from time to time - Thanks to 17Forever Lisa, Mama Cougar, Cat, Robzsinger and Fran for stopping by.   Sorry if you stopped by and were off the air, but we didn't think anyone would want to watch us just sitting there staring at the TV when we were to drunk to even make comments anymore!  LOL

Here's a pic that Cat from The Daily Twimes posted of hereself listening in on the party - due to technical difficulties, she had no pic part of the time.  But she hung in there!
Love ya Cat!!!!!!!  

Here is a little video I'm adding to the post. Don't get too excited it's not from the party but if you haven't see the stream yet you can still go back and check out all the craziness through the link above.

Well, I don't know about all of you, but we cannot wait until Breaking Dawn to have another awesome party like that!!!!  We have to find another excuse to party!

Anyone up for a "Water For Elephants" party???????

Posted by Marie and Kassie


  1. wooooo! loved the pics and I'm really glad you posted the up close sparkle peen. It's actually kinda pretty.... that doesn't sound weird. not at all.
    anyways, sorry work had to get in the way, but I will be with you gals next time in person!
    love ya!

  2. Isn't it weird when you see a group picture and you spot someone you recognize? That's what just happened to me!! I swear!! I'm looking and I'm like, "That can't be? Can't it? In the back there. I know that person! It's Edward!!!!!" LMAO!!!

    OMG can you chickadees throw a party! Love those necklaces and the jewelry boxes and snowglobes! So creative!

    Looks like everyone had a blast! How fun that Lety made it! And Fran, where did you find that stocking?

    Thanks for sharing. Love all the decorations and posters. Cute video Cassie-hell yeah shout out to the shirtless arm wrestle! Thanks for sharing!

  3. OK....can I just say that I now have a huge girl crush on Venus?!? I have no idea why....I just do. Thought I'd randomly throw that out there.

    Looks like you girls had an awesome time & thanks so much for sharing all the pics!


  4. aww, Wish it was Eclipse Epic party all over again :) I had a blast!!!! oh and of course Pocket Edward and Jasper still talk about it, lol.

    I vote Yes WFE Party!!! woohoo

  5. Great pictures and captions. Besides seeing all the creative posters and hand made items I really loved seeing the pictures of you all. Nice to put faces with names. Tell Venus I want her for my boss!
    Kassie the video was awesome. And thanks for including me in all the festivities even though I live to far to be there in person I felt warmly included.
    The Edward stockings were purchased at an IYE store here in RI and I sent you the last two they had and now I don't have one for myself and had to order one on line and won't get it until after Christmas! That's how much I love you guys...
    Marie love the necklace, just sayin!! So many cool things to mention! Please someone throw a party on the east coast next time!

  6. WOW It looks like you all had a great time. Everyone looks so happy. What a great party and amazing hostesses. I wanted to check in on the streaming video but I just never got that far - I will try to catch up though :)

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

  7. It looks and sounds like you girls had a FABULOUS party!!! I love all of the pics. The games were so much fun!

    I love the vlog, Kassie!! You did great. You're just cute as a button! *muah*

    Hope you've had a great week!


  8. Looks like it was so much fun. I wish I was there. I wish I was at all the parties that weekend! LOL

    I just about died when I saw the jewelry box with the US weekly shots on it. Gah! That is amazing!!

    Don't worry, I say umm a million times a video too.

  9. Enjoyed reading/following your page.Please keep it coming. Cheers!


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