Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How Fanfic Helped Me Get My Sh!t in Gear!

Hello ladies,

Long time no bloggy- really it's only been a week but you missed us didn't you, didn't you, huh huh HUH??? We are all busy busy busy with the holidays; getting shopping done, cleaning the house for unwelcome guests, getting everything ready for lord baby Jesus' big birthday celebration. Ya know the usual.

Anywho... I have been spending entirely too much time reading fanfiction and too little time on doing things I should really be doing. Like; finding a job, doing laundry, watching the kids i'm being paid to pay attention to, working out.

I'm not really big into working out, I was going to give it a shot for the IRWTSMN diet plan but it got scrapped because i'm a lazy slob fanfiction has been keeping me otherwise entertained. But then something terrible happened, disaster struck, it was a calamity!!! Horrible I tell ya just horrible!

I threw my back out! *collective shocked gasps* I know right!?!

I was on the verge of set stalking Matt Damon when I awoke in the morning and couldn't get out of bed. When I finally made it out of bed I could hardly walk.. 
Sadly this pic was not taken my moi!
But WTH he was in my freakin neighborhood so that's good enough... For Now! 
Now this is not the first time this happened and it was not even the first time it happened before a major event. 2009 field trip to Statesville correctional center (otherwise known as a prison *rolls eyes*) thwarted!! And I was really stoked about it too. (Don't worry I got to visit a women's prison in Dwight, Illinois. It was really a learning experience. They train dogs for the blind there... but that's neither here nor there in my story.)

Soooo i'm better now. I have a wonderful chiropractor that does amazing things for my compressed discs and tight muscles. She recommended I start doing yoga but then I realize yoga will severely cut into my ff reading time. So I made a deal with myself. For every 20 minutes of yoga, I can read 1 ff chapter. That has been keeping me on an hour a day schedule so far.

This has also helped in my job search too. For every application I fill out I get another ff chapter. So I am really hoping by the end of this I am limber enough to screw Rob seven ways to Sunday, fit, and have a really awesome or just kinda cool job.

Off to do 20 more minutes of yoga... I really want to read Dead Confederates! It's already 28 chapters so that's a LOT of yoga or a LOT of applications.

So tell me, do you make deals with yourself so you can get quality ff time without neglecting everything around you?


  1. Haha That's a good plan! Sorry to hear about your back bb. I've had back probs for yeears so I totally feel ya. Luckily I also have an awesome chiro who's a good friend and he's cheap (40 dollars or sometimes just a sandwich haha)

    I am such a ff failure. I've read MOTU, Osa Bella and now I'm on MOTU II. Once I get on ones I can read on my phone I'm sure I'll blow thru them but as of right now it's a slow process. I just read right before bed.. I allow myself one chapter a night and make sure to read them when I'm REALLY tired, that way I don't spend hours just sitting here reading. Except on weekends haha.

  2. I don't, but I should! What a good idea!
    Also, as a side note, massage is great for tight muscles that go along with compressed discs!
    love ya girl

  3. @Jaymes- My chiro is a friend of mine and gives me a break too, I swear she is a miracle worker.
    If I had FF on my phone I would never ever get anything done lol

    @Cat- thanks! I have a chair massager so I can relax while reading ff, get to kill 2 birds with one stone

  4. I love your system Kassie! FF is a good carrot to go after! :) I save my ff for after I go to bed and then I read it on my iPhone (yes, Fran, I know you are shaking your finger at me!) So I have been able to do things like make dinner, go on the treadmill, BUT then once I get reading, I NEVER can stop and get some sleep!!!!! Yeah, FF has basically taken over my life. What can I say. I am totally into Wide Awake right now. Love it!

  5. I can not make deals with myself.... I don't keep up my end of the deal... ever! Ironically my therapist and I just discussed this last night. How it would be good if I could learn to do what you are doing - I get to watch said TV show if I walk 20 minutes. I just have to figure out how to do it. Good job to you for sticking with your deals :)

  6. So sorry to hear about your back!
    If it gets you doing what you need to do then make all the deals you need to!
    The only deal I make is this; get all my real life shit done and then the rest belongs to ff. School work done, hubby is fed, a few presents wrapped, ...I'm off to reread EP, yup, I'm finding so much more to love the second time around.
    @Marie, I am shaking my finder at you!:)

  7. Fanfiction is my life now. [Today I'm reading Surrendered by Mr.Evie] When I walk in the door, I go pee, then pick up my laptop and continue reading whatever I'm in the middle of. I only take breaks for food when my eyes start to burn. And to shower. When I get to the end of a story, I'll pause long enough to check out some favorite blogs before starting a new story.

    Smoke breaks at work, I'm reading updates on my phone.

    Breakfast at the diner and lunch where ever, I'm reading FF on my Kindle.

    Immersing myself in fanfiction means I'm almost constantly wearing a sneaky smile and damp underwear, and I dream of Edward Cullen every night!

    @Dangerdafne - there are some stories recorded on iFic that you can download to your iPod for free. Then you can keep it up while you take your walk!

  8. @THERugbymom
    Umm, you're life sounds very familiar to me.
    You think we're in in of a 12 step program for our addiction? ff is soooo delicious!

  9. @belladuluk - no need for an intervention baby - we are NORMAL !

  10. @TheRugybymom,
    Thanks, needed that I sit here reading!

  11. Well Kassie I commend you if this if dangling FF on a stick is working for you! Hope your back gets back to normal soon!

    I make deals with myself about reading FF too that usually go like this:
    9 pm Just 4 more chapters then I go to sleep.
    12 am I'll just get through 2 more chapters.
    3 am Just one more chapter.
    4 am Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. @TongueTwied - yep! that's NORMAL too!

  13. @TT - OMG you just described every one of my nights!!!!

  14. @Kassie - I get it now! This is my first day of winter break and I have tons of stuff I want to get done, but my mind keeps wandering to FF! I know if I stop to read, I'll be done. So I think I'll try your method! LOL Wide Awake Edward just came back from Chicago and I'm dying to find out what happens (as if I couldn't guess!). Just a little more housework and then i'm there! LOL


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